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How to make the dummy with his own hands: advice and assistance


How to make the mannequin with their own hands? The most commonly used for this purpose materials are wood and fabric. Mini Mannequin is made on the basis of papier-mâché

To practice skills in martialarts used a variety of auxiliary shells. Most of them are quite expensive, and not every aspiring athlete can afford to buy a similar design for combat training. Therefore it is necessary to know how to make your own wooden dummy.

projectile manufacturing stages

How to make the dummy with his own hands: advice and assistanceI must say that dislike timber suitable forshell production. It is best to use pine, birch, oak or poplar. The greatest burden experienced hands and feet structure, so to perform these pieces is better to look rugged wood - maple, ash, elm or oak. The material for the support frame can serve the same type of wood.

The most important condition is that you need to comply strictly, is the use of fully dried logs. Preferably, dry it in a special chamber, or buy ready-made material.

How to make a mannequin from a tree with his hands? Thus, the acquired material will go for making a half-two-meter column with a diameter of 20-25 cm. In this case, he must have three arms and a leg. The role of the carcass will assume two boards that must be passed through holes in the top and bottom of the column and the columns perpendicular to fix the rectangular shape.

A pillar of wood to be treated, givingits perfect cylindrical shape. The bark and branches need to be removed, skived all the bumps and the protruding portions. To this should be reserved in advance electroplane, and then sanded the wood with sandpaper.

You can then move on to the hands of the production andshell toe. Drank a stick of solid wood, fix them in the pre-caved. For making legs used iron pipe, which then need to wrap the rope. It is not forbidden to use and solid wood, if we can get the blank forms you need.

Consolidating your hands, you must make sure that betweenthey did not have too much horizontal angle. The upper arm should have the same height, thus to mount the left and right slightly above its down tilt. Lift up the right, and the average must be secured in a horizontal position below. We are ready to shell cover stain or varnish.

Design Sewing

Any both experienced and not very seamstresswondering how to make a perfect mannequin for sewing, which would be made on the exact parameters of its own figures? It is very convenient because it eliminates the need for bothersome fitting. There is one way, and a very quick, easy and inexpensive.

manufacturing stages:

  • dummy can not be done without the help of someone from the outside, such as a friend. It is necessary to put on a t-shirt, which is not a pity to give up, and stand upright;
  • girlfriend should methodically and very gently winding seamstress tape in several layers starting from the neck and ending with the hips;
  • the resulting cut in the shell on its back and remove;
  • cut line seal with tape, and the verydesign to fill with cotton wool holofayberom or assembly foam, though the last one should be very careful. To form is not cracked, the design need to be completed gradually, giving the ability to freeze the foam;
  • the remaining holes for the arms and legs close cardboard and seal with tape;
  • Full resemblance to the mannequin from haute couture can be achieved if you sew a decorative cover for it and install it on a stand.

How to make the dummy with his own hands: advice and assistanceHow to make a mannequin for your favorite doll? By the same principle as for yourself. You can adopt a method of making papier-mâché. Taurus dolls without head, hands and feet wrapped around food film and begin to paste small pieces of paper. This option can be used by those who do not know how to make a dummy from paper.

To work was faster, the workpiece can be periodically blown with a hair dryer. Strengthen the construction of several layers of bandage. Completely dry shell to cut on the back and remove from the doll.

Fix the edges with adhesive tape and fill the cavity insideCotton or construction foam, but it is better not to experiment with the latter, because it will not be easy to stop on time, filling such a small space, and it will dry for a long time.

How to make a quality mini dummy? If you plan to stitch needles into the structure, then you need to provide a soft top layer. It is easy to obtain with the help of cotton pads. Dividing them in half, glue on the workpiece with glue. Covering the top with a nylon and pulling the waist with a beautiful bright ribbon, get a ready mannequin for the doll.

Mannequin head

Those who are engaged in the manufacture of headwear and various accessories, without this design simply can not do. How to make a durable head mannequin?

manufacturing stages:

  • Take a construction helmet or any container of the same size. Tighten with polyethylene and fill it with half of the mounting foam;
  • Dry the foam on one side and turn it over and let it dry on the other side. After removing the polyethylene;
  • Now it is necessary to start the foundation for the futureHead. To do this, you need to install a cylindrical bar of the same material on a small piece of wood of a rectangular shape, and wrap it around for beauty with velvet;
  • Give a piece of foam head shape, do a hole below and plant it on the bar, not forgetting to coat the beam with glue;
  • Now it remains only to cover the head with suitable material and secure it with tape at the bottom. That's all, this is the beauty turned out.

Mannequin for jewelry

How to make the dummy with his own hands: advice and assistanceAnd how quickly to make a dummy for costume jewelry? Experts give their advice and argue that there is nothing easier. To make a holder for chains, necklaces and beads, you need to draw or print a template for the bust. In the future, it can be transferred to cardboard, cut out along the contour, fold the upper edges together and secure with a stapler.

This design is installed on a flat surface. If there is a desire to hang it on the wall, then the template needs to be translated into thick plywood.

Having given it a proper look with the help of a jigsaw andPaper, cover the workpiece with paint, and on the back side, glue the bar and screw in a pair of hooks, which will fix the dummy on the wall. Now it can be used for its intended purpose.

As you can see, there are a lot of ways to create dummies for different needs. Choose your option, and boldly get to work!

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