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How to make money on the home needlework?


If you are caught in the decree, it's time to do needlework. This activity will not only brighten up the waiting time of the baby, but also may become a source of income at home

Most future mothers decree seems the mostterrible period of their lives. They think that they are waiting for endless diaper, mountains hand-washing, always crying baby and home care that nobody is going to take. And how great is their surprise when they realize the error of their expectations: the child sleeps for days, engaged in washing machine, and cooking - multivarka or newly made happy grandmother.

It turns out that creating the conditions for manualcreativity, which had long dreamed of, but not enough time. Did you know that regardless of the kind of Hand made, it can be a source of additional, and even a very substantial income? How so? Read on.

The most popular varieties of needlework

In fact, you can do what you prefer.

But, if you are in a creative search, pay attention to the most popular kinds of Hand Made, the fruits of which are constantly in demand:

  • Jewellery made with their own hands andof unusual materials. Costume jewelry can be made from fabric, ribbons, stones and beads, beads and more. People are willing to buy decorative items for the home, representing a variety of amulets, sand painting and so on;
  • How to make money on the home needlework?Products made of cold porcelain too profitable to dohome with a view to their subsequent sale. To work itself require consumables (bought, done by hand), acrylic-based paint, stones, straziki and other decorative elements;
  • Another win-win of bothdecree to capitalize on needlework, felting is of particular wool - merino. Her svoylachivayut wet or dry method, using special needles or a simple soap. By the way, you can not only play the toys, but also decoration, not to mention the things;
  • In sufficient time for the development of the decreecandle making art. They can be made of various shapes and colors, decorate with beads or applications, add in the flavor oils or dyes. Is it possible to earn a needlework such a plan? Sure, especially if you learn to do high-quality crafts designed for various events in the life of man;
  • His demand for man-made photo frames,made of cardboard, glass, and support materials. They are usually decorated with fabric, beads, coffee beans, plaster figurines, and even broken glass;
  • Crafts from nylon tights - is one method ofHow to really make crafts at home. For all these cute and funny dolls, boxes, fruit and flowers need only the nylon, thread, water colors, fillers and decorative elements. Thin parts are made by gluing / nashivaniya beads, crystals or stones, and facial features can draw the acrylic paints or conventional nail polish;
  • packaging decoration. This activity involves decorating any kitchen utensils, boxes, jars, vases and more.

What determines the final income?

Before you decide to make your crafts in the decree, consider the following factors affecting the profit from the effort and time spent:

  • How to make money on the home needlework?Variety creativity. In certain crafts demand is always there, while the rest of it is seasonal. For example, the same self-made candles and pillows can buy not only ordinary people but also the owners of the decoration stores, while the rest will have to promote their own;
  • Costume jewelery and bags manufacturing personnel can always sell, but with "Spontaneous" Goods are different. Money they bring only during the popularity of this or that cartoon hero or fashionable element of clothing;
  • Accuracy and quality, not onlySource materials, but also the whole work. For one thing made of expensive fabric, accessories and other components, you can get a good fee. And it can be much more than the profit from a whole batch of small trinkets;
  • Marketing and advertising. Yes, thinking about how to earn houses on needlework, selling their products on the Internet or in the market, you need at least superficially to get acquainted with these concepts. Photo of ready-made works should be placed on specialized forums and trade sites, advertise in local newspapers and simply distribute business cards as far as possible. The main thing is to do this regularly, and the return will not be long in coming.

How to earn online and offline

Determined with what kind of needleworkYou can earn money in your case, having mastered the technique itself and having formed an assortment of finished products, you can upload their valued photos in social networks, on sites where all the fans of hand-maid gather and communicate, or even put in their own master class on crafting . It can be a video, or a textual description of the process of working with detailed and clear photographs.

Usually all the trade in handmade products goes on the Internet.

If there is no permanent access to it, or for other reasons, you can proceed as follows:

  • How to make money on the home needlework?To open own shop, a stall, department orJust put the tray in a crowded place with a lot of traffic. In this situation, it is necessary to accurately calculate the cost of the crafts, because they will have to pay rent and cover all current expenses;
  • To participate in all kinds of fairs andExhibitions of hand-made. It may seem unrealistic, but at such events it is often possible to get acquainted with large wholesale customers - owners of decor stores, for example.

As far as you have already understood, it does not matter what kind of creativity you decide to do during the decree.

The material success of the undertaking depends on your responsible attitude, desire and desire to promote it in all possible ways.

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