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How to make your own summer female jumpsuit without a pattern?


Sew suit without a pattern - is it possible? It turns out, yes. You just have to take advantage of our tips, and you certainly will succeed

Few of modern fashionistas know that belovedThey had their summer overalls from men's work clothes. Having undergone significant metamorphosis and temporary tests, this wardrobe became the favorite of a modern woman who appreciates comfort, convenience and having a sense of style. Depending on the model, the overalls may be appropriate at a business meeting, a beach party, a romantic date and just on a city walk.

How to make your own summer female jumpsuit without a pattern?Pleases and the fact that the patterns of this garmentCan be completely different, and with their help you can make a jumpsuit with narrowed or, on the contrary, deliberately wide pants, with shorts, top or T-shirt in the role of the upper part, with straps, on elastic bands and so on. Whatever option was chosen, it is sewn quickly and without any problems, on a single pattern, in which the required changes and additions are made.

Before you sew a jumpsuit with your own hands,Stock up with a light, but not transparent, cloth of the right color. You need somewhere 1.5 meters of satin, satin, silk, linen or cottons. Do not forget about threads in tone, buttons, decorative elastic straps and wide elastic bands for the chest and waist line.

The final set of consumablesCompletely depends on which model of the product is chosen, which will serve as a decorative finish, and what parameters the person to whom the dress is designed has.

Building a basic pattern

Prepare to decide on your ownThe question of how to sew a summer women's overalls will not work without a pattern made with their own hands. Fortunately, it will not be necessary to create it from scratch, but using ready-made drawings, according to which the details of the dress and narrow trousers are cut. From the dress we need a pattern of the back and pass, and from the trousers - absolutely all measurements.

With all these developments, it is necessary to proceed as follows:

  • How to make your own summer female jumpsuit without a pattern?The lines of the ischium suture and the indentations need to be increased by a couple of centimeters, which will make
    Subsequent toe more comfortable;
  • To the value of the step width of the posterior and anterior half, too, will add 0.7-1 cm;
  • Fold together the pattern of the back of the dress and the back half of the pants, achieving a uniform pattern of the suit with a clearly marked waistline;
  • The outlines of the future new clothes need to be supplemented with auxiliary strips of side sections;
  • Gutters do not provide for, since this manual deals with solving the problem of how to sew any women's overalls with a straight silhouette.

Overalls with straps

Using the basic pattern, you can create a layout of one more thing, namely a light semi-overalls with trousers, the length to the middle of the calves.

It is done this way:

  • How to make your own summer female jumpsuit without a pattern?The seat height is deepened by a couple of centimeters, and the width of the step of the rear and front halves increases by 0.5-1 cm;
  • The stitching strip or fold is shifted towards the stepping cuts. The offset value is equal to half the added width of the step of both halves of the pants;
  • From the newly formed fold is measuredThe chosen width of the bottom of the pants. The latter is divided into 4, and then from the value acceptable for the first half, take 1 cm, and to the value that is relevant for the back halves, on the contrary, add the same 1 cm;
  • A new step-cut is made for the changed front half of the semi-gear;
  • The lateral cut is corrected on the back halves of the trousers, the notches are taken along the knee lines;
  • A new stepping cut is made for the modified rear half of the semi-gear;
  • The line of the waist is drawn on the front of the trousers, under it, on theA distance of 3.5 cm, another same strip is carried out. It will serve as a junction point for passing things and the front half of the shortened pants. The top line remains an imitation of the seam or a real seam (optional);
  • Pocket cuts are drawn (if any);
  • The middle slice strip is aligned on the back;
  • The upper part of the thing is drawn, which is the top of the dress pattern;
  • Make allowances for fasteners and accessories, draw straps, the width of which should not be more than 3 cm, and the length - more than 55 cm.

Cutting and sewing

We now turn to how it is better to cut andSew a summer overall for a woman or a girl. Patterns are laid out on a piece of fabric, taking into account the location of the share strands. On all edges are made centimetric allowances on seams, and shorts or a bottom of trousers increase on two centimeters, for a fold.

The general algorithm of how to sew a overall with your own hands, whether it has shorts at the bottom, full or shortened pants, looks like this:

  • How to make your own summer female jumpsuit without a pattern?The edges of all individual components are processed with the help of an overlock;
  • Face-to-face are added both facial partsTrousers. The seat line is initially sewn, and only then stitched permanently. Similar actions are done with the back of the trousers, after which everything is ironed;
  • Face-to-face sewn up front and back of the pants are folded, the sides are sewn and sewn together, after them comes the turn of the stepping slices;
  • Bottom shorts or trousers are tucked, bent and stretched by the machine;
  • The top is swept, sewed, ironed and decorated with ruffles, stripes, buttons and other elements. To it are sewn the processed straps (if the model means their presence);
  • The bottom of the top is worn with the top of the trousers, it is squashed and the clothing turns out on the face. The finishing line is made 0.5 cm below the main one, and a narrow or wide elastic band is passed between them.

From what to wear?

How to make your own summer female jumpsuit without a pattern?As soon as the women's overalls are ready,It's time to think about what it can be combined with. With short models everything is very simple: they are a self-sufficient thing, beautiful without any additions. But the maximum length of the product should be combined with a wide belt, neck scarf, jacket and classic boats. At the event of the informal format, you can wear a suit with long trousers in the company with ankle boots, massive neck decoration and a bright strap of any color.

A business version of a short overall or school model for a girl is appropriate to play with a blouse, jacket, tight tights and a platform shoe (steady heel).

In the rest, overalls are universalThe subject of the wardrobe, relevant in any life situation, and loyal to virtually all other clothing. Be sure to acquire such a thing, not only her summer, but also a warm option.

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