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Present your own hands: Money Tree Bead


Money Tree from beads - a symbol of prosperity and well-being. Especially if it is made with their own hands and give from the heart dear to you man

Give a loved one a money tree,Made with his own hands of beads and coins, means to wish him wealth, prosperity and prosperity. Such a gift will not leave anyone indifferent. However, many novice craftsmen stop the complexity and painstaking work on this product. Believe me, it's not so difficult to make a money tree from beads with your own hands, as it seems. Have enough attention and patience, and our advice, a scheme and a detailed description of the work will help you.

The money tree is a symbol of wealth

Present your own hands: Money Tree BeadA small tree made of beads and coins,Not only decorate the interior. It is believed that it attracts wealth to the house. Beads and coins, gleaming in electric light, look prestigious and expensive. This popular souvenir is a welcome gift for many. To give him, then, to take care of the welfare of a loved one, to wish prosperity to his business.

In Chinese traditional culture, monetaryTrees were the most desired gift. About them told tales and legends. On one of them, a tree with golden flowers and leaves grew in a fairy-tale garden. Everyone who wanted wealth in his house could just come and shake his delicate branches.

However, there were so many interested people that soon the treeWas lost. And people had to grow money trees (there is such kind of plants) or make them from beautiful materials, for example: beads, beads, coins, so that the house had wealth.

Materials and Tools

The scheme of any money tree of beads and coins is simple:

  1. Base - a small pot for flowers, a decorated jar and so on;
  2. Trunk - is made of thick wire;
  3. Branches - made of fine wire, decorated with beaded leaves and coins;
  4. Decorative elements - ribbons, flowers, figurines of birds and animals.

Before you start creating and making the most beautiful money tree from beads, you need to prepare all the tools and materials.

In addition to a jar, thick and thin wire, we will need:

  • Present your own hands: Money Tree BeadBeads 1-3 species. You can take a different size and shape. The color of the beads depends on your design. The bowl is green, gold or silver;
  • Small coins. You can take decorative coins or the real penny. The coin should be much, so, the tree will look richer;
  • Floral or crepe paper for winding the trunk;
  • Alabaster or gypsum;
  • Acrylic paints and brushes to them: large and small;
  • Glue gun or glue that you use comfortably. It will be needed for gluing coins;
  • Scissors or small cutting pliers;
  • Decorative items and sequins.

Sequence of work

  • Present your own hands: Money Tree BeadWe prepare the basis. We produce gypsum or alabaster before the creamy state. In the pot we set a piece or several twisted from a thick wire. Fill with gypsum, fix it with a thin wire. She will have to be removed later. This is our future trunk. Let him freeze and strengthen;
  • Trick the branches. In a comfortable dish, it is best to take a flat bowl or saucer, mix all shades of beads. String on a thin wire. You need to dial 8-10-12 beads and fix, twisting the loop. We twist tightly, repeating the action several times. What would a twig was lush and beautiful, it should have 7-9 of these leaflets. For an average tree it is necessary to make about 60 branches. Finished branches, too, put aside;
  • We prepare branches with coins. We twist several delicate wires of the desired length. At the top end, make the loop a bit smaller than the coin. This will be a mount for coins. In this loop we paste a coin;
  • We collect the bud. We take one branch with a coin and 3-4 with beaded leaves. We arrange so that the coin is in the middle. Beautifully straighten, twist the wires between each other. We wrap it with floral tape or crepe paper. Good strength is achieved if the crepe paper is covered with PVA varnish and completely dried. Buds should be made not less than 15 pieces;
  • We decorate the trunk. We make the main branches of thick wire. We give them bends according to our plan. Branches are fixed to the ready-made barrel with a stand. This is best done by tightly tying them with a thin wire, wound it several times. The lower part of the trunk can be immediately pasted with floristic paper and painted. This will make the tree strong;
  • We collect a tree. We take the dried stem with the stand and fasten the buds to it. We distribute them evenly and beautifully. The places of joints between the parts are pasted with paper and painted over;
  • We decorate. The basis of the tree will be painted with acrylic paints. The color depends on your imagination. Draw pebbles or grass. Color the trunk and large branches. Beautifully looks a gold or silver money tree from beads. The pot can be decorated with ribbons and lace, the decoupage technique is suitable for decoration. A beautiful addition will be decorative elements in the form of locks, keys, birds, animals;
  • Money tree made and coins and beadsWith your own hands is ready. It turned out a beautiful and original gift. You can do it without having much experience. The main thing is assiduity, accuracy, imagination and, of course, a great desire to please loved ones. Briefly tell you how to best present it.

How to give?

Present your own hands: Money Tree BeadThe best reason for such a gift is a housewarming party,Birthday, wedding. It will also be relevant when the firm moves to a new location, with promotion, employment, or the start of an important project. Close friends and relatives can give a cash tree of beads without any special reason, as a desire to improve their financial situation.

Such a tree can be an independent giftOr attached to an expensive thing or a sum of money. To give a money tree is better in a transparent package, that would all see its beauty. Provide your gift with a poetic wish or statement of a sage. This will add charm and significance.

And in the end of the article - the most important thing: that your tree really brought happiness, wealth, luck to the house, it must be done with love.

A gift - from the heart! We hope that our article was useful to you. Until next time!

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