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Learn to make your own romantic gift guy


Romantic gift boyfriend, made with their own hands - a great way to show your feelings. There are a number of options, which can handle every girl

Of course, many expect to receive practicalPresent, for example, purse or mobile phone. Unfortunately, such gifts to express their own feelings is impossible, so many of the fair sex want to do something original with their own hands or buy ready-made at the store.

This can be as a decoration the usual gift,and exclusive thing. You will certainly see the surprise and gratitude in the eyes of a loved one, as he will appreciate the fact that you have spent time on this gift.

Romantic gifts for a loved one with hearts

Learn to make your own romantic gift guyIf you do not want to waste time or craftsnot your thing, you can order, for example, paired t-shirts. Today, these outfits are very popular. You are free to choose the drawing and lettering, add a lot of hearts, etc.

Favorite certainly appreciate such a gesture. You can order a photo puzzle in specialized stores.

The stores sell and original pillowsdeclarations and wishes, which will also be a perfect present for a loved one. You can also buy a pair of circles, which combine to form a heart. Today in the shops is a wide range of flash drives, among which is sure to be a beautiful heart.

Perfect for lazy - unusualair balloons. Take the paper and cut into hearts, the more the better. Then, write on them or wishes or declarations of love, and shove them into balls that should inflate. You can make your own chocolate or cake in the shape of a heart.

To do this, you will need to have a specialconfectionery forms, which are sold in the store. There are many different recipes for these desserts that is sure to blow your mind of any man.

Intangible romantic gifts

Presentation does not have to cost a tidy sum, because you can attend a different way.

Here is the choice of the list of such gifts:

  • Gave the guy a pet. If he had long dreamed of a dog and have all the conditions for normal life of the animal, then you can give a long-term gift that will cheer up for many years;
  • Excellent choice - a gift to impress. This category may include skydiving, flying in a helicopter or a hot air balloon, etc. Each person has a similar dream, which he does not dare to carry out;
  • The most common and always relevantromantic gift with their own hands - dinner. To give original present, you can move a table, for example, on the roof of a house or any other unusual place. If a holiday in the summer or spring, you can go for a picnic;
  • A few years ago no one holiday is notI do without cards, in which it was possible to write a few warm lines. Today, this tradition is returned but make cards with their own hands, using a variety of techniques;
  • If you're willing to tinker a bit with a gift, thehis hands can create coupons desires. For example, you give the opportunity to order beloved you massage, sex in unusual place, dinner, go with friends on the football, watching your favorite comedy, etc. You can arrange it all in a checkbook, and each service to come up with a price;
  • Maybe someone thinks that recognition on the pavementWe should draw only the men, but it is not. Imagine how nice to be loved each morning to read the kind words, written under the window. In addition, he will be able to tell everyone what his attentive woman;
  • Make a gift 2 B1. Embark on an erotic photo shoot, and then, for a holiday favorite Send out these pictures, for example, one throw to the post and the other on the phone, etc. You can also leave one photo in unusual places: in the car's glove compartment, pocket, purse, etc. This day certainly will remain in his memory forever;
  • Make your loved fascinating quest. Think of several stations, the original task, but the main gift will, of course, thank you;
  • Learn to make your own romantic gift guyTake a nice jar or box and fill it with tiny little notes in which the post for which you love your boyfriend and his best qualities. As you know, all men love praise and such romantic gifts to her husband not only will please and give you more confidence;
  • Joint bathing. Enter the water, add the foam, aroma oils, light the candles and pour into a glass of champagne. For a loved one, it will be a wonderful gift in any day;
  • If a guy uses a car every day, thenyou can decorate it nicely. Attach the balloons to make an original number, etc. Thus, you will show not only his beloved, but also to others as you love him;
  • Today, in almost every big city therecompanies that provide services related to the balls. You need to order from them a certain amount of helium balloons, and to find somewhere in a huge box, for example, from under the TV. It lay at the bottom of the gift, and on top of the balls. After opening the box, the man will not expect a completely departing from it balls;
  • Prepare for your beloved small cards with different inscriptions, for example, with regards, compliments, etc. And arrange them in different places: stick for the mirror, put in your pocket, purse.
  • The prize crossword. Take a large drawing paper and make it a crossword puzzle, which will be based on shared memories. Decorate all the photos, different patterns, etc .;
  • If your relationship has just begun and confessin love, you are not ready yet, but I want to make the original a present, this option is for you. Prepare a box with "kisses". Buy beautiful box or make it with their own hands, for example, in the technique of decoupage. You will need to ask for help from a friend to make beautiful photos with kisses. Make at least 50 shots. Photos print small size, for example, of a matchbox. They are put in a box prepared and presented to the beloved.

Creative romantic gift guy

If you are the owner of anytalent, it can be a wonderful gift. For example, if you know how to write poetry, then present to the partner a few lines, which describe their feelings and emotions. This will be the most original declaration of love.

You can sing a song for a loved one if you want itcan be recorded or performance in any bar. The most popular gift in this category - dance. If you give your loved striptease or belly dance, he will remember it for a long time.

Another original and modern version -an unusual video clip, which can be put on youtube. You can take place, which are associated with memories, memorabilia insert a photo, make a cutting of the archived video in the end you give the husband or boyfriend unexpected and original gift.

Learn to make your own romantic gift guyIf you "make friends"Spoked and love to knit, it can give"warm"Gift: a scarf or sweater. Putting such a thing, the guy will always remember you.

We create for love

The most important thing in a romantic gift - the desiredo something nice for your loved one. The guy certainly appreciate your sincerity, your time and desire. No need to completely exclude the material we launched, as perhaps the favorite really need something.

Remember that the most important thing - it is beautiful to present a present. Hopefully, among the presented options you can choose for themselves the right and will certainly make it a reality.

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