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How to sew trousers - yourself tailor


The rules that are worth knowing before you take to suturing pants. How to sew women's wide pants on the sides and in the belt? How to cover pants klesh? How to sew trousers down?

Probably many people know the situation when you need to To sew trousers And the sewing machine seems to be there, and the hands grow out of the right place, but the skills are not enough? You can, of course, turn to the atelier for help, but then why does this "Singer" or "Janome"? Of course, no one argues, pants to sew harder than a skirt or a dress, but it is possible, most importantly, follow our recommendations.

How to properly sew trousers?

How to sew trousers - yourself tailorIt's only at first glance, it seems that the pantsOn the sides and in the waist is easy. But there are a number of nuances. The main nuance is that you can take on trousers not less than two sizes. Otherwise, you can warp the pants and ruin the model.

If you see that you need to sew more, then,Full cutting can not be avoided. That is, rasporot at the seams, impose new patterns and make a pattern for them. Therefore, it is worthwhile to assess soberly your strength, and in order to avoid damage to the product, consider the option of putting the trousers in the atelier.

The second nuance - you need to suture your trousers at the same timeOn all seams: back, lateral and internal. Note! Sewing only on the outside will be in case if you need to remove excess tissue from the hips, but not the entire size. That is, when the product of your size, but on the hips sits poorly, because there is not enough volume.

Before you take a pair of scissors and a needle,In the beginning the product needs to be turned inside out and put on. Mark with pins those places where the model sits imperfectly. Then swipe by hand and try on the front side. If seen you are satisfied - you can spend and machine stitch.

If the trousers are slightly wide, you do not need to hurry andRather try to sew a side seam. First try on your pants, chop the outer seam, and move a little in them, sit down. If you feel that they are "pulling", most likely, you need to redo the internal line.

But in any case, before you take on the machine, first try on your pants and determine exactly where you need to remove excess. This is just the case when they say "Seven times measure, one - cut".

How to sew wide pants in the belt and sides?

There are several ways in which you can Sack trousers In the belt, select one of them:

  • Sew only the side folds;
  • To sew, having made ditches;
  • Remove excess fabric, suturing the middle seam;

Below is a step-by-step description of how To sew trousers For 1-2 sizes in the belt, processing the middle seam:

  • First, open the loom, then belt and cut it in half (rear). Next, arrange the finishing stitch on the middle seam (on the pope). Then the suture itself is sewn;
  • Then the excess is removed and on the belt. It stitches, on the middle seam a decorative stitch and belt loops are restored.

How to sew trousers just on the sides?

  • The product is also put on the inside and all the surplus fabrics are measured in front of the mirror, on the hips, on the pope and on the trousers;
  • Then make temporary stitches on one leg and again try on the product, comparing both legs;
  • If everything is swept up, then again removePants, rip off on them are already unnecessary lines, then all sew on the intended lines. In order to save the model, a suture from all the joints is required, both internally and externally;
  • Try again. If everything suits, then the pants are smoothed out, the excess allowances are cut off and the edges are swept.

How to properly sew women's pants flares?

Sometimes pants are sitting at the top ideally, but the tailings below do not suit you.

And it's not just a cliche, which is now unfashionable, sometimes you want to cut a straightforward model:

  • How to sew trousers - yourself tailorEverything begins, as usual, with fitting. We put on the inside out product and tailor pins excess. Everything is done on one leg. On it we measure on the fabric from the side of both seams, the same distance;
  • Remove the pants and obliterate the line from the highest punctured point down a straight (straight or narrowing) line;
  • Then we combine both legs and from one to the other also with pins we transfer the line of a new line. We also wash the line on the second trouser;
  • Sewing by hand, do the fitting. If the line of a line arranges, we cut off an excess fabric, at a distance from a seam in 1 centimeter and we spend trousers;
  • Iron the pants and overtake the edges.

How to sew trousers down?

It will be easier to use a wand-zashchalochkaIn the form of a tailoring adhesive tape. For this, the bend line is first defined. Then we cut off excess fabric. Leave it from 1 to 2.5 centimeters. Afterwards, the fold line is fixed by the iron.

Next, it puts a tape in it, you canInsert parts and each part is ironed from the wrong side. After the tape is fixed, make a circular line on the bottom of the leg, otherwise it may become unstuck during washing.

There is also a method without tape. On it we again determine the length of the finished product. We leave the allowance for the seam from 1 centimeter and cut off excess. The edge of the overlay or sweep, and then from the wrong side, make a fixing line on the typewriter.

The rules to sew trousers 1-2 sizes smaller

There are basic rules that should be adhered to when sewing trousers. And it does not matter whether you clean the size or the flares:

  • Not all styles can be altered;
  • Use when cutting the usual household remnants;
  • The outline is made with white thread, since it does not shed;
  • How to sew trousers - yourself tailorIf not "Overlock", Process the edges"Zigzagging"Or use a special attachment called"Overlock foot";
  • You need to sew the legs from the top;
  • If the pants have decorative seams, such as on jeans, then even the internal stitches are laid with the same stitch length as the decorative stitch;
  • Do not forget to iron the product at the end.

As you can see, there is nothing complicated in the question, howEven sew wide trouser legs. The main thing, do not rush. Until the final line is made and the excess fabric is cut off, you will always have the opportunity to cut the thread and sweep in a new way. Successful sewing.

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