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Warm dresses: knit yourself


Treskuchnye winter cold - not an excuse to give up beautiful and stylish things. In the cold season, the benefits of your figure are emphasized knitted dresses

Knitted dresses Continue to be indispensable, fashionable,Warm and cozy wardrobe items that have not come down from the world's catwalks for several years in a row. The current fashionista flaunts in them literally everywhere: in offices, on dates, promenades and even in elite restaurants.

Warm dresses: knit yourselfAnd if you like to follow fashion trends, then knitted dresses Just have to become part of your wardrobe and image in general. These are very comfortable attires that make a woman attractive, charming and "Lukewarm"Even in appearance.

As in the case of other types of clothing, knittedThings need to be able to properly wear and combine with other items of their wardrobe. Only in this case will attract attention, stylish and memorable images, relevant in summer, winter and in the off-season.

With what to wear them in cold weather

Like in summer, every woman wants to be fashionableAnd stylish even after the onset of frosty frost. It is in this case, knitted tunics and dresses will be the most ideal option, giving warmth and a sense of comfort.

In view of its versatility and multifacetedness, such clothes are perfectly complemented by almost any upper garment, whether it's a chic mink coat or a normal down jacket.

After determining the texture and pattern, you canProceed to choose the color of the product. It is very important that in its shade, it is combined with the warm clothing already available in the closet. This will give your appearance of harmony, and relieve of provocation and dissonance. Designers are advised to stop their choice on dresses that pacify and "Tasty"Tones, with incomprehensible, geometric or" Scandinavian "patterns.

In the winter season, very important knitted clothes with weaving "Booklet" or "Harnesses", With inserts of natural fur and fabrics.

Choose according to the type of figure

In this matter the decisive role is played by the length of the clothes. It is on how much, indeed, this option is chosen, and will determine the attractiveness and harmony of the whole appearance of a woman.

So, for example, knitted dresses of the minimum lengthAre more suitable for young girls, while maxi-products are considered more universal, practical and oriented to all ages and types of body build.

Mini-dresses are the best winnings on ladiesWith very slender legs, clad in dense and matt pantyhose or tights. Pyshki also can afford such a wardrobe if they learn to combine it with tight jeans.

Remember that all vertical types of weaving will beVisually pull out your figure, giving it slim and even height. If you are the owner of an ideal body, safely wear a fitting long knitted dress, made in the technique of rough knitting or from thin jersey. The rest will be better to stop on not tightly fitting products.

Appetizing body shapes are emphasized orCorrected a few flared or fully free knitted dress made of knitted yarns of medium thickness. But hudyshki instantly get the volume in the right places, if they choose a dress of medium mating.

How and what to wear in summer

Warm dresses: knit yourselfDresses made of yarn are not only warm winterClothes, but also a fashionable object of the summer wardrobe, which allows you to create a spectacular and laid-back city image, or help stand out at a beach party. A white knitted dress for the summer is usually made of thin knitted fabrics or knitted with the help of a hook and the hands of folk craftsmen. And skilfully made outfit will be appropriate not only on the beach, but also at work or a holiday.

Fans of a romantic fashion trend called "Bohho"Suits maximum length. The image should be completed with bohemian jewelry, a nice headdress and a couple of summer boots. Designers also recommend completing the appearance of a wide brown belt of real leather.

Concerning the color palette of summer knitted dresses, we can say the following: they simply should be bright, saturated, fresh and "Delicious". Also allowed to play on the contrasts.

What is more advantageous to combine such clothes

After being lucky enough to buy your ideal wicker garment, there is a reasonable question: what to wear a knitted dress, so that it looks good and appropriate?

Initially, even in the process of making a purchase,You need to think through all possible combinations of dresses from yarn and your already obsolete things. Do not forget about accessories, in the role of which are prominent brooches, necklaces, snobs, neck scarves and stoles.

Concerning the combination of colors, the following variations can be advised:

  • Blue + yellow;
  • Light-violet + white with milky tint;
  • Beige and brown + animal prints;
  • Black + white;
  • Gray + lilac and so on.

Knitted dress for a girl or a woman who adores the style of "Grunge"In clothes, it is worth combining it with trousers,Shirts and even other maxi-dresses, dressed under the bottom. A rare city walk does without a casual image created from tight leggings or jeans, a short knitted dress-tunic and boots on a flat move.

A romantic look will be complemented by a cardigan or a jacket of fine jersey, thrown over dresses Thin knitting. Well, even more ease adds a jacket of suede, leather or jeans. The ensemble should be completed with elegant ankle boots, half-boots without a heel or high military-style boots.

Care of knitted products

Warm dresses: knit yourselfWarm and summer knitted dresses needCareful and appropriate care, which, in particular, relates to handmade clothing. They should be subjected to minimal mechanical influence, to wash with their own hands, and gently squeezing, and not rubbing between the palms.

A knitted wedding dress or its everyday analog is soaked in warm water with soft detergents specially adapted for such things.

Never use bleach or chemicals that soften the water. Replace them usually with baking soda or vinegar, which prevents moulting.

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