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Surprising guests


The wedding can be both a vivid and memorable event, and a vulgar collection of mossy traditions. How to surprise the guests, leaving only pleasant memories?

Today it is quite difficult to surprise guests,Invited to the procedure of marriage, something like a salute or a chic restaurant. But the desire to whisper and make all present for a long time to remember the holiday does not cease to torment the heads of young people and their parents. Today we will try to submit a few fresh ideas about how and what to surprise the guests at the wedding.

Photo booth

Surprising guestsRemember how once you passed through the cityPark, and saw special photobox, offering to take an instant photo? So, today it is possible to take a similar device for rent, to supplement it with entertaining and funny paraphernalia in the form of wigs, glasses, mustaches and suits, and then give all the guests a chance to have their own funny photoset.

This way you not only raise the mood of your guests, but also get an original photo report about how your wedding was.

Such an undertaking can be made even more interestingAnd memorable, if you pre-order the production of a wedding photo album. During the feast, they let him in a circle, and each guest enters his wish concerning the newlyweds. There you can also paste instant pictures from the photobooth, which can successfully replace the usual Polaroid.

Hawaiian subjects: what to surprise?

Thematic weddings are a common thing: It is enough to notify the guests in advance about the need to come in specific costumes, order the appropriate music, menu and design of the hall. Especially popular are windy and hot Hawaiian parties, especially when celebrating a wedding falls in the summer, and sweat in a suit or multi-layered dress has no desire. But what can surprise guests. Except for typical flower wreaths or exotic cocktails?

Order a carving, which is able to diversify and decorate the festive table of the party, conceived in a marine, floral or other style. These masters are able to prepare fruit and vegetable Dishes In the form of peacocks, butterflies, tropical animals and so on. And this design of the feast gives an opportunity to save the bored pots with rapidly fading flowers.

Gorki, fountains and other delights

Continuing the theme of what surprise guests. It is impossible not to remember the possibility of rolling"Feast mountain", I mean, order a mountain of glasses for champagne. Yes, smells of something familiar, but this chic is clearly remembered by all present. Afflicts only one thing: there is such a pleasure not cheap, and the spectacle lasts only a few seconds.

If there is no desire to repeat the experience of every thirdWedding, try to order a chocolate fountain. Real sweeties will appreciate his presence and will not be able to leave him. For greater effect, put fruit and cheese sliced ​​next to the fountain, so that you can make an improvised fondue.

Another idea is the arrangement of a kandi bar, oWhich you dreamed of in childhood. Such a sweet corner can be decorated in any style, the main thing - that everyone present could collect as many sweets of all tastes and colors as he needs for complete satisfaction.

A love story in a new interpretation

Surprising guestsIt is likely that most of the invitedEven unfamiliar with the history of your mutual acquaintance and life before the wedding. Standardly, the toastmaster encourages witnesses to tell the guests about where and under what circumstances the first meeting happened, how events developed, and what difficulties were overcome.

And you will be very lucky if the narrator puts everything in a humorous style or makes all those present cry with the envy and touchingness of history.

But there is another, much more sensual andA heartfelt version: invite a person who perfectly knows the sandography. It is he who will be able to draw fascinatingly and touchingly the story of your acquaintance on the sand, and all this miracle will be broadcasted to a large monitor and accompanied by a corresponding musical composition.

Stock up on flowers and presents

Wedding cakes and other attributes graduallyIt is getting rid of itself, and it is necessary to find new variants of how to surprise the invited. In fact, the problem can be solved surprisingly easily: prepare exclusive mini-presents for guests in the form of memorable magnets, keyrings and other things.

At the same time it is possible to organize an improvised flower station, approaching which everyone will have the opportunity to decorate themselves with a flower buttonhole or a bracelet of miniature roses.

So that your wedding does not turn into a sequenceStandard toasts and congratulations, order a cocktail show. An experienced barman will prepare an individual version of an alcoholic drink for everyone, taking into account the taste preferences of a person.

Tips for last

Concluding so broad a topic, I want to emphasize the attention of those entering into marriage on the following:

  • Surprising guestsDo not try to translate everything at once, putNear Irish pudding and sushi, carved watermelon and chocolate fountain. Otherwise, you can simply turn the day into a series of circus performances and demonstrate your material wealth;
  • On separate tables there should always be a light snack and drinks for those who do not want to continually ply from table to dance floor and back;
  • Take care of the food for those who are going with you on a wedding trip to memorable places;
  • Be attentive to the little things, because it is from them that the overall impression of the holiday will depend. Thoroughly think over the layout of the guests and exclude an unpleasant neighborhood.

Do not forget that the success of the whole event depends largely on the experience and mood of the host. Therefore, it is recommended to study all applicants in advance and choose the most worthy one.

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