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Self-replacement slider - easy and simple


It's enough just to insert the dog into the zipper if you know how it's done. First, you need to have a new dog and the tools you need to work, and secondly - to know some secrets

It is very insulting to put on a thing and discover that the castlebroken. Change clothes and carry a thing in the atelier? But the change of the castle is not cheap. In most cases, it's enough to replace the dog, and again to wear a thing. But not everyone knows how quickly to fix a dog with a zipper. To change the slider, you need to know what are the sliders and what to do in case of a breakdown.

Slider with lightning

Self-replacement slider - easy and simpleHow to change a broken dog with a zipper? First you need to determine the type of failure.

If the zippers crunched teeth, then the lock itself is required completely. The dog is changed when, when fastening or unfastening the buckle, it breaks or jams.

When to think about how to replace a dog with a zipper?

  • The type of fastener does not fit the thing - textileThe tape is too thin for this product. Under load, even if it was prolonged, the slider's cheeks move apart. It is impossible to constantly squeeze them with pliers, they will break. Especially often breakages occur if the slider is made of plastic;
  • When the runner wears, cracks form on its crosspiece. In this case, it is dyed, it needs to be replaced.

According to the material from which the teeth are made, it is possible to divide the fasteners into the following types:

  • Tractor - most often the teeth are made of plastic;
  • Metal;
  • Twisted.

It is impossible to solve the problem of how to make a lightning bolt if the lock is not suitable for it. Sliders have different sizes - most often they are applied to the back of the clamp. Metal sizes vary from 3 to 10 or more. On the reverse side, the slider looks like a triangle in shape.

The slider of tractor lightnings from the inside is in the form of a shamrock or an oval, and are denoted by No. 3 and onwards. In twisted lightning, the shape of the slider is only oval, numbers from 3 onwards.

BThe letter marks, which are stamped next to the numbers, indicate the following:

  • X - an all-in-one zipper, cast, locks 2;
  • L - the fastener does not unfasten, lock 1;
  • Н - one-piece zipper, lock 2;
  • D - the clasp is fully open, 2 locks with 2 connectors;
  • A - lock without connector;
  • B - connector with 1 lock;
  • C - connector, 2 locks.

To cope with the task of how to quickly fix a dog with a zipper, you still need to know the types of sliders:

  • Self-replacement slider - easy and simpleAutomatic machine - the mechanism inside the dog does not allow the teeth to diverge in any position of its tongue;
  • Semi-automatic - after the zipper is fastened, you need to fasten a special stopper, when the puller is raised, the lock will disperse;
  • Haberdashery runners - they put in a zipper for bags, they do not have fastening.

Replace runners with lightning of different types

In order not to be distracted from work, it is necessary to prepare in advance:

  • Pliers or pliers;
  • Screwdriver;
  • nail scissors;
  • thread;
  • Needle;
  • New slider.

Sometimes it may be necessary, in addition to the dog, to purchase a limiter, and add the universal glue to the necessary materials.

How to put a dog on a metal detachable zipper:

  • First you need to remove the limiter from one side. To do this, you need to bite off with a side cutter. If the stopper goes to the fabric, then carefully, it needs to be pinched by a screwdriver or manicure scissors;
  • The same scissors make a cut, cuttingThickening of the braid. It is necessary to do this in order to remove the old slider and put on a new one. The slider should be slightly shaken if it goes tight. It is desirable to oil the teeth. Apply force is undesirable - you can damage the teeth or a new buckle;
  • To insert a slider, it needs to be held slightly at an angle;
  • Both halves of the zipper are connected, inserted into the slider, checked how it works;
  • With the stitch seam - it is also called the obchette - draws the edges of the incision.


  • First you need to look at the type of limiter. It is soldered, or simply fixed. You can remove the plastic stop only once. Only with the removed limiter can solve the problem, how to remove a broken dog with a lightning;
  • In order for the slider to become in place, it needs to be slightly released. After installation, it is tightened;
  • The second half of the lock is inserted into the runner, it is checked how it closes the teeth, then the stopper is installed, with the pliers.

The teeth of plastic tractor zippers, so that the dog is easier to move, lubricate with dry soap.

How to put a dog on a twisted zipper?

Self-replacement slider - easy and simpleAlgorithm work does not differ from the already proposed options.

But before the other types of fasteners screwHas some advantage - it does not have a definite direction for fastening. Instead of the limiter, you can put 2 runners that can freely travel in both directions.

The nuances of the technical process

How to insert a dog into an all-in-one zipper? The technology of work is the same, but without a sewing machine it will be impossible to fix the thing.

It is necessary to spoil the seam toRelease the edges of the textile tape, which are then inserted into the slider. If you later fasten the buckle with the help of hand stitches - the thing will look untidy.

The slider should be moved very smoothly when replacing. Sometimes the teeth under it have to be guided with your fingers, leveling them so they do not part. By the way, the metal teeth can be pressed with pliers, so that they better cover the fabric.

If the teeth are plastic, then even afterCoped with the task - how to zip yourself to wear a dog - the castle will not last long. If a plastic tooth breaks or a discrepancy occurs, it is better to sew a new lock.

Self-replacement slider - easy and simpleInterrupts the runner slip off the limiter, which can be purchased at the store, or replaced with several large stitches. Runners on double-sided fasteners are installed from different sides. Movement dogs should go towards each other.

The guide is destroyed during operation, the textile tape, on which the teeth are mounted, wears out quickly. How to dress a new dog with a zipper that is already beginning to wear out?

The damaged place is treated with glue - the universal "Moment". The glue is applied to the tip of the needle, and with it, the space between the teeth is carefully smeared. Go for the cloves should not glue, otherwise it will prevent the lock from functioning normally.

Cope with the replacement of the slider at the zipper womanYourself. To squeeze the dog pliers, brute force is not needed. Secure the slider so that it freely moves along the teeth. If you squeeze it, the lock will not work.

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