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How to create a necklace with his own hands: beads, fabric, ribbons and stones


An exquisite accessory, suitable for the created image, does not have to be bought in the store. You can make an original necklace yourself with inexpensive materials

Fashion for banners or "hand-made" inspires the girls to create an unprecedented beauty. A bright and stylish, unusual necklace will complement the image and give individuality.

How to make a beautiful necklace with your own hands?

In order to build such a decoration, you will need:

  • How to create a necklace with his own hands: beads, fabric, ribbons and stonesThread of a moulin;
  • Beads of the necessary form;
  • Rhinestones under the color of a moulin;
  • Wire for beads;
  • Several beads;
  • Needle and scissors.

First you need to divide the mulina into 3 identical bundles, each of which is connected together. These bundles are woven into a braid, which later becomes the basis of the decoration.

Then, you need to take a thread, cut it off and put it in one bead ends towards each other. These ends are tightened and continue to continue on a similar technology.

The resulting beaded string should be 1/3 of the length of the base. You need to fix the tips with a knot.

For the next part Decorations need to take a wire, Beads and rhinestones. Strings are strung on the wire, after which it is bent around the circle with an extreme rhinestone and threaded into the hole on top of the beads. The same action needs to be done from the other end. After that, the tips of the wire are inserted into the holes on top of the middle bead, the wire is tightened, after which the tips are twisted on the wrong side. It remains to collect all the elements of the necklace on the basis, and the stylish decoration is ready.

The process of making necklaces from beads with your own hands

This will require:

  • How to create a necklace with his own hands: beads, fabric, ribbons and stonesMatches;
  • Colorful beads of small size;
  • chain;
  • Fishing line;
  • Elongated elements;
  • Round pliers;
  • 2 connecting rings;

First you need to cut the fishing line of the desired length. It extends through the ring, and then, the tip is passed through the bead for clamping. The ends are leveled, the beads are compressed by pliers.

On each thread you need to string the beads of oneSize, placing the long element in the center. Having made a string of the desired length, it is necessary to put on the bead for crimping and through the ring again to pass. The free end of the line is passed through the bead and flattened. This action is done 10 times.

When the beadwork is ready, you need to open it.Ring and attach it at the correct height to the chain link. After that it is clamped. The necklace is ready. It can be decorated with flowers or bright stones. You can also combine elements and create necklaces from ribbons and beads by yourself.

Necklaces of ribbons and fabric with their own hands

Materials required for this decoration:

  • How to create a necklace with his own hands: beads, fabric, ribbons and stonesSeveral ribbons with braids, equal in width and color;
  • Adhesive tape;
  • lace;
  • Metal spoke;
  • iron;
  • Beads;
  • sewing machine.

The ribbon of the braid is cut into pieces of 10-15 cm. The wide edges of the customers are turned inward by half a centimeter, on top of them is a braid stitched with a sewing machine.

The result is a detail, which consists of two textile blanks.

On the underside of this part is superimposedAdhesive tape, which is attached to the knitting needle and wound, ironed. In the process of winding the ribbon on the spoke, the iron heats the textiles, thereby the glue melts and binds the fabric. The result is a bead in the form of a bead - a beautiful detail for a necklace.

Textile elements are put on the string, betweenWhich are inserted beads. The ends of the lace tie with a knot and dissolve, forming fluffy brushes, which gives the product elegance and femininity. You can wear a necklace for a holiday or a job.

Bead necklace with own hands

In order to make this decoration you will need:

  • How to create a necklace with his own hands: beads, fabric, ribbons and stonesRound beads;
  • Corrugated beads;
  • Transparent crystals;
  • Mother-of-pearl shells;
  • Lilac beads;
  • Metal chain;
  • Jewelery wire;
  • suspension;
  • Metal rings;
  • Chain fastener;
  • Narrow ribbon;
  • Nippers and pliers.

At the end of the wire you need to form a hook with the help of pliers, on which 3 beads are threaded. Sliced ​​excess wire.

Then, a loop is made similarly andIs fixed by beads. Next, round and grooved beads are formed. On small pieces of wire put on beads and beads. The wire is bent 90 degrees, its end is twisted with the fingers. The wire is pulled in full turn, then, make 2 more turns. All irregularities straighten. Thus, you need to make loops on 15-20 beads.

How to create a necklace with his own hands: beads, fabric, ribbons and stonesFrom the chain cut 3 pieces, the first of which should be the shortest, the second - longer, the third - the longest. It is necessary to hang these chains on two rings in sequence.

Round and corrugated beads are hung on the hangers. H threaded on a piece of wire 2 sinks, one must go into the other. A loop is formed from the wire on transparent crystals.

With the help of rings, the components are combined to create a necklace in one piece. To piquant decorations, a satin bow is tied to the sink.

At the end of the chain clings to the clasp. Instead of beads, you can use other materials, for example, to make your own necklace of stones.

Elegant necklace, made by your own hands, will decorate any image. In addition, this decoration does not require large expenditures. A couple of beads, cloth and stones are enough, and the decoration is ready.

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