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How to link LIC? Knitting sweaters circular needles without seams


What features does knitting sweater have with circular needles without seams? To type loops, you can take ordinary knitting needles, but their number must match the number of circular knitting needles

Recently, hand-made products are again includedIn fashion. Therefore, girls and women are happy to knit the original things, which emphasize their style and uniqueness. Among knitters, knitting around the world is becoming more popular. This is because it has many advantages over conventional turning rows.

There are no seams on the products, no need to sew parts, there is no need to make purl loops. How correctly to type loops on circular spokes?

What is the feature of circular knitting needles?

Metal spokes are connected together by a synthetic tubule or a fishing line.

How to link LIC? Knitting sweaters circular needles without seamsThe thickness of the spokes and connecting material may bediffer. They need to be selected depending on what kind of product you will create. On too long a line, the loops will stretch, and on the short one - piled up.

The main convenience is that the weightThe products are at the center of the tube, so it lies on your knees and you do not need to hold it in your hands. To master circular knitting is not difficult, if you follow the basic rules.


To understand how to knit on circular knitting needles,It is necessary to begin with a set of a certain number of loops. This can be done on a regular spoke, but its number must match the circular number that will be used for knitting. Then you need to transfer them to circular.

Distribute all the loops evenly along the line. The spokes must be free. Check that the loops do not turn in different directions, they should have one direction.

In the right hand, take the spoke to which youTyped the last loop. It will be more convenient to track the number of rows, if you put a label. For these purposes, it is convenient to use a plastic ring or thread of a darker color. Knit in a circle to the place where the mark is placed. After it can be transferred to the end of the other knitting needle and continue the process.

Helpful Tips

How to link LIC? Knitting sweaters circular needles without seamsOften needlewomen complain that the line is curled. This slows down the process and delivers
discomfort. Avoid this problem, if you first lower the line in very hot water, so it straightens.

Initial loops, which are made on the firstRow, it is necessary to bind with the free and working end of the thread. Then there will not be an opening when docking. You can use another method. Type an extra loop in the starting row and transfer it to another spoke without tying it.

Close the circle by tying it with the first eyelet. There are several ways of knitting: reverse and straight rows. These methods are especially convenient if the product has a high weight. The absence of stitches is another plus.

We knit a sweater

Knitting a sweater with circular knitting needles isEasy and convenient. You will need yarn, regular and circular knitting needles. You must start from the neck. Type on 4 spokes 120 loops and knit with an elastic band 2 facial, 2 purl. Distribute for 4 spokes: 2 to 20 loops for the sleeve and 2 to 40 for the back and forward.

In this way, knit 26 cm. On circular knitting needles you can go with increasing loops - it's much more convenient. Sleeve should be done on 4 pieces (42 cm, 4 cm elastic band). After every 4 rows, remove 1 loop. You can decorate it with bundles of 6 loops. Between them it is necessary to make two purl.

Before and back knit together. Picture-putanka: alternate face and purl, 20 loops.

We knit a snuff

Scarf-yoke again comes into fashion, because heWarm, well protects from wind and cold, and, besides, it can be used as a stylish accessory. Therefore, needlewomen are wondering how to tie a snipe-yoke, or a circular scarf, with knitting needles.

How to link LIC? Knitting sweaters circular needles without seamsThe main difference of this scarf is that it is closed inring. It can be both inextricable and closed with the help of hooks and buttons. Yarn is of great importance. If you take a thick soft thread, it will turn out to be warm and bulky. Fine yarn allows you to create a feminine and gentle snore.

Experienced craftswomen recommend to beginners to link a test sample to make sure that the pattern will look the way you imagined. One of the popular drawings - "Rice". It is better to choose dense yarns, which include wool. You will also need knitting needles # 10.

To make a scarf of 60 cm in length, you need to collect 72 loops. After you tie one row, you do not need to turn it over. The second row is made on the front side.

First - alternate the front and back loop, and in the second on the place of the front do the purl, and vice versa.

We knit beret

It is convenient to knit on a circular, because it is not required to collect the details of the product in one piece. All models are based on the classic beret scheme.

Measure the volume of the head and type the desiredNumber of loops. The elastic band can be from 3 rows. After add 1 loop every 8 pieces. To reduce, every fifth loop should be tied in two.

The schemes of knitting beret on circular knitting needles can be thought up independently, if you connect fantasy, or look on the Internet.

«English gum»

To tie an English gum, you need to take a thin woolen thread, knitting needles # 9. Dial the desired number of loops, depending on the length and width of the product.


  • How to link LIC? Knitting sweaters circular needles without seamsThe first row: facial, nakid, dump without tying;
  • The second: a nakid, a dump without loosening, a loop and a cape;
  • The third: a nakid, a loop from the other row, a cape, a dump without a bandage;
  • The next series is the alternation of the second and third.

Each self-respecting needlewoman should know how to knit an English gum on circular knitting needles.

Then she can surprise others with her masterpieces. You can combine several ways of knitting - then things will not only be practical and durable, but also original.

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