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Tailoring of covers for stools


Old furniture will look elegant and attractive if decorate it with colored covers that are easy to make with their own hands. To do so, use our tips

Over time, the appearance of the furniture lost: decaying upholstery, paint oblazit and furniture becomes not as attractive as before. However, this is not a reason to get rid of old chairs and stools, because there are many ways to return the dilapidated furniture to life. It is about them and will be discussed in this article.

One of the easiest methods of updating the furniture? This tailoring of new covers with their own hands. Such a finish will not only return to the life of the furniture, but also to adapt it to the interior of the room. Stools with updated covers look very stylish and attractive. And in order to create such beauty, it is not necessary to master the skills of professional handy people.

What types of covers?

Cover on a stool can sew two types:

  • Tailoring of covers for stoolsfirmly seated;
  • hanging freely.

independent sewing "Clothes" for seats with backs takes a lot of time and effort, but in the end, you get what so wanted? nice and updated furniture.

But before you get started, you need to properly take your measurements with a stool:

  • width and height of the furniture;
  • the depth of the seat.

When tailoring the product must first analyze the features of the furniture:

  • construction;
  • bends;
  • Available crossbar.

Through this, you will be able to choose the best option for the transformation of the pattern of the stool.

The principle of tailoring

The process of manufacturing the product is quite simple:

  1. Throw on a stool has a measured piece of material;
  2. Properly pull it off on the front side and secure with pins;
  3. In the processing of joints leave about 3 cm on each side;
  4. The extra cut of the matter;
  5. If you want to cover covered legs of the stool, measure out the desired length;
  6. Secure the front and rear part of the product with the help of pins;
  7. Then make a fitting on the stool, if "Odezhka" I sat perfectly seasoned prostrochite seams;
  8. To cover it easier to remove, you can put on the back zipper.

Tailoring of covers for stoolsAs you can see, you can make a simple case, even without the pattern. If you want your stool looked particularly, decorate the product satin ribbon or lace. Typically, on such a principle are sewed "Clothes" on kitchen stools, making them more interesting and attractive.

Make a pattern of protective covers on the stool with his hands easy. To do this, you need to take your measurements with the seat and move them to a piece of paper or cardboard.

But usually many needlewoman do without them, making the layout immediately on the fabric. If you are new to this kind of work, it is better to make a pattern, so as not to spoil the material.

Covers for chairs square

Sew a cover on a square stool with his hands is very simple. This will require quite a bit of fabric, as the product will be made clear by the size of the seat.

Necessary materials:

  • Tailoring of covers for stoolshousehold sewing machine;
  • the cloth;
  • chalk;
  • cardboard for patterns;
  • elastic;
  • foam.

If a stool without a back, you can easily do without a pattern. To do this, simply flip it and put on the expansion of the fabric. Then simply take your measurements, taking into account allowances. that "Odezhka" tight against the chair, on the edging will need to make a Drawstring, which later pasted gum.

To sew a soft seat, measure the desired length and width of the foam, attach it to the inside of the workpiece and cover with the second piece of fabric on the chair size.

Stitch the fabric of product perimeter. Eventually you will come here is the perfect soft seat

Tailoring "biscuit" cover

Sponge products always attract the surprisedviews of the people, because the technique is so original that once there is a desire to sit on the clad in beautiful furniture covers. The main principle of the art is that the front side of the product is represented by a variety of bulk colorful cushions that immediately catch the eye. Of course, make such beauty is not easy, but be sure that the result will certainly not disappoint.


Before you get started, you need to collect a set of all necessary materials and tools:

  • Tailoring of covers for stoolsscissors, pins, a centimeter;
  • needles, ruler, iron;
  • pieces of cotton material;
  • filler (foam, wadding, padding polyester);
  • sewing machine.

Motives can choose any brand, so there are no restrictions in the colors do not and can not. The main thing that you liked yourself.

The process of tailoring


  • Measure the seat area. As an example, assume that it was 30 to 30 cm;
  • Every single square will cover an area of ​​5 cm;
  • Throw another 1 cm to the result, because in the future the squares will be filled with synthetic padding. Divide 30 by 5, we find that on each side of the product is required by 6 squares;
  • Since the square seats 4 hand, we need the 24 parts for the front part and another 24? for the wrong side;
  • Fabric carve out all the necessary elements workpiece;
  • Each shred make notches in the corners 2 and 3 cm;
  • Bending the corners inward, align the notch next, fixing them with pins;
  • Sostrochite upper and lower squares;
  • Patiently and slowly prostrochite entire workpiece with the front side of the cushion pad to sostrochit all to face.


  • Tailoring of covers for stoolsThe preform obtained in each small box make cuts up to 3 cm;
  • Insert them in the filler;
  • Make sure that the filler in each of the squares spread evenly;
  • Each cut sew by hand;
  • Sostrochite sides of the cover;
  • After all the torment you come here is lovely soft seat

"Biscuit" beautiful kitchen stools necessarily create a warm and cozy home atmosphere.

Products for round stools

Cover on a round stool sewn with your hands on the same principle as the square. The only difference is in the seat configuration.

Consider the option of a rubber band, as he is one of the most simple in execution:

  • Tailoring of covers for stoolsRemove the measurements from the stool and determine its diameter;
  • Make marks on the fabric with an allowance of 5 cm;
  • On the reverse side of the material make Bending 1.5-2 cm;
  • Stitch piping at a distance of 1 cm from the turning-line;
  • As a result, you get "tunnel"In which the gum will be located;
  • Optionally, the seat can be filled with the principle that has been described above.

sew original "Odezhku" furniture easily, most importantly, do not be afraid to experiment.

As practice shows, the best products are obtained only if the person gives free rein to his imagination.

If the sewing machine comes to life, try to refresh old furniture in your hands alone. After all, the home-made products fill the house with warmth and comfort.

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