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5 creative ideas, how to mend a hole on jeans


Often on your favorite pants appear damage, and throw them do not want. In this case, the information on how to mend a hole on jeans will be right

Many complain that they have to throw their favorite jeans because of a hole or rubbing between the legs. A large number of trousers, thus, moved to the section "For the garden"Or found themselves in a garbage can. Do not make hasty conclusions, because if you want, you can fix everything. There are many different ways how to fix holes on jeans to make them look like new ones.

5 creative ideas, how to mend a hole on jeansDamage often occurs in factory models that are amenable to chemical treatment, for example, popular in recent years "Boiled»Jeans.

Because of the action of chemistry and high temperatures, the structure of matter deteriorates, which leads to the formation of damages.

A simple way how to patch a hole on jeans

Applying several fashionable solutions, you can getBeautiful and original model. Using different fabrics and accessories, you can mask the hole and get a beautiful pants decoration. To repair children's models, you can use various applications in the form of cartoon characters.

In addition, if you have a stripSimilar to denim, then the torn area can be duplicated. To do this, you need to make a few parallel lines on the edge of the strips that need to be twisted. Put them in the seams, and place the strip diagonally, so that in the end the patch looks like part of the design.

In order to repair a torn patch of pants,Glue it from the wrong side, for example, a double-sided spider web. To do this, turn the pants inside out, glue the patch, cut off the patch of the correct size, lay it in the necessary place and walk with a hot iron.

How to sew a hole on jeans with a piece?

This option means laying stitches close to each other thanks to the sewing machine. As a result, the thread simply "Clogged"Hole. Punching is considered the most high-quality finish to get rid of damage, but, on the other hand, it is quite a difficult task.

First, you need to make a patch fromMatter, which coincides in structure and color. If there is a piece of jeans, for example, after shortening the length, then this is an ideal option. Otherwise, you can try to find the right material in the store. Shtukovku do on the typewriter with the ability to sew in the opposite direction.

The first line is done in the forward direction, andThen another in the opposite direction. Check that the stitches pass close enough to each other. Carry out such manipulations until you sew up the whole torn area.

It is important that the line is not onlyPatch, and went to its edge. If the model of your sewing machine does not have the ability to sew in the reverse direction, then simply turn the product and sew it straight.

After completing the trimming, you can trim the existing fringe from the front side, and after a good ironing and steaming the darned space.

Using this method, to disguise the hole, consider the following factors:

  • It is important to pick up the thread in the color of the pants. It should be noted that even selected in the store thread can eventually become lighter or darker, so it's best to take a few similar shades. Before you go to pieces, try all the options on a separate piece of cloth, and then select the appropriate option;
  • From the first time to get an excellent result is quite difficult, so do everything in several stages. Having made lines, look, whether there are gaps and pass on them once again a machine line.

How to mend a hole between your legs on your jeans?

5 creative ideas, how to mend a hole on jeansMost of the damage occurs in places whereMatter constantly rubs. As in the previous versions, you need to pick up the necessary material for the patch, which should have a jeans-like structure and color.

If you are not afraid of experiments, then useSkin or contrasting tissue that will attract attention. Select the threads in the color of the fabric and the best melange variants, since the texture of the jeans is lighter on top than in the furrows.

To sew a torn area between the legs, prepare a patch. It should be slightly larger than the hole, and it is also recommended to sweep its ends so that it does not dissolve.

The hole must also be prepared: cut off excess threads and give the necessary shape. After that, pin with a pin to check how it lies, and how the result will look.

Now let's go directly to the process itselfSuturing the hole between the legs. At first it is recommended to attach a patch to the patch, and then fine-tune it with small stitches. This can be done zigzagging.

Take a few lines back and forth across the square. Walk on the torn area so that you can decorate all the damages.

If the jeans are worn on both sides, it is necessary to sew holes a little differently.

First, disassemble the inner seam approximately20 cm. Remove the thread from the front part. It is also necessary to cut the seam of the seat somewhere to the same distance. As a result, you will receive two parts, on which the damage is placed.

Remove the threads and iron this well.The site, while unfolding the seams. On the underside, place the glue lining on the basis of knitwear, so that it goes to the pants for about a couple of centimeters. Glue lining should also be placed on the front side.

Make a patchwork pattern out of paper, but remember,That it should be small, so do not add any extra centimeters. Always make a ready template to your jeans to make sure it fits. Make two identical parts in the mirror image for each leg.

It is important to add about 0.5 cm to the hem, whichMust be ironed. Place the patches on the front side, sweep, and then make a double line. It remains to sweep each detail of the trousers separately and collect them.

How to zadekorirovat holes on jeans?

There are other options that can beUse to make holes on your knees or in other places, except for the options between the legs. Use the ready-made decorative patches and applications that are sold in the store. They can not be processed and left shaggy. You can use a sewn hole with an original cloth, for example, chiffon, drape, leather, wool, etc.

In addition to one patch, you can sew a few moreOther options in different places in the end you get beautiful and original pants. A great option - applique, which is completely in different versions, for example, flowers, stars and other bright and no less original ornaments.

Useful advice - before sewing the applique or sewing the torn patch with another cloth, be sure to check it for sensitivity to the hot iron.

What if I can not repair my pants?

If you have a little hole on the front of your jeans, then you can make original holes from them and eventually get "Lacerated" pants. To do this, it is necessary to enlarge the hole a little, removing the transverse threads. You can add similar lumens and other areas, so that in the end, the jeans looked harmonious.

5 creative ideas, how to mend a hole on jeansIf you can not mend a damaged plotOr the attempt was unsuccessful, then from the pants you can make original and beautiful shorts. To do this, it is necessary to cut the trousers evenly. Make a fringe or tuck and stitch the edge.

You can also decorate ready-made shorts, using a variety of applications, fittings and other types of decor. In addition, from old jeans You can make a bag or toy. Pieces of denim fabric can be used to decorate other clothes.

summing up

Now you know how to mask holes onJeans and do not worry that because of accidental falls or other damage you will have to get rid of your favorite pants. As you can see, there are many different options, so you can choose for yourself the most suitable and original way of decorating.

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