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We sew a sundress with our own hands


Sarafan is an outfit that does not go out of fashion for more than a century. We offer you several options how to sew a sundress on your own at home

Sew self-made summer sarafansjust. For this, it is not necessary to have supernew skills. The main thing is to take the measurements correctly and make a pattern. It is also very important to choose the right fabric for the outfit. First, it should be pleasant to the body; secondly, it is desirable that the material be "breathing". For such purposes, viscose, satin or cotton is perfect.

Simple summer dress

The easiest option is a dress with an elastic band. Even a beginner needlewoman will be able to cope with such work.

In order to sew an outfit with your own hands, you will need:

  • We sew a sundress with our own handselastic;
  • Material for tailoring the dress;
  • sewing machine;
  • thread;
  • scissors.

The pattern of a simple dress will consist of three elements: the central part, as well as straps.

To determine the size of the main element, you must correctly calculate the sides of the rectangle:

  • We measure the width: measure the girth of the hips and add to the resulting value of 25 cm, so that the cut turned out to be free and about 3 cm? On the processing of seams;
  • We measure the length: measure from the armpits, add 3-4 cm for the processing of the seams and about 6 cm, which compensate for the grinding of the gum.

Tailoring process:

  1. We sew a sundress with our own handsFirst, we sew a rectangle cut from the fabric along two long sides. Seam in
    This case will be located on the back;
  2. Cut the top of the product to be bent and ironed, wrapping about 1.5 cm of fabric;
  3. Give one finishing stitch at a distance of 1 cm from the bend;
  4. Try on the resulting workpiece. Since an elastic string was used for finishing the top, you need to make sure that it will not constrain your body while driving;
  5. At a distance of half a centimeter from the first line, lay a couple of parallel decorative stitches with the same string of elastic band;
  6. Using a piece of dry soap, mark on the front side of the workpiece the thigh line;
  7. By marking, make one line with a regular thread and two threads of elastic band;
  8. If, after fitting the workpiece, you have sat well on you, you will only have to process the bottom edge of the product;
  9. Ultimately, you will get this kind of original outfit:

Before you sew a sarafan,In that the measurements were taken correctly. Otherwise, the style of the product will not be the same as shown in the picture. The main thing is that the cut was free. If the dress is good for you, you can not sew the straps. Otherwise, cut out two strips of fabric with a width of up to 8 cm from the fabric, determine the desired length according to the results of the fitting.

Russian folk dress

How to sew Russian folk dress? At first glance, it seems that this is not an easy task, but even an inexperienced seamstress can do this. A beautiful and original outfit is unlikely to be worn in everyday life, but for thematic holidays it will become simply irreplaceable.

The national Russian dress consists of 7 basic elements:

  • We sew a sundress with our own handsRear and front part;
  • 4 side halves;
  • lining.

On the chest and back, the workpiece must be sown together with the lining, and on the sides all the lines are laid at the waist level.

For the manufacture of the attire you will need the following materials:

  • Viscose and silk for a dress? 800 cm;
  • Coarse calico? 700 cm;
  • Silk for the shirt? 300 cm.

The most effective models are obtained in the case of using materials of different colors and shades, which are in harmony with each other.

To sew a sarafan, you will need:

  • Satin material? With a width of 110 and a length of 250 cm;
  • Diaper cloth? 200 by 90 cm;
  • Braid? 900 cm;
  • Thin cardboard for drawing and patterns;
  • roulette.

To sew a beautiful sarafan with your own hands, you will first have to take measurements from the model:

  1. Measure the chest and back;
  2. Using a piece of cardboard, make a pattern;
  3. As a result, you should get such a cardboard blank.

Cutting out elements from the fabric:

  1. ATWe sew a sundress with our own handsCut two trapezes of the same size from the same material, where the length of the bottom is from below? 110
  2. Remember that the back of the fabric should be 6 cm more than the width of the back, and before? By 10 cm;
  3. The side details of the coquette will be stitched, decorating the top with decorative braid;
  4. In the center of the front part, trim the material of a different color;
  5. Stretch the side elements of the backrest and transfer;
  6. The bottom of the workpiece should be decorated with a decorative strip of colored fabric;
  7. Then stitch the bottom of the product and the coquette;
  8. Using an iron, iron all the lines from the wrong side;
  9. Sew the straps, decorated with braid, to the coquette;
  10. As a result, you will learn here such a beautiful colorful sundress in the folk style:

Using "Sprawling" Tissues, it is necessary to process the seams with an overlock. Then the outfit will delight you for a long time.

Girl's outfit

Sew a sarafan for a girl can even from improvised materials. The whole process will take you no more than half an hour, so a lot of time and effort for tailoring you will not spend.

Necessary materials:

  • A piece of multi-colored or monophonic fabric (approximately 2 m);
  • Ribbons for a strapless.

To sew a children's sarafan, you need to measure twoSymmetrical parts: the backrest and the front. Since the cut should be free, add 10-15 cm to the measurements taken, then you will get a flared version of the dress. On paper, the pattern will look like this:

Tailoring process:

  1. We sew a sundress with our own handsFold the fabric face inward;
  2. Using chalk, note the width and length of the product;
  3. Do not forget about the allowances (10-15 cm), cut the front and back parts of the workpiece;
  4. Fold the edge of the armhole and stitch them on the typewriter;
  5. Give one line at the side seams;
  6. Make a bend in the bottom of the product and give one line;
  7. As an original finish of the bottom, you can use lace or braid;
  8. Turning the throat part of the dress, make a kuliska;
  9. Put a satin ribbon in the workpiece;
  10. You will get such a beautiful baby dress

Dress for pregnant women

Clothes for pregnant women should first of allBe comfortable. It is impossible that the outfit hamper the movement or break the blood circulation in the body. That's why we will make a product with a high waist, which will be comfortable and safe for a future mother.

Necessary materials:

  • Loose cotton T-shirt;
  • Cotton cloth;
  • elastic;
  • sewing machine.

The process of sewing a sarafan:

  1. We sew a sundress with our own handsMeasure out the desired length of the tank top with chalk;
  2. Cut off the excess part, taking into account the allowances for the processing of seams;
  3. Make measurements under the breast, according to which cut off the desired length of the gum;
  4. Sew a rubber band on the sewing machine;
  5. The bottom of the workpiece is made of cotton. In this case, the cloth must be straight. The right length is measured from the level of the chest to the knees;
  6. Sew the canvases by treating the edges with an overlock;
  7. Make a bend at the bottom of the workpiece;
  8. A little gather fabric at the top of the skirt and stitch it;
  9. Then sew a rubber band to the workpiece;
  10. Attach the top of the sundress to the bottom on the underside;
  11. The dress is ready.

As you can see, sew a spacious and stylish sundressFor pregnant women with their own hands is quite simple and this does not require serious material costs, but the dress is very comfortable and cute.

To create a beautiful and unique imageIt is not necessary to have a seamstress's professional skills. Make a beautiful, and, most importantly, the original outfit can be easily at home from handy materials.

Any girl can fill up her wardrobe with interesting sarafans, if she applies a little effort and will give vent to her imagination.

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