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Jewellery Wire: how to spin correctly


If you do not like the usual printing imitation jewelry and want to be the owner of something unique, then our article is just for you. Here we will tell you how to make jewelry from wire

Today, a rather popular destinationCreativity is hand-made. Indeed, is it possible to compare the print run of costume jewelry with those works of art that are obtained from ordinary materials. In addition, making some kind of suspension, you invest in it a part of your soul, and therefore it will also be a talisman, capable of protecting you from all sorts of evil and your loved ones. And today we'll talk about ways of making jewelry from ordinary or jewelry wire.

Is it a woman's material?

Jewellery Wire: how to spin correctlyThe view that wire is not enoughElegant material for making small and accurate women's jewelry, wrong. But if you think about it, with the right approach and the availability of a good scheme, even from this seemingly crude material, rather elegant things can turn out.

Also do not forget that modern advances in the field of engineering provide an excellent opportunity to produce wire of any diameter and of any material.

In addition, due to its flexibility, it is possible to make from it absolutely amazing weaving, which can become part of not only jewelry, but also interior elements.

As for jewelry made of jewelry wire,They first appeared in ancient Egypt. At that time, the rich ladies used it to decorate their hairstyles. And then this material was made as follows: thin strips, cut off from the metal sheet, were first twisted, and then pierced between two flat surfaces.

Thus, all the irregularities on the material were smoothed out, and the product no longer clung to the hair or fabric.

Types of wire: from which you can make a decoration

Today, when making ornaments, it is not necessary to be limited only to copper or iron.

Fortunately, you can create an interesting thing with the help of wire from the following materials:

  • Brass. This material is very resistant to corrosion, quite elastic and well bends, so problems with giving your product a form should not arise;
  • Aluminum. The characteristics of this metal, in principle, coincide with brass. The difference is only in color. Aluminum alloy has a bluish-gray hue, so the decoration of this metal can be combined with silver;
  • Thin steel cable. This material consists of coiled thin bands of galvanized metal. It is for this reason, when working with such a rope, you need to be very careful, because if the structure is damaged, sharp edges can cause a rather deep cut. And one more minus of such material is that the elegant product of it will not work;
  • Wire mesh. Yes, this material, which is often used to make animal enclosures, can also become the basis for your products. The main thing is determine the diameter of the wire and create!

And, of course, in order to makeA decoration made of wire can use copper. In addition, it is worth remembering that the copper material can be covered with multi-colored paint, which means that you will not be limited in choosing shades for your future material.

Also the advantage of this material is that it does not shine, so do not worry that you make earrings or a suspension too large and will look like a magpie.

Also, copper is almost not oxidized, so you can avoid the appearance of an unpleasant greenish or dark plaque, which definitely will not give your image an attraction.

Note: Wire can be used not only as a basic material for the manufacture of various items, but also as a finishing material. With it, you can beautifully decorate semi-precious stones or make small pendants, using wood or beads. The main thing, connect the imagination!

Decoration from wire: pendant

Jewellery Wire: how to spin correctlyLet's start with the simplest of thingsPendant made of copper wire. To do this, you need 30 centimeters of copper wire with a diameter of not less than 2 mm, 50-60 centimeters - a diameter of 0.7 mm and 13-14 beads of yellow or golden color.

Also it is necessary to prepare such tools as pliers, round nose pliers, ruler, hammer and pliers.

Now proceed directly to the manufacture. And the first step will be the creation of a wide spiral with the help of round pliers. To do this, you need to wrap a thicker wire around its axis.

Attention! The coils should not be close to each other, but at a distance of two to three millimeters. And the gap between the last and the penultimate turn must be at least 5 millimeters, because otherwise you will not be able to fix the beads. Also at the end, it is worth leaving a small piece of unscrewed wire, about 1.5-2 centimeters long.

Now from the piece that remainedUnscrewed, make a small eyelet. Note that the eyelet should not be closed, otherwise the following elements will be hard to fasten. And we adhere to easy ways of creating beauty.

Now we arm ourselves with a hammer and beat off wellThe resulting spiral. But we remember that it is necessary to do this very carefully, since too strong or sliding impacts can damage not only the product itself, but also the coating on the wire. After the spiral has become flat, we fasten a thinner wire near the eyelet and twist the last coil around it.

Then attach the bead to it and scroll againFastening around the last coil of the spiral. So we string all the beads. As a result, we will get something like this in the sun with colored edges. It is possible to hang such an ornament from wire and beads on a short cord of black or brown color.

As you can see, after a rather short manufacturing process, we have a beautiful suspension, suitable for everyday wear, and for festive occasions.

Ornaments from copper or silver wire: ring

From this material can be done not onlyPendants, but also rings. But do not think that products of this type can only be worn by children. Not at all, it all depends on which model you decide to implement.

And now we will consider one of the optionsMaking a pretty simple ringlet. To make it, you will need wire, pliers, nippers and a hammer. In addition, take care in advance to determine your size and stock up a small object, the diameter of which coincides with your finger.

Now on the base, which replaces your finger,You need to wind a few turns. The number of turns depends on exactly what width you want the ringlet. The next stage of weaving the jewelry from the wire will be the tightening of each of its ends in the opposite direction. So you will have a kind of knot.

Jewellery Wire: how to spin correctlyNow gently twist the edges in this way,So that the weaving resembled a flower. When the size of the flower has reached the desired size, cut off the excess wire, leaving a small unscrewed edge on both sides, 1.5-2 centimeters long.

Further scheme of braiding ornaments from wireSimple: you need to wind the unscrewed edges on the ring itself on the two sides of the flower. By the way, you can also bracelet by the same principle. But then you need to consider that to attach the lock in this case is impossible, so the decoration should be easily removed from the brush.

As you can see, making jewelry from wireWith their own hands is quite simple. But, if you just start to get involved in such art, then you should be patient, because at first it will be rather difficult. But do not forget that every day your skill will be honed, and the results will get better. That's why we advise you to miss the stars from the sky and start with simple weaving. Good luck!

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