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How to tie a vest for a boy?


Vest is a versatile garment that fits almost any clothing. A waistcoat for a boy knitted with knitting needles is beautiful and quite simple

Waistcoat - a versatile wardrobe itemA little gentleman. It allows you to successfully complement not only everyday, but also holiday clothes. Knitted waistcoats perfectly match with clothes in classic and sport style. In this case, a strict sleeveless jacket can be worn with turtlenecks, trousers, jeans and T-shirts. How can I tie the vest with knitting needles for the boy myself? This is exactly what will be discussed in this article.

Knitting sleeveless knitting

A waistcoat for a boy knitted with knitting needles canMake even a novice needlewoman. The main thing is to have patience and strictly follow the pattern of knitting. To independently connect the waistcoat for the boy with knitting needles, you need to purchase two sets of spokes with different thicknesses # 3 and # 4 or # 5 and # 6.

Needles smaller size suitable for knitting rubber bands, and more for the main fabric:

  1. How to tie a vest for a boy?The first thing you need to accurately remove the measurements from the baby, for which you need to tie a sleeveless jacket.
    To do this, you need to make measurements of the hips, as well as the waist and chest;
  2. The resulting values ​​should be divided by 2, so we know the width of the future product;
  3. By these parameters it is necessary to determine the number of knitted loops;
  4. To do this, it is sufficient to weave a pigtail with a length of up to 10-12 cm;
  5. Now you need to accurately measure the length obtainedRubber. This will allow you to calculate the number of loops per cm. For example, 1 cm of the sample contains 4 loops. At the same time, the width of the future sleeveless shirt should be 30 cm. For this, multiply 30 by 4 and obtain the total number of loops that will have to be typed;
  6. Usually, to the result obtained, a couple more loops are added, which are needed to assemble all the parts at the seams;
  7. The required number of nakidov is made on 2 folded spokes. Then one of them is pulled out and knitting of elastic begins;
  8. In this case, you should alternately knit 2 purl and 2 facial loops;
  9. It is desirable that the height of the rim is about 8-10 cm;
  10. In accordance with the length of the workpiece, the shelf is tucked together. Its size can easily be determined by making measurements for the baby;
  11. In addition, it is necessary to determine the distance from the armhole to the hips and from the shoulder to the armhole;
  12. Based on the results obtained, the rear shelf is assembled;
  13. Close the hinges evenly on each side for 1-2 pcs. In a row;
  14. Then you need to knit the workpiece in accordance with the dimensions obtained up to the shoulders;
  15. Then close the row again. Now the first shelf is ready;
  16. The front part of the product is assembled in the same way. The difficulty will only be knitting the neck;
  17. How to tie a vest for a boy?For boys who have turned a year old, it should not be too deep. Therefore, with
    Form should be determined before the work begins;
  18. Beginning needlewoman is much easier to do first v-shaped neck. Thus it is necessary to watch carefully that not to pass the necessary place for обвязки a cut-out;
  19. At the final stage, connect the front and back parts of the workpiece. Usually they are simply stitched together;
  20. To finish the work, you need to process the cut and armholes. For this, a knitted elastic band is sewn to them, the assembly process of which was described above.

The diagram shown in the figure will allow youIt's easy to understand the sequence of knitting processes. Thus, you can make a vest for a baby boy with knitting needles for 1 year or more. The main thing is to correctly take measurements from the baby and strictly follow the stages of work.

Crochet crochet knitting

The schematic process of knitting a pattern is depicted in Fig.Figure: It is good that in the sleeveless are formed not too large holes, and the canvas itself is soft enough and pleasant to the body. A waistcoat for a small boy crocheted by this method is much better than that made with the use of simple matings from nakidov and columns.

In this case, the whole process can be divided into the following stages:

  • Assembling the backrest and transferring;
  • Ligation of the gum;
  • Connecting parts.

Assembling the backrest:

  • How to tie a vest for a boy?The first thing to do is to weave a braid from the air loops, in our case it will take 85 pcs.,
    Then knit the main pattern in 54 rows;
  • To form armholes for the hands, in the front rows, 4 loops must be removed 2 times, and then 2 more loops twice;
  • On the resulting columns, fasten the connecting bars;
  • As a result, you will have 61 free loops. After that, tie another 44 rows of cloth;
  • Then, to form the neck, leave 25 loops in the middle;
  • Then reduce in the front rows 4 and 6 loops on each side;
  • Ultimately, 10 loops remain on the shoulders.

Assembling the transmission:

  • Similarly, knitting the backrest gathers the front part up to the armhole;
  • After 6 rows before the final formation of the armhole, we begin to knit the cutout;
  • To make a v-shaped throat, from the center hinge on both sides begin to reduce the number of loops by 1, but only from the front side;
  • After the crocheting on each shoulder there should be 10 loops, as well as on the back of the workpiece.

Connecting parts:

  • How to tie a vest for a boy?Shoulders are collected by connecting posts, and lateral seams;
  • Then you need to tie the elastic at the bottom of the product. For this, tie 6-7 rows of crochets;
  • Then, in the same way, tie a notch and armholes, but reduce the number of rows to 3;
  • In the end, you will get such a wonderful sleeveless jacket.

Own-related things are good because theirYou can do almost any coloring. Everything depends only on the author's aesthetic preferences and his imagination. The main thing is that at the output you get a unique product made with love. A waistcoat for a boy knitted with knitting needles can be made even by a novice needlewoman with a detailed description.

This does not require any specific skills and abilities.

In addition, ready-made tank top can be supplemented with some interesting knitted details, which will make the baby in your outfit just irresistible.

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