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Openwork sophistication: tunic Crochet for summer, to the beach every day


Things crocheted from the fashion do not go out, but if they are done by their own hands, wear them twice as pleasant. Crochet crocheted tunic is a universal thing that you can make yourself

An openwork thing is always associated with tenderness,Refinement. Such an element of apparel will make any outfit stylish. That's why a crocheted crocheted tunic is a favorite subject of many girls' wardrobe. Some perceive this kind of clothing only as a thing that can be put on the beach. This is really a good option, especially for those who do not like to defile in one swimsuit, and those who do not consider their figure ideal.

Nevertheless, this thing can serve not only inAs a cape for a swimsuit. It can be worn in everyday life, for example, with leggings, trousers, jeans, on top of a shirt or a turtleneck, if the tunic is too transparent.

Binding the product is not difficult. Here are a few ideas that you can take note.

Beach option

This thing can be worn not only on a swimsuit,But also to wear in everyday life. Despite the fact that the beach tunic crochet usually matches very transparent, you can choose a more dense pattern, if you plan to wear it with jeans, shorts, etc.

To make this wardrobe thing evenA novice in this matter. This idea is very simple - you need to link two rectangles without unnecessary undercuts, rounding, which usually cause difficulties. The only exception is the neck.

The color scale in which the product will be made is determined to your taste, but note that the model assumes the presence of two contrasting tones.

You will need:

  • Main cotton yarn - 400 g;
  • Yarn cotton extra tone - 100 g;
  • Hook.

We knit:

  1. Openwork sophistication: tunic Crochet for summer, to the beach every dayFirst we will deal with the front half. For the manufacture of the product for the summer of size 42-44, hook the crochet 142 with air loops, applying the yarn of the main tone. The first row is tied with a column without a crochet, and then we knit according to the pattern of the pattern that you have chosen;
  2. Do not miss the series, on which the length of the front half is 47 cm - at this height it is necessary to remove as many loops as corresponds to the 4th cm in the middle of the canvas;
  3. Then we continue to knit the two parts separately. When the length of the cloth reaches 68 cm, we proceed to knitting the back, which is made by the same algorithm;
  4. Our crocheted tunic is almost ready, andWe now tie both details of a yarn of contrasting color with a column without a napkin. To her we connect by means of a hook of a detail so that 21 sm remained free for armhole, and 18 sm remained from below - these will be cuts;
  5. And the final touch. From yarn of contrasting color usual "Pigtail" We sew a belt. This can be done by doubling the thread so that it is not too thin.

Beach Mesh

It is a much more daring option than the previous one, since it assumes the use of any mesh pattern.

First, tie a small sample toFrom it, calculate the number of loops. The tunic, knitted with a pattern with a large mesh, will also consist of two rectangular parts. The size of each of them should be equal to the size of the mid-hip, but to each part you need to add another 2 cm, so that the product is free to sit.

Its length should be 70 cm.

Much nicer the tunic will look with small sleeves.

They can be done in two ways:

  • Tie the rectangles a bit wider. The product will sit still freer, but your shoulders will fall sexy sleeves;
  • At the 52-cm height of the detail on each rectangleGradually add about 15 more loops (depending on the selected pattern). With these loops continue to crochet knit details for a knitted tunic for the summer.

As in the first variant, it is possible to tie the details with a thread of color that differs from the main color of the thing. A belt can be tied in several rows with a column without a crochet.

Now we sew the sides, not forgetting to leave a place for the neck and armhole.

Without sleeves

Another summer version of things. It can be worn in everyday life with a skirt, jeans, shorts. The wardrobe element will be comfortable to wear, since it is sleeveless, while it is easy to knit.

First of all, it is necessary to make a measurementThe circumference of the breast directly under the hands. To the result, add a few more cm to ensure that the knitted tunic turned loose, did not hamper the movements.

Given its size, tying a smallSample, calculate how many air loops you need to dial for the basis of the future part of the product. Their number will depend on the figure you have chosen - it should be a multiple of the number of loops in the rapport (1 element of the pattern).

To make the product not monotonous, pick up 2 patterns - tight for the top of the tunic and openwork for the bottom.

  1. Openwork sophistication: tunic Crochet for summer, to the beach every dayThe first row is bound with a column without a crochet, and then we knit according to the scheme of the selected pattern;
  2. We start from the top. It is necessary to knit it crocheted up to a height of 35 cm, and then continue working with a new pattern;
  3. So that you do not have to change the number of loops for the transition, which can ruin the appearance of the thing, pick up drawings with a similar number of loops in the rapport;
  4. Using the same algorithm, make the second part;
  5. Then we knit the straps. The width and the pattern for them you can choose yourself, but usually the first is about 3 cm, and the pattern is similar to the picture of the top part of the product;
  6. Sew all the elements can be ordinary thread, and you can use the crochet and yarn, from which the tunic is made, and connect the parts with columns without a crochet.

Usually, before knitted tunics are sewn, their parts are slightly moistened with water and left to dry on a flat surface. This will allow things to take the desired shape, not to crack.

Tunic for the girl

A beautiful thing can be pampered and a small fashionista. Here is an example of how you can tie a tunic for a girl 5-6 years old.

You will need:

  • White yarn - 100 g;
  • Blue or pink yarn - 350 g;
  • Hooks number 1, 2.

The composition of the yarn should include cotton (70%) and viscose (30%).

How to Knit:

  1. The product consists of 2 parts - hem and coquette. We knit a coquette using white yarn. We irradiate the backboard, first having typed 73 air loops, and in addition we type 3 air loops for lifting when moving to a new row. When the height of the detail is 5 cm, we remove the hinges for the neck (it will be rectangular) and continue to knit only the shoulders;
  2. In the same way we sew the second part of the coquette;
  3. Now we are knitting a hem (or pink) yarn. To do this, you can choose another pattern. Details are not tied separately, but are attached to the set edge of the coquette details and are formed from the top down;
  4. Given that the tunic for the girl crocheted from different components, they must be sewn or connected by hook.

The finished product can be tied with an edge - a coquette of blue (or pink) yarns, and a hem is white.

After a little training, you can easily tie any tunic that you can wear to the beach, and to work, and to various activities.

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