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Knitted Phone Case


A knitted phone case is an incredibly convenient accessory. Starting with light models, you can gradually move to complex options, using the most fantastic options for finishing

On the new mobile there was a deepScratch, spoiling the look of an expensive device? But it could be avoided by using a case specifically designed for the phone. Even if the ready-made options do not seem too attractive, you can independently make a knitted cover for the phone, having received at the same time an original accessory.

How to make a cover for a phone, knitted

Knitted Phone CaseEven if a girl does not know how to knit, you canUse the simplest scheme for beginners and then decorate the resulting object with embroidery, beads or applique from pieces of fabric. To tie the knitting needles, you need: 50-60 g of yarn, darning needle and needle No. 2-3. The number of spokes depends on the thickness of the yarn used.

While working on the product, follow the following plan:

  • To make the subject ideally suited to the modelApparatus, you must first remove the measurements from it. For example, with a mobile width of 4.5 cm, a thickness of 2 cm and a length of 9.5 cm, the overall width of the device should be 6.5 cm, and the length should be increased to 11 cm;
  • Selecting a suitable pattern, you need to tie a small test piece, at least 6x6 cm. This will help to specify the number of loops. If 2 loops are obtained in 1 cm, you need to type 6.5 × 2 = 13 loops on the spokes;
  • Having typed loops, the chosen pattern is tied 11 cm. When they want to equip the cuff with a valve, another 5-6 cm are tied;
  • The finished cloth is stripped off with an iron. Touching the product with its sole does not follow, as ironing the canvas, you can damage the pattern, reducing its bulge;
  • Folding the crocheted strip inside the face,Stitch the side parts with a darning needle. If a girl knows how to handle a crochet - even better! In this case, the fabric is folded and the article is tied around the crochet, joining the edges using a column without a crochet;
  • If the cheholchik is equipped with a valve, it is necessary to make a buttonhole loop. For this purpose, a chain of air loops is crocheted from the central part of the valve.

Of course, this is the simplest version of a knitted cover for a mobile phone. To get the model original, bright, it is necessary to show imagination. For example, use beads for binding.

How to make crocheted phone cases with beads

Knitted Phone CaseTo link such a model is much more difficult. It is necessary to stock up with kapron thread and beads, in the hole of which this thread will pass freely.

You can do it according to the following scheme:

  • Measuring the meter of thread, without tearing it from the general skein,String the beads. Knit an accessory using simple schemes. It is necessary to watch, that on 1 loop there was 1 bead. In addition, you need to carefully treat the work and shift the beads to the front;
  • When the beads are finished, the thread is torn off. Again, measure a meter-long thread and string the beads. The ends of the threads are firmly connected;
  • You can pre-thread beads on a thread largerLength. However, in this case, you should roll it up so that it is protected from entanglement. A thin thread with beads is easily confused and it will take a long time to tinker, sorting out small nodules;
  • It is more convenient to knit a sheath of two canvases - the back andFront. Finished parts are simply stitched around the perimeter with a darning needle. By the way, it will be much easier to sew details if the first 2 loops are tied like facial ones and do not use beads in them.

Learning to knit simple covers, you can complicateWork by making an accessory in the form of a pouch. For this, it is necessary to make the bottom of the object 3-4 cm wider than required. In each 4-th row, the web is narrowed, tying together the 2 extreme loops.

When the right height is typed, along the perimeterMake 5-6 loops with nakidami, distributing them evenly across the entire width. Get accurate holes for the lace. Sewing the details, and passing a hole in the braid or leather cord, you can get a pretty bag.

A small nuance - the beads can also scratch the surface of the mobile phone. Therefore it is desirable to make a special lining for the cover.

The scheme of knitting a cover for a phone with the help of a hook

Knitted Phone CaseKnowing the science of crocheting, you can perform a cheholchik without resorting to stitching the side parts of the parts.

You can do this as follows:

  • First of all, you need to perform the basis - a series of air loops, the length of which should match the width of the phone. For example, if the width of the device is 5 cm, 40 loops will be required;
  • The chain is closed in a ring, passing through the first loop a hook and extending through it a working thread. The base is the bottom of the cover. At the end of the work, it must be sewn or crocheted from the wrong side;
  • Knitting continues to be rounded in columns without a crochet. It is necessary to adhere to the density chosen from the very beginning. If the thread is loosened, the cover is too loose;
  • The length of the article is determined by periodically trying onCover. The phone must pass through it freely. As a rule, another 2 cm is added to the height of the mobile. To finish the object, fasten the column without the crochet and pull the cut string through the loop to the end, tightening it tight.

Knitted Phone CaseHaving connected the cover by hands, one should take careAnd the clasp, which is necessary so that the phone does not fall out. The simplest clasp is made from a buttonhole and a chain of air loops. The chain begins to knit from the edge opposite to the side on which the button is sewn, and finish by tying the last loop in the place of the beginning.

The hostess herself will figure out which knitted cases for the phone she likes more, with beads crocheted or knitted.

But, if you want to perform an accessory thatWill serve for a long time, without changing the color scale, it is better to choose synthetic threads. And you can decorate the cover with details that are easy to replace: twisted laces, appliqués, rhinestones and decorative clasps.

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