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We sew chiffon blouse with our own hands


Every woman wants to wear things that emphasize individuality. A great way to stand out from the crowd is to tailor clothing, for example, a chiffon blouse with your own hands

The most popular item of women's wardrobeIs a blouse, it is worn by girls and women of different ages. During the summer heat, a blouse made of the finest, lightest chiffon is simply an indispensable thing. Depending on the cut and the style, the chiffon blouse is useful for a festive appearance, for visiting the office, and for a romantic date. Such clothes give women a feeling of freshness and airiness, makes them irresistible.

Therefore, another chiffon blouse in the wardrobeWill never be superfluous! And it is not necessary to buy it in the store, you can sew with your own hands. How to sew a blouse from chiffon? How to choose a style?

A bit about chiffon

We sew chiffon blouse with our own handsDeciding to sew a thing with your own hands,First you need to get acquainted with the material that will be used in the work. In the world of fabrics, chiffon is one of the subtlest and most delicate matters, work with which requires a lot of patience and perseverance.

There are natural and synthetic chiffon. Regardless of the type and origin of chiffon, sewing any wardrobe elements from it is not easy even for an experienced seamstress.

The material is very slippery, constantly strikingSlip out of my hands. Edge processing is also a laborious process, requiring certain skills or at least preliminary training on unnecessary pruning.

To understand how difficult it is to sew a blouse fromChiffon and how best to do it, you need to understand the basic rules of cutting the material and its grinding. It is difficult to sew from chiffon, but it is quite possible. The main thing is very much to want it and have patience.

Cutting rules

If you are a beginnerSewing needlewomen, then the pattern of a chiffon blouse is best chosen with a minimum of stitches and preferably without sleeves. Subsequently, a little accustomed to and accustomed to working with this whimsical material, you can sew a more complex model.

The following tips will help to properly cut the material for the chosen pattern:

  • We sew chiffon blouse with our own handsTo cut out a chiffon it is necessary in one layer as the folded twice it will by all means slide and be pulled;
  • The details of the pattern from paper to the cut canvas should not be pinned with needles or pins, but used to hold the fabric in the correct position of the weights;
  • It is better to make a paper pattern immediately with the allowances, then, after spreading it on the fabric, cut the parts along clear lines already taking into account the stock on the seams;
  • Fragmentation of parts of the future product should be made with a sharp piece of soap or tailor's chalk.

Easier to cut chiffon will help the use ofA special substrate and a sharp knife, but their availability is not mandatory. You can cut this thin material in the old fashion: on a large table or floor with the help of tailor's scissors.

Qualitatively cut material without warpageJoints and slices is a guarantee that at the end of your painstaking work you will get a beautiful woman's blouse. Remember, even the most original and beautiful idea of ​​a chiffon dress will easily fail if the fabric is sewn with distortions.

Sewing blouses

After choosing the blouse model and acquiring the fabric you like, you can proceed with its cutting and subsequent sewing in this order:

  1. We sew chiffon blouse with our own handsCopy the finished pattern with a tracing paper or build it on special paper.
    Cut the pattern from the paper, taking into account the allowance of 1.5 cm;
  2. The material is spread out on a table or floor in one layer, lay out the details of the pattern on it, crush it with weights and chalk it;
  3. Cut all parts and sweep the product - firstTucks, if any, then lateral and shoulder seams. Sweep off the sleeves and stitch them into the armhole. The fabric allowances should not be sewn together, so that later it would be easier to process the edges of the product;
  4. Try on the blouse and, if necessary, adjust it according to the figure, that is, reduce or increase tucks and side seams, sweep the thing anew and try it on again;
  5. If everything suits you, you can start sewing a blouse on a sewing machine in the same order as the parting was done;
  6. All the seams should be ironed - darts from the middle of the product to the side seams, side and shoulder seams - on the back, seams on the sleeves - on the back surface;
  7. To process seams with the help of a small zigzag or overlock, the throat-oblique bake from the same fabric or stitch the collar, if it is provided. Lower the blouse and turn it 2 times;
  8. The prepared blouse is ironed and the entire nametik is removed.

If there is no need for sleeves, you can get by andwithout them. How to sew a sleeveless chiffon blouse? You just need to make armholes 1-1.5 cm more and leave a supply of cloth for the gate. Although it is possible to use the oblique bake, as for the processing of the neck.

To begin assembling the product and processing the seams, you only need to make sure that the sewing machine is properly set, it has a thin and sharp needle, and the thread corresponds to the type of fabric.

Blouse without pattern

If you do not want to spend time buildingPatterns and processing of recesses, you can sew a beautiful blouse without transferring any drawings to the fabric. How can I sew a chiffon blouse without a pattern? Easy! To do this, you need to remove only three measures: the length of the product + 4-5 cm, the distance between the hands with arms stretched out to the sides + 2-3 cm to the gate and the width of the shoulders.

The algorithm for tailoring the outfit is surprisingly simple:

  • We sew chiffon blouse with our own handsFold the fabric in half, put it on itRectangle or square (depending on the size), whose sides are equal to the length of the product and the distance between the hands, taking into account the allowances. The length of the folded edge of matter should be equal to the distance between the hands. This fold of fabric will be placed on the shoulders;
  • Fold the fabric again to get a cut fromFour layers. From the corner of the resulting bend, postpone the measurement, which will be equal to 1/2 the width of the shoulders + 3 cm to the allowances. Turn over the folded fabric and do the same on the other side. Mark two vertical marks, this will be the neckline, unfold the fabric;
  • Starting from the bottom of the product make two verticalSeam along the straight lines of the neck cut, not reaching the future shoulders of 20-23 cm. On the opposite side of the folded hem make a slot for the neck, which should be less than the width of the shoulders by 6 cm;
  • Process the edges of the product and the neckline, remove the marks and pat the product.

You can sew in the side seams of the loops for the waist, which will emphasize the waist, will make the image more feminine. The chiffon blouse will become a real decoration for the wardrobe and a peculiar "Wand-zashchalochkoj", Because it is combined with almost any clothing.

Sew your own hands, wear it with pleasure and be irresistible!

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