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Is it possible to sew a skirt with folds?


Skirt with folds - a classic, which should be for any fashionista! How to sew a skirt in a fold itself? We try to sew a skirt with bow and counter folds. How to sew a long skirt in folds

Skirts with folds are always in fashion and it does not matter which oneThey have the length or what they are sewn. If you are a little versed in needlework and have a great desire to make an outfit with your own hands, then we will help you in this, telling you about the sequence of work.

We suggest to learn how to sew models with different types of folds.

With what to begin?

Is it possible to sew a skirt with folds?First you need to cook everything you need. It:

  • The cloth;
  • Yarn;
  • Needle;
  • Pins;
  • The tailor's scissors;
  • Zipper or button;
  • Tape measure;
  • Chalk.

Decide on the shape and length of the product. The skirt can have circular, counter and bow creases. To calculate the required amount of material, the amount of girth of the hips (OB) is multiplied by 3. It turns out that if you sew on a man with a hip circumference of 100 cm, you will need 300 + 10 = 301 cm, with a fabric width of 160 cm you need 2 lengths.

To calculate the required length of this model and with soft bent folds, you can use the formula:

Di + Wn * 2 + 2 cm + 3 cm

Where: Di - the length of the product, Шп - the width of the belt, 2 and 3 cm - allowances on the seams. Now you can proceed directly to the cutting and sewing of the product.

Model with wrinkles in a circle

How to sew a skirt in a crease in a circle? For this model, do not make a pattern, all necessary markings are applied directly to the fabric with the help of a chalk or a dry remnant. Before applying the lines, make sure that the fabric is lying properly, at the factory edge, postpone the length of the skirt. Cut the straight strip on the belt from the top.

Since the width of the fabric is 3 meters by a single pieceIt is impossible, the fabric of the skirt will consist of 2 or 3 parts. For each part, add your tolerances to the line, it is 1-2 cm. After cutting, all the details are sewn into one and these places are necessarily smoothed out.

The resulting width should be laid flatSurface and, armed with a ruler, proceed to the marking. Here the calculation is such that to make one crease the fabric must be folded into 3 layers. Width 1 is usually from 3 to 7 cm, respectively, the depth is 6-14 cm.

The quantity is calculated by the formula: (Ob + 4): 4 = 26 pcs. In the model with counter folds, calculation and marking are done a little differently.

Note as follows. From the edges, retreat 2 cm, it's on the seams. Then, half the depth of the fold is laid, for this model it is 8: 2 = 4 cm. Next, the width of the fold is 4 cm and the total depth is 8 cm, again 4 and 8. In this sequence, the entire skirt is drawn, at the end you will get 4 - 4 - 2.

From the top measure the line of the hips (18-20), hemBottom of the product, just barely reaching the brim, and iron. Now we need to form the opposite folds. From the top and up to the thigh line, the folds are pressed, from this place they are stitched downward with a stitching suture.

On the waist line, excess tissue is evenly removed to the depths of the folds. Now, from the top and up to the thigh, also sew with a stitching suture, then iron and can be scribbled.

The skirt is sewn from behind. Now you can go to the belt, clasp and sew the bottom completely. Fabric on the belt folded in half, for stiffness in the middle, you can insert a special tape. Work the edges, then look up the skirts.

If everything is normal, then squander. Lightning takes a secret. It is inserted on the seam, grabbing the belt. It remains to remove the outline, iron and can be worn. Here's how You can sew Skirt with folds in a circle.

Model with counter folds

Is it possible to sew a skirt with folds?Looks good summer skirt in the floor with folds,Going towards each other. For sewing you need a matter of arbitrary width, preferably more than one and a half meters. The model will be with one seam, a detachable belt, and fastened with a secret zipper.

Since we want a long skirt, we measureDistance from the waist line to the ankles, if planned to wear with very high heels, then to the floor. From above cut the strip on the belt. In length, it will be equal to the waist circumference (OT) + 2 cm at the seams, along the width of 5 * 2 + 2 = 12 cm, put this tape aside for now.

We proceed to calculate and mark the folds. Let's say there will be 8 of them (4 in front and in the back). With a tissue width of 160 cm and a waistline of 75 cm, the calculation would look like this:

160 - 75 - 2 = 83 cm - this distance will go to the folds. 83: 9 = 9.2 cm

The last digit is the desired depth of the fold. If the number of folds is different, then the resulting distance is divided by this number add 1. We make the markings on the fabric.

Before sewing a skirt with counterFolds matter laid on a flat surface, the total width is divided into 9 equal parts, from the edges is taken away by 1 cm at the seam. From the obtained marks we lay in both directions along the half of the depth of the fold (4.6 cm). The next stage is the laying of opposing folds.

Begin to bend from the extreme marks toCentral, snagging them with pins. Then fasten with a tentative seam and iron. Now you need to make a line on top of the skirt and you can sew a seam, insert a zipper and sew the bottom.

The belt is first pounded from the wrong side, and thenThe front side. A secret lightning must grasp it and be hidden in the seam. At the end of all the work, the outline is removed, the product is ironed and can be worn. As you can see, sewing a long skirt with folds is also not too hard.

Model with bow folds

The knotted folds are made similarly to the opposite ones,Only look like from the wrong side. To calculate their width, the waist volume should be divided by the number of bows: 75/8 = 9.38. The depth is calculated as follows: for sewing the material is taken 120 cm, the skirt needs 2 parts, the total width is 120 * 2-5 = 235 cm. We subtract the waist size (235-75 = 160) and divide by the number of wrinkles (160/8 = 20) We obtain the required quantity.

Having all the data you can start the layout of the fabric. First, we sew 2 cloths together and get the total width. Next, from the edge, retreat 2.5 cm to the seam and measure a fourth of the total depth of the fold (20/4 = 5). Following is the width of the bow,? Depth and again? depths. After that, the markup will look like this: 9 - 10- 10- 9. At the end there will be 2.5 cm on the seam.

The folds are laid in the same way as the opposite folds, but the bow is outward. The next steps are similar to sewing the previous model.

What style to choose?

Is it possible to sew a skirt with folds?In general, it does not matter which style to choose. On all the skirts in the fold to spend more material than on the model of direct cut, but they look elegant. The same style, but from different fabrics will look different.

If you decide to sew a skirt with bow folds, then you know, this type of wrinkles is used infrequently, and, therefore, you and your outfit will not get lost in the crowd.

In addition, a self-made product- this is not only a saving of money, but also a manifestation of individuality. The risk to meet a person in the same outfit is reduced to a minimum. Fashionable and stylish to you solutions!

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