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How to make jewelry from the skin with your own hands?


How to make jewelry from the skin with your own hands? Beautiful jewelry made of leather and stones around the neck. What should I buy for jewelry from the skin? Is it possible to make jewelry at home at home?

Leather jewelry looks beautiful and original. This material is very plastic and durable, so it produces excellent necklaces, earrings, belts, bracelets and covers for mobile. You can do all this with your own hands, you just have to be patient and "Turn on"Fantasy.

Making a bracelet

How to make jewelry from the skin with your own hands?The simplest is the braiding of leather bracelets. To create such an ornament you will need strips or shoelaces of natural suede and leather. One of the options is to weave the usual pigtail onto 3 tapes and several times wrapping around the wrist to tie the ends of the beginning and end laces together.

The second option is to take one wide strip andTo glue on it with the help of glue or hot glue-pistol a few stones. You can choose a design more complicated, with beads and shiny ones, it all depends on your imagination. At the edges of the strip, it should be slightly less than the wrist circumference, making 2 holes. They put in thin tapes, "clasp"Is ready.

If you are familiar with the basics of weaving macrame, thenMake a beautiful and original bracelet for you will not be difficult. For those who took up this business for the first time, we offer a variant of weaving on 4 shoelaces. It is better if 2 ropes are of the same color and 2 others, so it will be more interesting.

Laces are connected with a knot, leavingThe required length for the fastener, then fixed to a surface. Two bands of the same color are left in the center, along the edges of the other. For convenience, we number them from start to finish - 1-4.

The first rope is thrown through the top 2 and 3Tapes, start under 4 and return back. The loop is obtained. Cord number 4 is passed under 2 and 3 strips, pulled out before No. 1. At the top, grabbing the beginning and end of the 1 lace, return back, again passing the tape under the No. 2 and 3 strips. The end of 4 strips is inserted into the loop formed by 1 cord. Gently tighten the knot, pulling at the 1 and 4 edges.

Thus, in the weaving are involved onlyOuter bands. They form 2 loops around the middle bands. All subsequent series are done similarly. Woven a bracelet of the required length, the knot is again made on the end, and the tips for the strings are left. It should be taken into account, since the workers are the extreme strips, then their original length should be greater than the average strings.

Such a decoration of the skin with their own hands perfectly fits as a stylish gift to friends and loved ones. Young people like these "Baubles", But they are not always cheap. In addition to bracelets, you can make a stylish belt.


Beautiful belt can be bought, and can be madeOwn hands. The latter option is more preferable for those who like originality and do something. Beautifully watches a wickerwork with colorful pieces of suede and leather.

For him, cut a certain number of identical blanks. This can be done using a template. On the sheet in the cage draw "bow"10 cm high, 6 cm wide at the edges, 1.5 cm in the center.

Smooth the corners, from the center and edge of each of the "Ears"The bow is retreating 1 cm and drawing a truncatedTriangle (base 2 cm, cropped tip 1 cm), make holes. Cut out the prepared stencil. For convenience, it is transferred to the cardboard and the template is prepared "Bows".

How to make jewelry from the skin with your own hands?

It should be taken into account that the material can be takenFrom different products: boots, bags, raincoats, but its thickness should be approximately the same. The number of parts is calculated simply. Determined with the shape of the fastener and fasteners. It's about 5 cm on each side. The length of one link is same. The required waist size is divided into 5 and minus 2 parts. In the course of the matter, it will be possible to correct this amount.

After making the workpiece, proceed to assemble the product. The bow is folded in half. In the hole in the center, insert the next part in the expanded form and again fold it up twice. Thus, the required length is obtained. To the extreme elements either fasten leather ties, or rivet fasteners, bought in the store. All is ready. It is such an ornament from the skin to buy somewhere is unlikely to work!

Pendant and Necklace

This material is suitable not only for manufacturingBelts and bracelets, but also for elegant ornaments around the neck. With its help you can make a beautiful pendant, beads or necklace. For the production you need suede and leather cords, pieces of colorful natural leather, glue, scissors, a little rabbit or mink fur, beads or pebbles.

To begin with, the foundation is being prepared, there will beVarious components are fixed, the form is arbitrary. On the reverse side, a loop for the rope is stitched or sewn on the top. Using a hot gun-glue on the edge of the beads are fastened, after a certain interval.

Next, the colored lace is well greased with gluePVA. From it are formed arbitrary curls around beads or stones. Center the glue on the glue. The base is ready, you can start making cores.

Flowers are best made from colored soft material. Cut out 5 circles, this is the petals. In order to make betray the volume they must be heated. Match matches will do.

The petal is taken with tweezers and a lower, fleecyThe party holds on to the fire. The natural material does not burn, but the bottom, heated, makes the petal volumetric, the main thing - do not overexpose. Having received the detail of the desired shape, take the next and do the same manipulations.

Since we have jewelry made of leather and stones,The quality of the core of the flower is adorned with pebbles. Only not in the center of the pendant, but slightly laterally. A flower forms around it from the petals. From a material of a different color, the leaves are cut out and glued at the base of the composition. On top of the lace is formed a vine, on which you can "Plant»Buds-beads or small spangles.

It remains to insert the leather rope and the pendant is ready. If desired, you can make a necklace of flowers, only not so small, but multilayered. The technology will be a bit different. First, you will need to draw a sketch decoration.

The basis can be made in the form of leaflets orTwigs, on which randomly arranged multi-layered flowers. To produce 1 unit, 3 pieces of different size with 5 or 6 petals are required.

By the way, their number and shape can be different,As someone likes. Each subsequent detail should be less than the previous one in half. The shape of the leaves is also arbitrary. Cut out the spare parts with a double side put on the heated frying pan, of course, without the addition of oil.

How to make jewelry from the skin with your own hands?After some time they will become voluminous, and,Then ready for further work. Collect the flower as follows: on the base glue the largest piece with a smooth side up, then smaller, the latter, small, is put upside down. It turns out that the petal is bent upwards. A bead or pebble is glued in the center. In the same way, the remaining details of this ornaments are gathered from the skin around the neck.

When all the flowers are ready, they areSketch on the basis, but not yet stuck. If everything looks harmonious, all parts are put on the glue. The composition can be varied with beads, curlicues from leather cords and sequins.

Original and unusual

Such unusual ornaments will fit many clothes. Their advantage is that they are unique and made by themselves. At such jewelry always pay attention, and, therefore, on their owners.

Wearing is not something that everyone, stand out from the masses and whenIt looks elegant and modern, many would like. But not everyone has the opportunity to purchase original items, as in most stores the assortment is monotonous. But, anyone who wants to make jewelry from the skin, thus complementing his set. Dare and you will succeed!

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