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Optimize storage room in the American spirit: make your own hands shelf


Optimization of storage - an important step in the expansion of living space. Shelves in the closet will help you make a small komorki real warehouse! What are the materials and tools you need?

Despite the fact that modern developers andDesigners unanimously refuse to introduce ancillary to living quarters, old-good pantries are still in demand among potential buyers and residents.

Is it necessary to use a pantry?

Optimize storage room in the American spirit: make your own hands shelfThere is a version that it is thanks to the pantryAnd loggias many seek to buy real estate secondary market, rather than new buildings. Why? Because the pantry is a convenient tool for optimizing living space and storing rarely used things.

Unfortunately, at the entrance to the new apartment we see a utility room with bare walls. And Americans with might and main ennoble their own pantries to optimize their space.

Shelves in the pantry - a great addition to the built-in "Cabinet". With the help of them from the komorka can even make a full dressing room!

How to make shelves in a pantry without the help of professionals? They can be built with their own hands, without spending a lot of time, energy and material resources.

Detailed lay-out of the pantry

To begin with, you should determine the dimensionsRoom and measure the width of the pantry. Of course, you can not be puzzled by such things, and just screw the shelves of arbitrary size to the side walls of the utility room.

And even in this case it will be enoughComfortable and roomy rack. But there is no talk of its strength and reliability. Such a design can quickly fail, fall, and even damage the wall.

From what material to build a rackThe design is up to you. Some people prefer drywall, but we still advise you to pay attention to wood. Moreover, if after leaving the old apartment you have old furniture left - you can disassemble it and use the material for making shelves.

They can be made even from metal, but such work will take you a lot of time and effort. You will also need some remarkable knowledge, or even a specialist's help.

Optimize storage room in the American spirit: make your own hands shelfShelves in the pantry, built by their own hands, are notOnly durable and durable, but also unique. Therefore, you can even decorate them at your own discretion. If you are perfectly oriented in applying the painting on a tree - make your future creation beautiful and colorful!

It is most acceptable to build shelves using pressed wood. And of course, you can not do without reliable fasteners and locks!

Cooking tools

So, if you decide to build prefabricated or ordinary shelves for the pantry yourself, we recommend that you arm yourself with the following tools:

You will need:

  • Cutting plank boards;
  • Decorative laminated wood of any kind (check with the color scheme, proceeding from the general style and decoration of the utility room);
  • Joiner's glue;
  • Plywood;
  • Rubanok (selector or electric);
  • Finishing or liquid nails;
  • Screws: metal;
  • Bracket TES (necessarily metal, plastic will definitely let you down!);
  • Fittings for lockers (if planned);
  • Roulette, pencil, other household tools, suitable for repair.

Please note - the width and strength of the shelves should be "Adjust"Depending on what will be stored on them. If it's massive cans of pickles - the wood should be thick and "Stress-resistant".

If these are ordinary things - you can get by and more "BrittleAnalogue. The height of the lower racks should significantly exceed the height of the upper ones, since all the most bulky and heavy are always folded down.

We produce shelves

So, suppose you have already moved into an apartment with fresh repair, the storage room has even walls and does not suffer from a lack of communications.

Then it's time to start optimizing it with wooden shelves!

  • Brackets fixed at the wall opposite the door at the rate? Meter between the supports;
  • We lay the boards near the wall, leaving small gaps of about 1.5-2 cm;
  • We fix the racks with screws or bolts;
  • Optimize storage room in the American spirit: make your own hands shelfShelves on the side walls are also attached to the brackets only from the edge that comes into contact with the front shelf;
  • We mount products to previously installed shelves by means of metal plates with screw holes;
  • The lower shelves of the front shelf can be divided by a plywood sheet into a certain number of sections.

If you want, you can also hang on the shelvesBoxes. You can do with another option. If the width of your pantry allows, build in it gipsokartonovye niches. This will look much more modern and laconic than the utility room, supplemented by old-fashioned wood shelves.

And of course, ask for help from your spouse, brother or friend. Repair - this is not exactly a woman's work, which will require certain forces and the original "Male"Skills.

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