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How to sew a skirt an American


Even a beginner needlewoman quickly understand how to sew a skirt an American. The fluffy skirt with ruffles and lots of ornate-quilling strips, for sure, is a favorite article of clothing

Skirt American - the perfect complementwardrobe, which can be combined with narrow tops, turtlenecks and T-shirts. Knowing how to sew a skirt an American, you can perform an original outfit for herself or her baby daughter.

Master class for beginners, how to sew a skirt an American with his own hands

How to sew a skirt an AmericanTo sew a skirt an American girl, it is not necessarypossess special skills. The abundance of frills and layers should not scare. It is better to pre-determine the style, fabric and color of the material itself. Of course, to properly handle each layer will require patience and time. But the result will exceed all expectations!

Facilitates the task there is no need for itshands to design a pattern or customized features to prepare the figures. All they need to do a master - to calculate the length of the frills and measure the length of the product.

You will need to create a light fluffy skirtdelicate fabric. A woman can stop the choice on organza. But for the girls better to buy tulle. This fabric is essentially a very strong nylon mesh, which is extremely difficult to break. Therefore, this article of clothing made with their own hands, will last a really long time.

The upper part, which looks like a flirt with an elastic band, made of thick satin. In addition, it will be possible to decorate a beautiful bow in contrasting color.

Speaking of color. Product appearance depends on well-chosen colors. Plain skirt looks great in combination with a bright top. If you choose to use in the creation of an American multiple colors, it is desirable to confine 2-3 shades.

How to prepare a pattern

American design is quite simple. It will take 3 wide frills, the bottom of which are sewn ruffles:

  • To correctly calculate the required width of the dues should measure the length of the future product from the waist;
  • From the obtained values ​​of consuming 8 cm lengthcoquette. Further, the need to take a further 3.5 cm, since the width ryushey used. The resulting residue is usually divided in half. However, the skirt will look more attractive if you place layers in the form of layers. Therefore, the lower layer is better to make a long 2-3 cm;
  • To create yoke must draw a rectangle of 122 cm long and 20 cm wide When cutting the fabric must add 0.5 cm to fold and 1 cm at the seams.;
  • How to sew a skirt an Americantop tier band for quite fluffy skirt should be approximately 7 meters in length. For the lower tier length should be about 1.5-2 times. ruches length 1.5-2 times larger than the frills;
  • For cutting strips has been performed carefully,it is recommended to perform rigid cardboard boxes no longer than half a meter and the required width. Applying to the fabric preform can be precisely cut strip. For cutting frills need to use the width of the rectangle of 7 cm.

Preparing strip should unroll them as rolls. Now you can with your hands to sew a skirt an American.

How to assemble the layers and ruffles

Of course, this workshop is designed for beginners. With experience, it will be possible to sew an American hard belt.

While the main task - to learn how to assemble the layers:

  • Detail satin basque is sewn on the short side. It is necessary to leave a small area free, so that later he threaded through the gum;
  • The resulting ring is folded in half and carefully otglazhivayut;
  • Specific details of each ruffles are sewn on the sides of the meek. It should get a very long strip;
  • Frills prisbarivayut to yoke length. Better every frill is gathered separately, in this case, the skirt American stitched for girls, is voluminous;
  • Prisborennoe frills baste the top and sew the bottom of the yoke;
  • How to sew a skirt an AmericanLikewise crosslinked in parts integrally ruff. Is gathered ruffles, they sutured to the lower edges of the ruffles. You can use multiple layers ruff;
  • The coquette vdevayut wide elastic and hand stitch the open portion;
  • Of the remaining satin material or contrasting colors carved beautiful bow, which is sewn to the yoke.

As you can see most make an American is quite easy. Do not be afraid to use such large volumes of tissue.

The skirt looks more magnificent, the better it looks. Knowing how to sew an American skirt itself, can significantly diversify your wardrobe, beautiful ensembles preparing for the summer, and even for a party.

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