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How to sew a hole: tips for housewives and fashionistas


Knowing how to sew a hole on your jeans or your favorite jacket, you can correct the defect in time and save money. At the same time you can show imagination. Having completed the original application

Sometimes a small hole on your favorite jeans orSocks finally ruins the mood. Of course, you can please yourself with a new thing. But what if there is no finance for the purchase? In this case, it is worth remembering the skills of needlework, how to sew a hole, which once taught the grandmother.

How to sew a small hole in your pants

To sew the damage on denim pants, you will need:

  • How to sew a hole: tips for housewives and fashionistasDenim fabric of the same shade;
  • thread;
  • sewing machine;
  • needle.

First of all, you need to determine the shape and size of the patch. To do this, measure the gap on the pants and perform a patchwork drawing on paper.

Then they act according to the following scheme:

  • The paper pattern is applied to the tissue and the patch is cut out, increasing its dimensions by approximately 0.5 cm. The prepared patch is treated with a sewing machine with a suture seam;
  • Prepared patched face is applied to the underside of the jeans and fixed with sewing pins. It is necessary to sweep the fabric so that during sewing it does not budge;
  • Sew a piece of fabric in a thin zigzag, trying to get to the edge of the edge;
  • If the hole on the pants was not solid, butWas a lot of small holes because of the abrasion of the fabric, it is recommended to fix holes on the front side, treating the surface with a machine stitch by zigzag or forward-backward.

Since it is not difficult to sew a hole on jeans, you can try to create the effect of deliberate embroidery or applique using contrasting hues.

How to sew a hole on knitted fabric

Most often, socks are torn, as well as hosiery. To repair them, a technique is used, such as darning.

The way how to sew a hole on the toe, assumes the availability of the following tools and materials:

  • How to sew a hole: tips for housewives and fashionistasNeedles for sewing and embroidery;
  • Threads for darning and fine synthetic threads;
  • Small scissors;
  • Mushroom for darning.

The last device can easily replace a conventional light bulb.

You should choose the most suitable for the color of the thread and only then proceed to darning holes on the knitted fabric:

  • The sock is turned out with the wrong side outward and pulled on a wooden mushroom. The surface of the fabric should not wrinkle at the same time;
  • All sticking scraps of thread need to be cut off. On the perimeter of the hole pass a seam "Forward needle". The seam is made along the edge of the hole, receding 2-3 mm;
  • Having finished the seam, the thread is slightly tightened and fixed with a few small stitches. After this, along the entire surface, the gaps are laid parallel stitches from one edge to the opposite;
  • The darning is done with the help of small stitches,Which should capture not only the edges of the fabric, but also the holes laid along the area of ​​the thread. Similarly, several rows are stitched around the perimeter, imposing each row of stitches over the previous one and gradually reducing the hole on the toe;
  • It should be ensured that the thickness of the darning does not exceed the density of the fabric. In addition, you can not tighten stitches, they must lie down freely.

How to properly sew a hole in pantyhose, excellentKnew women living in times of scarcity nylon stockings. Enterprising people even established the release of special mini-devices, allowing you to raise and fasten the hinges.

This technique can be useful today, if there are no new tights at hand, and the old ones gave the arrow:

  • How to sew a hole: tips for housewives and fashionistasTights are pulled on a special mushroom for darning or an electric bulb;
  • The loop is picked up by a thin hook andRaise, passing through it the thread lying above. In this case, a new loop is formed, which is again pulled upward. Thus, the loop is lifted up to the hole;
  • Sewing the hole itself is recommended by fine synthetic threads matched to the color of the fabric, using a shallow seam.

The same is done if it is necessary to restore a hand-knitted thing or made from a large knitted jersey.

How to sew a hole on a down jacket or a light jacket

For the production of jackets and down jackets, wear-resistant fabrics are used. However, mechanical damage can lead to the formation of a rupture.

Nevertheless, you can make the hole invisible, using a simple technique:

  • If the gap has smooth edges, it is easier to perform a simple application, selecting a flap of tissue that is suitable for color and structure. He cut out the shape of the hole and lubricate the edges with rubber glue "BF-6","Moment Crystal"Or"Supermoment";
  • How to sew a hole: tips for housewives and fashionistasA shred is pulled through a hole, carefully spread and pressed with some heavy object. The pasted patch will perfectly hold;
  • Straight edges can be pre-machined with a zigzag, applying threads of the primary color or contrast used in the finishing elements;
  • If the damage on the jacket has uneven edges,It is recommended to gently sew over the hole some company label or a self-made applique. Thermal stickers are sold in specialized stores, which are great for this purpose.

Knowing how to sew a hole on a jacket or darnSocks, you can save money, without hurrying to buy a new pair of tights and without having to go to the atelier to restore the knitted thing.

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