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How to make a photo album with his own hands: the idea of ​​hand-made


How to make a photo album with your own hands? You can buy all the necessary elements for its production in the shop, but you can do everything yourself, from binding

Today more than ever in the fashion of handicrafts made by themselves, the so-called "handmade". Demand for them is constantly growing and I must say that such things are quite expensive. Depersonalized postcards and photo albums are a thing of the past, and they are replaced by original, unique products. Such products include "Scrapbook"Or as it is called in the west - scrapbooking.

This idea makes it possible to implement a book of children's quotations, memorable drawings and clippings, you can write your own chronicle. And how to make a photo album with your own hands?

Book binding

How to make a photo album with his own hands: the idea of ​​hand-madeOn sale you can find ready-made scrap-albums, but those who want to create their masterpiece from beginning to end, do not seek to ease themselves a task.

Armed with special blanks fromChipboard, acrylic and dyed cardboard, you can start creating a diary, photo album or invitation, or you can make a simple binding, for example, 12 sheets.

How to make a photo album by stages:

  • First you need to buy the lower and upperPart of the cover and cardboard. Prepare strips for gluing paper, which can be made from photo or watercolor paper. Cut out the finished album pages. Perform creasing. That is, outline some sharp object line along the edges of the gluing strips at a distance of approximately 4 mm. This is necessary for bending the binding. The more it is planned to use convex and volumetric ornaments, the more this distance should be, otherwise the album simply will not be closed;
  • Cut corners at an angle of approximately 45Degrees. Bend the strip along the drawn lines and paste one of its edges to the page, and as soon as it dries, glue the other edge to the other page. As a result, all 12 sheets must be fastened together. The end of the next album should be covered with a bandage, leaving about 1.5 cm at the edges;
  • In accordance with the width of the binding, cut twoPiece of special ribbon. This will help to hide all its shortcomings and strengthen the fastening of the sheets at the edges. Now it remains to make a book in the photo album. If the colored paper sheet is too thin, it must be folded into two. With this design, two parts are used: one will be on the outside, and the other on the inside. The outer should correspond to the size of the spine, but it is necessary to provide another 1.5 cm margin on both sides. The inner is carved exactly in the size of the spine;
  • How to make a photo album with his own hands: the idea of ​​hand-madeGlue the inner and outer parts and bend the edgesInside. To obtain a smooth bending of the non-writing rod, draw vertical straight lines, maintaining a distance of 1 cm between them. Attach the resulting structure to the binding, but do not stick it;
  • Top and bottom to glue the cover so that it fits to the outer sides of the bends of the root;
  • Open the album cover and paste onThe inside of the remainder of the gauze and the edge of the strip used to join the pages. The spine to the side of the binding is not stuck, since this will not allow you to open the page. He must move away from the end of the binding. And the role of the braid is to close the gap between the side of the binding and the spine;
  • If you plan to make a photo album of colorPhotos with a large number of sheets, it is recommended to use special stud studs for fixing the spine. Now it remains to paste the pages of the album.

Album design

How to make a photo album with his own hands: the idea of ​​hand-madeLooking for a way to make a scrapbooking photo album,It is enough to look around you. If you are constrained in funds, you do not need to spend money on special decorations presented in the specialized store window.

To do this, you can use any improvised means that can be found in the house - tapes, beads, shells, pebbles, stickers, buttons, cut-outs from magazines, etc.

If desired, you can put the production of suchThings on the flow and receive from this income, because how to make an original wedding photo album, a collection of photos of your baby or even just a beautiful postcard by the forces not all - it's a whole art, but he can always learn.

There will be no lights out for those wishing to buy such a thing, because hand-made is extremely in demand today.

How to make an electronic photo album model


  • To create a photo album in electronic form, you need a program called AntWorks FotoAlbum. After downloading it to the computer and opening it, click "File"And select the"Create Album". The opened window is intended for introduction of the name of a photo album. After uploading the photo, press "Add". If you want to load the whole folder with photos, then the choice should be stopped on the option "Add folder". Now press "Create";
  • To design the cover of the photo album and view the photos you will need the option "Look inside". For example, to create a cover, the button "F9", You can view the photo in full-screen mode using the command"F5" etc.;
  • To equip your photo album with music you can use the "F8". In the opened window of the playlist, select the option "Add". And to save the selected melody, confirm your actions by pressing "OK";
  • How to make a photo album with his own hands: the idea of ​​hand-madeHow to make a computer photo album in the form of a video? After selecting a photo album and going to the service "Create a video», Simultaneously press on the keyboard«Ctrl"And"F". The "Create a video". Find the "Images"And in it with the left mouse button select the photos without releasing the"Ctrl". In the next tab called "Settings»Set the necessary video parameters and confirm their actions with the command«Create";
  • For registration of a collage from photos it is necessary to come into corresponding service «Create a collage"And find the desired style, and then save it.

Working with the soul, and using all the possibilities of your imagination, you can create an album that friends and relatives will be jealous of and ask you to make them the same.

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