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Leather bracelets


Braiding from the skin, in which cases to wear woven leather products, leather products and ways of making them, bracelets and braids from leather for beginners

Leather bracelets are universal accessories,Which are in fashion for several seasons and remain popular. Female braids are woven and flat, because the preferences of girls are different. But many people agree that handmade products are interesting and look much more original than those sold in stores.

Leather braceletsThey come in a variety of colors, sizes and shapes, you can use a wide variety of weaving patterns and a huge selection of techniques, like weaving leather goods.

Such products can look both elegant, soAnd extravagant. It depends on the method of weaving. How can we learn how to weave bracelets from leather? First you need to buy small pieces of skin and cut them into strips. There are many schemes of weaving, but to start better with the simplest in execution.

Bracelet "braid"

This is one of the simplest and elegant solutions of a leather bracelet.

Weaving products can be done in several ways.

  1. Leather braceletsWrap a long leather strap around your wristAnd add to this length of 2 centimeters, this length should be enough. The width of these strips may be different. You can try to weave from narrow stripes in width from 1,5 to 3 centimeters;
  2. Using a punch hole, make holes at the ends of the strips;
  3. In the holes, you can fasten the metal button or pass the laces through them. These are standard ways to fasten the ends of products;
  4. This workpiece can also be decorated with rivets or patterned holes;
  5. Then, it is necessary to weave a traditional braid of three strips.

It is possible to weave a slightly unusual spit by another method

  1. With the help of a ruler, a wide band of leather should be divided into three equal parts in width and cut evenly along, but not completely. The ends can be decorated with decorative buttons;
  2. As a result, you get three bands, from which you have to weave the braid: # 1 - left, # 2 - in the middle, # 3 - right;
  3. Leather braceletsYou can start the weaving. One edge of the bracelet must be passed between strips No. 2 and 3 and lowered downwards. As a result, the bands will be twisted;
  4. Then you need to pass the edge of the bracelet between the strips number 1 and 2 and lower it down;
  5. Repeat the previous steps one by one until the bracelet is ready;
  6. The last step is to straighten the bracelet.

Different types of skin behave differently inDepending on its softness, make-up and thickness. Some bracelets will be tight, some - more free, it all depends on the technique and quality of the weaving, as well as on the skin and its plasticity.

If you have mastered one variant of weaving from the skin, you can continue to learn how to weave bracelets in different techniques.

Bikini with embroidery

Leather braceletsYou can add a ribbon of leather decorated with appliqués, colored threads or interesting rivets to a thin braided bracelet.

It can be a strap about 3-4 cm wide. You can buy a special leather for baubles or take an old belt, a bag or the top of a soft old boot.

The skin can be black, it will beautifully contrast with the bright embroidery, the brown skin also looks beautiful and stylish.

It should also be stocked with metal jewelry, for example, in the form of a heart, they can be purchased at any store for needlework or scrapbooking.

You can make embroidery with thick stitches of a bright thread or decorate an item with decorative elements. Fasten such an article can on an ordinary button.

How to weave a brace from the skin


  • Narrow strips of leather or kozhzama of any color;
  • Thick lace or wire;
  • lighter;
  • Large lock with a hook;
  • scissors;
  • Super glue.

How to weave a fresco:

  1. Leather braceletsCut a piece of wire or lace length of 15 cm;
  2. Scratch the ends of the lace with a lighter or other light;
  3. Make a loop;
  4. With the help of glue, you need to attach a loop to the surface on which you will weave a bracelet;
  5. Insert the leather cord under the wire;
  6. Wire the wire by the type of a double flat knot used in the technique of macrame;
  7. Repeat until you tie the entire cord. Nodes can be placed only on one side or on two;
  8. Cut off the excess cord;
  9. Glue the lock at the end, hiding under it the ends of the wire and both ends of the strip of skin.

It is not difficult to learn how to weave differentLeather accessories. Such products are probably not suitable for a business lunch or a trip to the theater, but in other cases, you can actively use them as an interesting accessory.

Especially well they will look with clothes in the style of country, casual or ethnic style.

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