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How to sew a backpack of old worn jeans?


How to sew a backpack of worn out old jeans? In this there is nothing complicated, the main thing is to act on instructions and stock up all the necessary tools and materials at hand

Even high-quality and branded jeans haveProperty to wear out and lose the former appearance. Do not rush to throw them away or give them to be torn to a little daughter, who only knows the basics of sewing and sewing. From this actual clothing today you can make an excellent backpack, which is useful for you and for a trip to the forest and as a bag for folding sports accessories.

And so, how to sew a backpack?

Where to begin?

The list of things for this kind of work can be as follows:

  • How to sew a backpack of old worn jeans?Actually, the trousers themselves. Well, if they have multiple decorative trim: pockets, slots, patches, locks, etc .;
  • Pruning others old jeansHaving contrasting color with the basic trousers;
  • Fabric or fleece that will be used for the basis of the blocks. From it, you need to cut 9 squares with a side width of 10 cm;
  • Fabric for the lining: a piece of length 60 cm and a width of about 100 cm;
  • Sintepon or the remnants of old woolen things necessary for quilting;
  • As a stiffener for the bottom of the backpack you can use strips from inexpensive plastic containers for food;
  • Cord for the kuliska. The required length is 90 cm;
  • Metal semirings for handles. They can be replaced with other suitable fittings;
  • Chalk, ruler, pins and scissors;
  • Iron, sewing machine;
  • Roller knife and special mat. They can be abandoned, but, as practice shows, working with them is much easier.

Stages of work

  1. How to sew a backpack of old worn jeans?How to sew a backpack with your own hands? It's very simple, if you do not be afraid and do everything according to the instructions. First, the pants need to be cut and cut into 4 identical sized pieces, about 35x35 cm in size. From the remainders of the fabric and the cut of denim, it is necessary to cut 10 strips about 30 cm long and about 4.5 cm wide. We strip the stripes from the edges of the trousers and We increase their width to 6 cm. They are needed to create two panels for the side walls of the backpack.
  2. Now you need to cut the stripes across,Sustaining a step of 4.5 cm. With their help we will add a pattern-mosaic in the style of Amish groves. Try to alternate strips of different colors to get a contrasting pattern. At the ends the blocks can be sewn to get beautiful neat angles. And the saved stripes in the future can be used to make straps.
  3. Now it is necessary to sew two side panels toBasic parts with pockets. At the same time make backpack straps. If you want to sew the original backpack, for the back side, it is also recommended to cut 9 strips. The width and length should be selected in accordance with the main part. In our case, the length will be 35 cm, width 4 cm. The backpack will be fastened to the button on the rivet, which can be cut out of the pocket. Now we again have to make strips of fabric and decor in the technique «Log Cabin». Such a convoluted fabric will connect the bottom of the bag with the main part.
  4. How to sew a backpack of old worn jeans?Cut out 10 pieces of cotton or cotton from squares or cottonThe width of sides is 10 cm. On each line draw a diagonal. Use denim to cut out strips and squares 2.5 cm wide. Of these, on nonwoven you need to start drawing a pattern "Log cabin". In the center of the block, place a square of fabric, and continue to make strips with strips, fixing them with pins. After two light, put two dark ones. By typing three "Floor" On each side, each successive stripBend, fix with a pin or iron. Thus we get 10 squares on a non-woven basis. They need to be ironed and aligned to make them all the same size.
  5. Select the desired top pattern, stitch andOpen the seams. In the seams, where the side parts of the backpack are joined from the front, it is necessary to sew and fasten the belt loops with the rings necessary to fasten the straps. To sew a quality backpack of old jeans, on the back you need to simulate wrinkles and pin them. To the bottom of the main piece to sew a strip, stylized as a log cabin. If you seem a little decor, you can cut old labels and sew them to the workpiece.
  6. Now it is necessary to lay along the perimeterBlanks sintepon, bypassing the attention of the pocket area. Pin and poke. After leveling the edges. If you need a multifunctional thing that can accommodate the maximum of useful trifles, sew to the back of the back one more patch pocket. Why not, if it can simply be whipped from old jeans. Folds on the back of the backpack stitch about 2 cm. Do the same with 2 wrinkles on the front of the sides of the valve. It remains to sew the last vertical seam of the bag.
  7. Now you need to make a bottom pattern. Cut out of a suitable material a rectangle with a perimeter of 92 cm. Round off the corners. If nothing suitable except the cardboard was found, use the strips of the plastic container, laying them between the fabric and the heater. It remains to perform quilting. As a lining, you can choose any fabric that you have. If there is a desire to equip a backpack with pockets from the inside, then you can again whip them off old trousers or sew yourself.
  8. How to sew a backpack of old worn jeans?Sew the side seam of the lining, leaving in the middle15-18 cm are not stiffened. This is necessary for sewing the bottom of the lining and the convenience of turning. Since the backpack is narrowed from above due to wrinkles, the lining can be attached. Fold the backpack with the lining on the wrong side to each other, the upper sections are fastened with pins. To them you need to attach a kuliska for a cord. To do this, turn it off from your pants or make it yourself. The width should not be less than 7 cm, and with the length determined, measuring the upper cut after laying wrinkles. Kulisku and flannel folded face to face and sew, turn away, press.
  9. Unscrew the product, adjust the faceplate to face,Sealing up the upper sections under it. Pass the cord or braid. Tighten and tie. Straps can be made from simple stripes of denim fabric, and you can sew small colorful squares between each other. As a result, the length of the strips should be 95 cm, width - 7 cm. Sew two strips face to face. Unscrew the fabric and press it to form a cant. Turn and adjust the second edge. Now it's time to start the valve. Stitch two pieces of cloth the size appropriate to the bag, and do not forget to round off the bottom two edges. Sew a loop from the belt loops.
  10. How to sew a backpack of old worn jeans?To grind the valve, cut the obliqueBake. For these purposes, a stretch jeans is suitable. Length 40 cm, width 5 cm. Press along, inside the inside. Sew the obtack to the wrong side. Turn it over and adjust it. The volume of the valve can be given by means of two small folds. Sew the straps, the loop and the valve to the back of the bag, hiding the stitching seams inside. Bottom pins to the side of the bag with pins, stitch and unscrew. Sew the bottom with lining, turning it through the left slot in the side seam.
  11. Sew the hole and put the lining in the bag. Pass the straps into the metal rings and secure each with two half rings. Everything, a backpack is ready, it is possible to be engaged in filling and to use to destination.

Now you know how to sew such a useful bag as a backpack yourself. It is clear that you can use any decor, what you want, and a variety of techniques and drawings.

So we got old jeans new life, let's hope it's a long one. Good luck!

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