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How to take measurements for the tailoring of the dress?


If you want to make a dress yourself or your child yourself, you definitely have to master the science of removal of measures. How to take your measurements with the dress, tells our article

Sewing dresses is a very laborious process andUneasy. And before proceeding to the immediate process of manufacturing a dress, it is necessary to accurately remove all the necessary measures taking into account the features of the model. In order for a dress to sit on a person well, in the process of determining the parameters you need to adhere to certain rules. Only in this case the sewn product will look good on the person.

Rules for taking measurements

How do I take measurements for a dress?

First of all, you should listen to the general recommendations of experienced professionals who will help you with the minimum errors make all the necessary measurements:

  • How to take measurements for the tailoring of the dress?Absolutely all measurements are made using centimeter tape. At the same time, it should not be strongly tightened on the model or weakened;
  • The person from whom Remove Measure, must stand evenly and not stoop, while the heels should be together, and socks - apart;
  • All the necessary measurements are made only by linen, since excess seals will give too large errors;
  • Paired parameters are determined solely on the right side;
  • The permissible errors in the measurement can not exceed 0.5 cm.

Merck for creating patterns

Consider the basics explaining how to take measurementsFor the dress pattern. Before you start to measure, tie the elastic waist at the waist of the model in such a way that it is placed only horizontally. In this case, the line at the waist will be the supporting one, since most future measurements are associated with it.

To create a pattern, it is necessary to perform such measurements:

  • How to take measurements for the tailoring of the dress?Growth. The measurement is from the highest point on the head to the floor;
  • TOG (1). If it is necessary to measure girth of the breast, the measuring tape should lie at the level of the armpits and above the breast;
  • TOG (2). Measurements are done in the same way as in the previous version, but only in front the measuring tape is obliged to pass through the prominent points on the mammary glands;
  • SWEAT. When measuring the measuring tape, the measuring tape is placed only horizontally;
  • POP. During the measurement, the tape passes through the gluteus muscles, and in the front part - through all the bulges of the abdomen. The resulting value will give a semi-grip of the hips;
  • SHG. When measuring the width of the chest, the tape is located above the base of the chest to the axillae;
  • DSDT. The distance from the shoulder to the waist, measured from behind, determines the length of the back;
  • DPDT. The distance from the shoulder of the waist in front indicates the length of the transmission. It is measured taking into account the relief at the breast level;
  • ShS. The distance between the armpits during measurement from behind determines the width of the back;
  • SHG. Measurement is done in exactly the same way as in the AL, only in the front. So you can find out the breadth of your chest;
  • VG. The distance measured from the point of intersection of the neck and shoulder, to the bulge on the chest determines the height of the chest;
  • GP. The distance from the upper edge of the armpits to the point of intersection of the neck and shoulder shows the depth of the armhole;
  • DR. On the outer surface of the arm, from the shoulder to the required length, determine the future length of the sleeve;
  • DI. Starting with the 7th vertebra on the neck, Measure length Of the future Dresses.

What are the main measures taken when you want to cut a dress for sewing. You already know, but it should be borne in mind that inMost cases with a measurement of the chest, hips, neck and waist are taken as a basis? Obtained value, i.e. Half-grab. These parameters are much easier to operate when it comes to constructing patterns.

Recommendations for building a pattern

How to properly remove the measurements for sewingDresses? This question is asked by many novice seamstresses, since the accuracy of the measurements depends not only on the future appearance of the product, but also whether the dress will sit on the figure.

That is why when building a pattern-foundation, You need to follow these rules:

  • How to take measurements for the tailoring of the dress?In order for the curves to be built correctly, doMeasurements in the same bra. After all, from the change of clothes, not only the volume of the breast changes, but also the height of the breast. To observe this rule of extreme importance when sewing products with appropriate tucks at the breast level;
  • It is desirable that during measurement, a person maintains a correct posture, otherwise the results will be distorted;
  • The model should not draw in the stomach during the measurement, because then the sewn out attire will be tight and uncomfortable.

All the recommendations discussed above You need to know And take into account, because only this way it will be possible to sew an outfit suitable for a person in size.

Measurements for sewing children's dresses

How to take measurements with a child for a dress. First of all, you will have to arm yourself with an unbonded braid and a measuring tape, which during the measurement should rather tightly wrap around the individual parts of the child's body. If the baby, for whom it is necessary to sew a dress, is too small and difficult to measure, just use his things. So you can safely take measurements without much distortion of the results.

And yet you should learn in more detail how to properly remove the necessary measurements for a dress for a child:

  • How to take measurements for the tailoring of the dress?The kid should stand evenly, moving his legs together;
  • For greater comfort, tie the waist of the child with a loose braid;
  • It is desirable that the girl was only underwear, otherwise the errors in the measurements will exceed the permissible value;
  • Make measurements: TOG, PBS, POT, AL, SHG, SH, GP, DR, DI, DSDT and DPdT, as described above.

Measurement of the model is not an easy and responsible job. On how exactly you determine all the necessary parameters, in the future will depend on how well the dress sits on the person's figure. Therefore, it is necessary to take measurements from the model without hurrying, because if the measurement of a centimeter tape was too tight or weakened, the patterns and patterns created will be inaccurate.

In addition, in order not to get confused in the resultsMade measurements, try to make all the values ​​immediately in the table, only in this way you will be able to correctly transfer all the results to patterns and build a pattern of the right size. Beautiful to you styles and smart dresses!

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