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Crafts for children and adults - we make a horse with our own hands from different materials


Do you want to learn how to make something interesting and unusual, but do not know where to start? Read the article, in it you will find tips on creating a horse from improvised materials

Recently, master classes on manufacturingSoft toys, various handicrafts, little animals and gifts are very popular. Craft items can be practical from all improvised items, most importantly, a little imagination and a desire to create something unusual.

If you have a sea of ​​desire, but with a fantasyWorse, then let's start tinkering together. For example, let's talk about how to make your own horse with a variety of materials. Perhaps the tips that will be given below will lead you to your own interesting idea.

Master a horse made of paper and buttons

Begin training with the simplest products andMaterials, so now we will make a horse out of paper, and for its decoration we will need buttons, as well as glue, scissors and a little wire (can be replaced with a line or strong threads).

Let's start to make a figurine:

  • Crafts for children and adults - we make a horse with our own hands from different materialsOn a landscape sheet of A4 format, draw a horse,And, depict the animal so that the trunk, tail and mane were one, and the legs were separate. If it's hard to draw yourself, then find the image in the children's book or coloring;
  • Cut out parts of the animal along the contour. To make the product more durable, paste pieces of paper horses on the cardboard, and when the sheets are glued, you can cut it again. If possible, buy white cardboard and immediately depict the animal on it;
  • If you do it with a small child, thenInvite the child to make a horse's mane and tail. To do this, you can use unnecessary pieces of cloth, pasting them to the cardboard. The tail of cotton wool will look very original, in general, everything that is at hand is suitable: colored paper, wrappers, etc .;
  • Now take the trunk of the horse and attach it to theHis legs as you would like them to see after the completion of work. When the position of the limbs will suit you, carefully make holes in the cardboard: in the trunk and legs;
  • Then, in the button of the desired size and color, thread the line, thread or wire, fix the limbs of the craft.

You have a wonderful horse that will move the legs. You can decorate it at your discretion, making it very original and unique.

The first stage is passed, now you know how to make a horse out of paper with your own hands, will continue to create.

We master a horse from plasticine with our own hands

Probably, all parents of small fidgets in2-3 years of age it will be interesting to learn how to mold a horse from plasticine with your own hands. This process, by the way, is very fascinating and can for a long time interest both adults and kids.

For creativity you will need:

  • 2 different colors of plasticine;
  • Toothpicks - 5 pieces;
  • The stack is a special stick that lies in practically all boxes with plasticine;
  • 2 eyes (you can buy special ones or get by with buttons, beads, etc.).

If all the materials for creativity are available, you can begin to sculpt a horse:

  • Crafts for children and adults - we make a horse with our own hands from different materialsFirst of all, let's make our feet. To do this, take 4 pieces of plasticine of the same size. Roll the sausages, which will expand slightly to the bottom. To ensure that our design is stable, it is recommended to insert a toothpick into each leg;
  • Now you can make a torso. To do this, take plasticine, a piece should be larger than you took for your legs, roll a thick oval. One edge of the resulting "sausage" pull up, it will be the neck of the horse. Insert a small piece of toothpick into it;
  • Now mold the head. In shape, it will resemble an egg, a little narrower on one side;
  • We pass to the final stage: we collect our horse. Connect the legs with the trunk, attach the head;
  • For the similarity of the figure to be complete, it is important to work out the details. Take two small pieces of plasticine, roll the balls, flatten them. These are the nostrils of the horse;
  • From the plasticine of another shade, make two more balls, insert in them eyes: buttons, beads, etc. And fix the product on the muzzle;
  • Do not forget to make the ears. To do this, form two small flattened "testicles" and fasten on the head;
  • Contrast clay make hooves. To do this, roll 2 balls, slightly flatten them and divide in half a stack. 4 hooves are ready, you can fasten to the feet;
  • You will construct a beautiful mane to your plasticine friend. To make it look more like a horse, make the notches stack around the edges;
  • The final stage is a ponytail of a horse. For him roll the sausage, which will be slightly wider to "Pope"An animal and zauzhatsya to the bottom.

Everything, a beautiful horse from plasticine is ready, it can be made multi-colored, large or small, decorated with decorative elements. In general, everything is in your hands, create!

We master a horse from plastic bottles

Do you want to take your little fidgeting? Make yourself a horse with plastic bottles. Rather, the container will need only one. And the work itself will not take much time, but the child will be in real enthusiasm and will be able to deal with the new toy for a long time, introducing himself as a cowboy or some other fairy-tale hero on horseback.

To perform the work, you will need the following:

  • Plastic bottle - 1 pc. (It is recommended to take a brown or white color);
  • Material for the ears, eyes and nostrils. Suitable cardboard, buttons, etc .;
  • A thick thread for a bridle. It is best to take a twine - 1-2 m;
  • Threads that will mimic the mane (color choose arbitrarily);
  • Scissors, glue and stick to fix the horse's head.

After all the necessary inventory has been prepared, you can start creativity:

  • Crafts for children and adults - we make a horse with our own hands from different materialsRemove the lid from the bottle and bend the container in half;
  • Take a twine or thick thread and fix the bottle in a bent position. This will be an improvised bridle, it should pass 5-7 cm above the bottom of the bottle and wind on the neck of the container;
  • Prepare the eyes, ears, tongue and nostrils for the horse. If they are cardboard, then cut the workpieces;
  • Now fasten all parts of the muzzle on the bottle, use glue for this. By the way, the bent bottle should be corked down;
  • Form the thread from the thread and fix it "Head"Crafts;
  • In conclusion, fix the received head of the horse on a stick and everything is ready.

Now your baby has a funny horse that you made with your own hands.

Learning how to sew a horse

Sewing a beautiful soft toy is not as difficult asSeems at first sight. You just need to stock up on the necessary materials and patience, then everything will turn out. What does not sew at home, the needlewoman, but now we'll talk about the horse.

To create it you need:

  • Multi-colored or plain cotton fabric;
  • Knitting;
  • Small buttons, beads or beads;
  • Scissors;
  • Needle and thread;
  • Material for printing (cotton wool, sintepon, old cloth, etc.).

We turn to step-by-step instructions on how to sew a horse with your own hands:

  • Crafts for children and adults - we make a horse with our own hands from different materialsThe pattern will consist of 3 elements: Torso with head, ears and legs. However, transferring the pattern to the fabric, you need to remember that the number of parts will be greater: the trunk - 2 pieces; Legs - 8 and ears - 4;
  • When cutting out a tissue pattern,Seams. Now you need to sew details from the wrong side. To fill the product was more convenient, it is recommended to leave 2 not sewn sections: the place where there will be a tail and where the mane;
  • It is necessary to twist the trunk and stuff the toy. Then the remaining holes are sewn. The trunk is ready. Similarly, the horse's legs are stitched and stuffed;
  • All the details are ready, you can collect a toy. As a tail on the "Ass"A bundle of knitting threads is attached to the horse. Of these, the horse's mane is also made;
  • It is recommended to sew the legs of a horse through small buttons or beads, so they will hold better. Now you need to sew ears and eyes.

Everything, the horse is ready, if desired, decorate the product with beads, paettes and other decorative elements.

You learned how to make a funny toy usingDifferent materials. If there were those who wondered from what else you can make a horse with your own hands, then there are lots of answers. Beads, elastic bands, threads, cans, boxes for shoes and many other items will do. You can enumerate endlessly, everything is in your hands, create and be happy!

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