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Children's table with their own hands


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Sometimes, the space seems too tight to equip it with cumbersome finished furniture. In this case, the best solution is to make a wooden children's table with your own hands.

Children's table: a simple option

Children's table with their own handsTo make the table as comfortable and safe as possible, it is recommended to order individual parts in a carpentry shop, which has all the tools for high-quality wood processing.

The following materials will be required:

  • Countertop 600x400 mm of laminated veneer lumber or solid mass;
  • 4 brusks for the frame;
  • 4 legs with a section of 40x40 mm;
  • Electric drill with end mills;
  • clamp;
  • A hacksaw on wood;
  • a hammer;
  • Joinery knife;
  • sandpaper;
  • Joiner glue;
  • Furniture varnish;
  • Furniture pins;
  • Ruler.

If the house has an old table, you canUse its details to create children's furniture. In this case, a children's table with their own hands is a direct benefit. And if the dad can handle the carpentry tools, the piece of furniture will turn into a real work of art.

First of all, it is necessary to determine the heightTable. The most comfortable is the height at which a child with a straight back, placing the elbow on the tabletop, easily reaches out to the temple with his finger.

You can use special tables that recommend the height of tables and chairs for children of different ages.

The sequence of works for creating a simple children's table

  • Depending on the required height, the legs are sawed off. If the legs to the bottom are narrowed, it is better to saw them from below so that the table is extremely stable;
  • Prepared legs fasten to elements of powerFrame by means of end mills. During assembly, place the grooves and align the paired elements. Then, in the marked place, drill a hole, which should not turn out through;
  • The depth of the hole is a third of the thickness of the workpiece, and its diameter should correspond to the thickness of the future groove;
  • The workpieces of the legs are alternately clamped in the clamp and the wood is selected with an end mill as carefully as possible until a smooth groove of the required size is obtained. There should be 8 grooves on 4 legs;
  • Ruler measure the dimensions of the groove and make appropriate marks on the bars for the power frame;
  • Using a carpenter's knife and a hacksaw, the ends of the parts of the power frame are corrected, creating "thorns", which should easily and firmly enter the grooves of the legs;
  • To make a children's table, it remains to conductControl assembly of all elements. It is recommended to pre-measure the length of all parts and the angles between them. If necessary, the elements should be adjusted. Otherwise, the table will be unstable and crooked;
  • After assembling the table and checking it for stability, the structure is dismantled again into separate parts. Now the assembly is carried out, having previously smeared all the places of fastenings with special carpentry glue;
  • When the frame dries, proceed to fasteningCountertops. In the center of the holes, holes are drilled to install the furniture pin. Mark the spots on the back of the tabletop and drill blind holes;
  • After trying on the details and correcting the dimensions, the pins are smeared with joinery glue and join the structure into a single whole;
  • The finished wooden table is carefully sanded with fine sandpaper and covered with several layers of varnish.

No less simple in the design is a self-made folding children's table, the table top of which is attached to the wall.

Convenient folding table for the child

Children's table with their own handsThe following tools and materials will be required to create the original interior:

  • 4 pieces of 6x2 cm long 72 cm long;
  • 4 doshchki 6x2 cm long, 32 cm;
  • Table top made of 2 parts;
  • electric drill;
  • Joiner glue;
  • sandpaper;
  • Furniture pins;
  • Dowels.

Sequence of work to create a foldable children's table

Making a similar model does not take much time, but it will save space in a small apartment:

  • Of the dosokochek necessary to perform 2 frames, which will play the role of folding legs;
  • Using a stencil, drill holes for fastening in the end parts of the boards. The lower crossbeam of the frames should be raised 5 cm above the floor. The parts are joined together by pins;
  • The holes are filled with carpentry glue and join the parts into frames. It is desirable to tighten the constructions as much as possible, trying not to warp the frame;
  • Between each other, the frames are fastened with loops;
  • In the wall, drill, pre-measuringLevel, holes for dowels. The table top consists of two parts. The width of the first, fixed part is up to 30 cm. The second part is connected to the first by means of loops;
  • The first part is fastened to the wall. Under it, a vertical, folding frame is attached to the wall using dowels. It is necessary to accurately reconcile all the dimensions in order to achieve an ideal connection between the frame and the countertop;
  • The second part of the table top is fastened with loops to the first and laid out on top of the support frame;
  • At any time, you can raise the second part of the countertop and fold the frame. After that, the movable part of the table top descends, and the table occupies a minimum of space.

And to make the furniture look beautiful, you can do yourself decuping a children's table.

How to decorate a table

It's not enough just to make it up, it's also important to decorate a new product. And then the technique of decoupage can be useful.

And to perform the simplest decoupage, you will need the following materials:

  • Pictures (the child can choose the image himself);
  • acrylic paints;
  • primer;
  • glue;
  • brush.

By the way - to decorate in this way you can absolutely any furniture.

Sequence of works when drawing an image on a table on the technique of decoupage

  • Children's table with their own handsThe worktop is covered with a primer and sanded with sandpaper after complete drying;
  • Then the surface is painted in the chosen shade;
  • Pictures from magazines or special drawings are applied to a previously carefully dried surface. If a decoupage map is used - the image is soaked in water for a couple of seconds;
  • When the pictures dry out, the table top is varnished.

A child is a full member of the familyRequires a personal space. This space should be multifunctional and include all the necessary pieces of furniture, including a table needed for games, drawing, doing lessons, modeling, etc.

Create coziness and comfort for your crumbs with your own hands! Successful crafts and grateful smiles from your baby!

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