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How to tie a scarf-LIC crochet: the scheme and description of knitting LICs


How to tie a scarf-snack crochet? The knitting pattern is understandable and simple, so even a novice needlewoman can please herself with a new thing. Especially original looks delicacy snud

Scarf-snud - this is a very successful subject of youthWardrobe. But older women do not give up this accessory. He has already held the leading positions for several seasons. There are good reasons for this - it's warm, cozy and stylish. Especially interesting is the delicate snore. For his knitting you can use the same schemes as for woolen and acrylic products, but the threads must be thin. An openwork snug, crocheted, can be worn in warm weather.

How to tie a scarf-LIC crochet: the scheme and description of knitting LICsHow do I tie a snap crochet?

Such scarves are very simple to manufacture, soEven a novice needlewoman will be able to please herself with a new thing. They can be monophonic or multicolored, connected in a circle or closed with hooks, buttons or other decorative elements. The scarf can be used as a cap, a cape or warm hands in it in severe frosts. You can connect this accessory with a crochet or needles - there are a lot of schemes, there is a description. The length and width of it depends on the personal preferences of its creator.

Simple scarf-snack

The knitting scheme for snod using the hook is simple and straightforward. You will need a hook number 4,5 and a pair
Coils of thread of 50 grams each. You can use acrylic yarn, wool, bamboo. Type a chain of odd number of loops, depending on the expected length. Close the ring and tie four air loops (lifting).

Then you need to enter the loop through one. Grasp the thread and tie three air loops. The third pass through the loop on the hook. Continue to knit in a spiral, introducing under the air loop, which is in the previous series.

That's the whole description. The crochet knitting pattern is so simple that even an inexperienced knitter will cope with the task. The finished product looks very nice and neat.

Scheme with crochet

The approximate size of the scarf will be as follows: length - 69 cm, height - 25.5 cm. Not all needlewomen like acrylic yarn, preferring to knit from the natural threads in the old manner.

But acrylic has advantages:

  • How to tie a scarf-LIC crochet: the scheme and description of knitting LICsProducts do not shed;
  • Things take a long time, without losing their original appearance;
  • The material is hypoallergenic, it is not pricked;
  • Yarn is available at a price.

For a scarf-snore crocheted, you can use acrylic threads, for example, Caron United, burgundy and blue.

The density of the mating will be as follows:

  • 6.5 rows - 10 by 10 cm;
  • 12 columns with a crochet.

First, knit burgundy yarn. You need to start with the air loops - they should be 84, and close with a connecting post. Do this carefully, so as not to twist the loops. Next, you should knit in a circular row.

The first row: make one air, tie a column without a crochet (SB), and then a half-column with a crochet (PCN) in every two loops.

Make a column with two crochets in every thirdAir. Then the scheme is as follows: one CH in the next two loops, one half-column in the next two air loops and one more SB in the next two. Alternate to the end of the row, and then use a connecting column to attach the blue yarn.
How to tie a scarf-LIC crochet: the scheme and description of knitting LICsSecond row: Blue threads make four air, and then knit only behind the rear arcs. One SAT in every two loops, one half-column in the next two, one SAT in the next three, half-roll in the next two, SAT in the next three loops. Repeat this combination to the end, by connecting with the connecting string the bordeaux to the initial air loops.

Third row: Make one air loop, and then knit just behind the back arcs. Tie the SB, one semicolon in the next two, SAT, one double SAT in the next three. Next, you need to repeat the alternation to the end of the series. To attach a blue thread, use the connecting column.

Continue crochet snivelling (the last twoRows) is needed until you reach a height of 25.5 cm. After you can cut and fasten the thread. A connected snore protects you from wind and frost, it can be worn as a shawl.

Knitting crochet is a fascinating and uncomplicated business. A little workout - and you can create original and stylish scarves that will complement your image.

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