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Original dress crocheted


If you want to have beautiful and original things in your wardrobe, then make them yourself. With the help of a hook and yarn, you can tie a simple sundress, and even a wedding dress

Many representatives of the fair sex, althoughOnce in a lifetime there was a situation when they saw on other women the same dress, blouse or blouse. All this caused great distress and a desire to fall through the earth. To avoid such incidents, you can create your own clothes for yourself, for example, crochet it.

Original dress crochetedMany believe that this is an impossible task, butthis is not true. It is enough to practice several times and in the future you will not cause difficulties even the most complex pattern. Knits, especially lace dresses, always look very feminine.

Different schemes make it possible to create,Summer sarafans, evening and even wedding dresses. Another important advantage is that you can adjust the length, choose a pattern, as well as yarn, accessories, etc., depending on your preferences.

Beautiful summer dress

Such a dress, crocheted, suitable for both evening walks, and for a trip to the restaurant. You can choose the color of yarn consistently.

To make a dress you need to take:

  • 550 g of yarn, which consists of 65% viscose and 35% cotton;
  • Hooks №2,25 and №1,6;
  • Beads of contrasting or identical color with yarn;
  • Thread number 33 of silk in the color of the yarn to fasten the parts.

This example is described for 44 clothing sizes. Using the figure below (21), taking into account your own parameters, make a pattern of the future product. For this, it is best to use a dense material.

Since the most important thing in this model isInsertion of lace, it is with her and it is worth starting work. To do this, use Scheme A and hook No. 1.25. Start by tying circles from 3 rows of the main circuit.

You must first decide how muchFragments need to be linked, and also at what distance they will be from each other. It is best if it is not more than 2 cm. Note that the length of the strip from the circles should be equated with the distance of the middle part of the pattern.

By the way, beads must be tied duringMaking lace inserts. How exactly - is indicated in the figure. After that, proceed to tying the arches of circles CIN. When the half-fragment is ready, it is necessary to tie several VIs, their number will be equal to the number of loops between the circles. In the other row, we need to begin to mesh the grids - CIH and the 2 nd VP between them.

Using the connection bars,2-nd cell grid angle and proceed to knotting the fan. When you finish the fan, tear off the LV and fix the angle between the 2 circles. Although, you can use another option - make a series of columns to connect to the point where the next fan will be located.

Above the fans you got, make arches of 9VP with the 5th C2H over the group CIH of the last row, and then tie them in 2 rows of RLS. Do not forget to add beads during this. When you start to tie the second row of RLS, it is important to align the angles between the arches with the 5th C2H. In a similar way, it is necessary to relate the second side, beginning with tying the arches of the CIN circles, and so on.

Then crochet the fan, but do notAlign angles when tying arches. Now make the edge with a series of grids, proceed to tie another strip of fans. You will tie it, do not forget to level the corners. When this part of the product is ready - be sure to strip it.

It's time to start knitting the main partCanvases. First, attach the finished lace strip to the pattern and draw the border of the insert. To determine the density of the product, tie a small piece of knitted dress crochet according to the scheme B.

A square of 20x20 cm is enough. To do this, use the hook No. 1.6. As a result, you must calculate how many "Rogulek"Will have to be done, as well as determine the decal altitude and the increase from the side. Start knitting the canvas along the side of the lace with 2 stripes of fan to the armhole. After that, go to knitting some parts.

Original dress crocheted

The fabric of the skirt begins to be made from the second side inDirection to the bottom. It's better to start from the side. Knit all in a circle, and for switching to another row use connecting and air loops. Focus on Scheme B. Below do the strapping next to the RLS.

To make sleeves, tie 2 slicesLace, which consist of 2 circles, 1 fan from the top and 2 full fans from the bottom. Finished parts carefully steamed, dried and put into the finished product. This crocheted openwork dress will certainly become a favorite thing in the wardrobe, which will serve you more than one year.

Original wedding dress

One of the most difficult tasks for the bride isFind a suitable outfit. Every woman wants to be on this day the most beautiful and unlike anyone else. There is a way out - this is a crocheted wedding dress. There are many original models, we suggest to consider a very delicate attire, which is designed for 42 size.

For its manufacture it is necessary to take:

  • 380 g of cotton thread of white color;
  • 6 m of crepe-georgette or silk gabardine;
  • Hooks number 1,5;
  • Knitted flowers;
  • Button;

The figure below shows how to make SolomonNode. The pattern of lace is depicted in Scheme No. 1, and how to knit a flower is shown in Scheme 2. It is recommended that the lace parts of the article be tied first. Start the first row with the VP, then tie the 21 Solomon knots, and finish the 4 VP lift.

Then follow the pattern 1 continue to knit up thosePores, as the product will acquire a length of 6 cm Knitting top should start with dividing it into 2 equal parts. We'll start from the back. The first row, as before, start with the VP, after you are tying 29 Solomon knots and 4 VP lift.

Knit further according to Scheme 1. When the article has a height of 21 cm, it will be approximately 19 rows, knitting needs to be finished. Knit another part of the top in the same way.

The front part, do by principle, like the back,But the height of the product should be 42 cm, it will be approximately 38 rows. Separately tie the flowers as shown in the diagram 2. Their number depends on personal preferences, that is, on how you think the finished product should look.

Wedding dresses can have completely differentSkirts - and lace, and fabric, it all depends on the wishes of the bride. To fix the details, first they should be pinned to the pattern, wet and leave to dry. After that, they must be sewn, and already on the finished product to attach lace and flowers. Do not forget to attach the button.

Dress for the child

Every mom wants her baby to beLooks like a princess. Therefore, she tries to buy for her only the most beautiful things. Sometimes the quality is completely out of price and then women decide to create things themselves. All girls need beautiful and original dresses that can be crocheted.

Data for the outfit are indicated for the child for 2 years. You can choose the color of yarn according to your preferences. Children's things for girls are often made pink, although this dress will look beautiful in both yellow and green colors.

For its manufacture it is necessary to take:

  • 180 g of yarn, which consists of 96% acrylic and 4% methanite;
  • Hook No.1,4;
  • Ribbons to make straps;

Original dress crochetedBaby crocheted dress crochet can be wornFor many years, because at any time you can add several rows, thereby adjusting the product for the growth of the child. Knit you will be in a circle from top to bottom. First, draw a chain of 130 VIs, and fasten it to a circle. Then, following the scheme, tie 4 rows of CCS.

Turn on the wrong side and "Come down»Half-columns up to the 4th row. Wire the series grid according to the following scheme: 1 C2H, 1 tbsp. Skip and at first. Then repeat 1 more such a series and return to the diagram. As a result, you must get 10 frills. Then along the upper edge, connect the series with a mesh according to the following scheme: 1 CCN, 1 VP, 1 tbsp. The previous series, skip and first.

Another link is as follows: 4 VP, 1 CL and first. It remains to insert the satin ribbons in the upper holes to make straps. Similar dresses for girls crocheted can be made from other threads, which will give an opportunity to get a completely different-looking product.

Include the imagination

Do not get upset and put off yarn andHook to the side, if the first time it was not possible to achieve the desired result. A little practice and you will certainly learn to knit. Over time, you can come up with your own original patterns for different things!

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