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Secrets of skill: we make a secret seam


The finished product will only look beautiful if it is assembled neatly. If the hidden seam is sloppy - the product will lose its appearance

Skillfully sew - what does this mean? Someone will say that the main thing in sewing art is a successful tailoring. Collect the item then any amateur can, especially if he can Stitch on Sewing machine.

Secrets of skill: we make a secret seamHowever, even a properly tailored and fitted to the shape of the thing will not look, if collected inaccurately, the seams are crooked, the hem is visible on the front side.

That seamstress, who does not know how to sew skillfully with a secret seam, will never be able to produce a quality item.

Secrets of the seamstress

The blind seam needs to be mastered for the following purposes:

  • To be able to process the bottom of a product sewn from a thin fabric;
  • To sew up trousers;
  • To finish the manufacture of soft toys;
  • Fasten the sleeves of the blouse;
  • Perform minor repairs of expensive products, if damage is from the front.

The hidden seams can be done manually, or by setting a special presser foot and selecting the mode, carry out on the sewing machine.

How to make a secret seam by hand, what do I need to know?

If you do not have a thread under the color of the workpiece, scissors for cutting threads, a relatively thin needle, optimally matched to the thickness of the thread and iron - secret seam may not work. When this kind of work is used, the thread in the needle is refilled in 1 addition.

If the tissue is thin and transparent, you will have to do without a nodule:

  • Before the beginning of the work of the edge of the product,To sweep. How it will be done, overlock or manually, does not matter. Even you can go through it with special glue. The main thing is that threads do not crumble during work;
  • The edge of the product is required to bend by 5-8 mm. Fold better to sweep, and additionally ironed, so that when sewing the fabric does not move;
  • Once again, the subfile is executed, by the same amount. It will be heated again;
  • The needle is inserted closer to the edge of the fold, insertedInside, and then it is displayed between the main part of the folded product and the fold. Strongly pull the thread does not follow, the knot on it is not, it can stretch;
  • The first stitches - 2-3 - are laid close to each other, they fix the thread.

If the knot is still tied, then it must be neatly hidden between the processed edge and the hem.

The distance between the stitches should not be more than 7 mm, but better 3-5. During the puncture, one thread of the product is caught.

Performed a secret folding seam manually byThe pattern of stitches is similar to the so-called "goat". Its stitches on the front side form a cross, on the wrong side - parallel lines. But on the front side with a secret seam stitches can not be seen, since the minimum number of threads is captured.

How to finish work on tailoring or repair of bulky items

When sewing soft toys, repairing down coats and pillows, you can not do without the skills of performing a secret seam.

The thread in the needle is inserted into one addition, a small bundle is tied on it:

  • The needle is inserted into the open hole in the fold from the wrong side;
  • The knot must remain in the fold on the side of the inside;
  • Then the needle moves into the bend of the opposite side or part;
  • 1-2 strands are caught, the stitch is tightened;
  • The process is repeated: the needle is inserted into the fold of the seam of the first part with which sewing began. Similarly, a pair of threads are caught, the needle is withdrawn, the thread is stretched, the stitch density is checked;
  • The stitches are repeated until the end of the seam.

After the stitch is sewn along the entire length, the thread is secured with small, frequent stitches and short-cut with scissors.

Secrets of skill: we make a secret seam

If the thread is bitten off or torn off, the entire line can be tightened and the work will have to be repeated.

If you follow all the instructions for the manual execution of a blind weld, the work with the product will be finished neatly.

We use a sewing machine

The easiest way to sew a secret seam on a typewriter, which has computer control. The computer itself will ask the program.

From the seamstress it is only necessary to prepare the product for work and put a special foot - R:

  • Process the edge of the product in the same way as for making a manual seam. That is, the edge is overtaken and ironed;
  • You can sweep the edge not by means of an overlock, but by an over-seam weld - it is laid in the program;
  • The marking of the width of the fold is made,Stitching line. The hem is always wider than the distance from the edge of the product to the line. From the edge of the fold when performing a secret seam on the sewing machine-computer, it is necessary to retreat not less than 0.7-1 cm. This distance should be less than the width of the fold;
  • The stitch is selected the one in which the needle occupies the central position. The regulator is set to the middle position;
  • On the first marked line, the details are folded to the wrong side, the second - face to face;
  • Punctures should fall exactly in the fold of the fabric.

On a computer-controlled machine, a secret stitch is executed in a zigzag with a step of 1 mm. The needle for the seam of this type is selected thin, the threads must match the color with the fabric.

In the program, you can select 1 of 2 functions to choose from: a sewing stitch or a free sleeve. A seam made in this manner on loose fabrics will be invisible. The smooth is slightly visible. After the work is finished, the product must be ironed.

The algorithm for making a secret stitch on an electric sewing machine

The preparation of the fabric is carried out in exactly the same way as when making a secret seam manually and by flashing it on a computer-controlled machine:

  • A foot is installed to make a hidden seamWith adjustable width limiter function. This foot is called L. The screw that is attached to the presser foot, moves the stopper during operation, and it is not necessary to adjust the position of the needle;
  • The machine is set to zigzag mode with the missing "Fir-trees";
  • Select the line for the filing, the needle is set to the center position;
  • Adjustment of the stopper screw is performed manually;
  • The line must pass along the very edge of the fold;
  • It is necessary to scribble so that the needle grabs the minimum number of threads in the bend.

After the end of the work, the product is required, as in all other cases, ironed.

Tips from experienced tailors

  • Secrets of skill: we make a secret seamPerforming a secret seam by hand, you need to pick up threads for a number less than what is required for sewing this type of fabric;
  • The thickness of the thread should correspond to the thickness of the needle;
  • You only need to select a sharp needle, even if the fabric has a loose structure, otherwise you will not be able to grab 1-2 strands.

In an electric sewing machine in order toThe stitch was practically not noticeable, it is possible to fill the line with the upper thread. The product should be placed so that the line is on the front side

When working with a thin cloth, this advice is impossible to realize, but if you have to sew things up of dense textures, such a solution is optimal.

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