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How to make the most out of the hat knitted items and paper?


How to make a hat from the materials? You can use unnecessary knitted things and get a warm hat from them. To make a hat made of paper for summer

Today on the shelves you can find manyStyles of hats made of a variety of materials. Caps made of wool, fleece, cotton and paper are designed to warm in the cold and protect from the sun in the summer. And how to make a hat yourself?

Such a product can be sewn or knit. But if you do not have abilities for either of these classes, you can use old things or some improvised means. Adding a little imagination to them, you can get the original headdress.

How to make a hat from a scarf

How to make the most out of the hat knitted items and paper?To remodel the scarf under the hat, you needTo release him from brushes, pompons and other ornaments, if any. If the product has a sufficient width, you can make a hat for yourself, otherwise you will only get a children's hat.

Measure the baby's head and cut from the mainA rectangle of the right size. Now it remains to fold it in half and sew two sides. The final step to turn the product on the front side and just decorate the resulting hat.

If desired, the ears can be made more pronounced, wrapping corners with ribbons or woolen threads. If you are sewing a hat for a girl, then you can brace it with beads, paillettes and lurex.

Regardless of the child's gender, the front part of the capYou can decorate the muzzle of an animal, for example, a kitten or a lynx. And if the scarf remains enough for the same cap for yourself, then a cheerful walk under the smiles of passers-by is assured to you.

To give the old scarf a new life it is possible, ifTo transform it into a hood. To do this, remove the brushes and pompoms, if any, from the product, and simply sew the ends together. That's all. Fashionable cap hat today is ready. This scarf-trombone is very comfortable to wear. If the weather is warm enough, it can be used as an ornament, and when it gets cold it should be worn on the head.

Well, if the cold windy weather caught youOutside the house, you can turn your scarf into a warm headdress. To do this, tie it to the head, make a tight knot at the back of the head, and spread out the remaining edges. Now it remains to wrap the loose ends around the improvised bandage and fasten it around the neck. Experiment with drapery and decorate the resulting cap with some unusual element.

How can you make headings for caps

Having made a hat for the baby as described aboveInstructions, you can supplement it with strings. Especially for this, it is not necessary to buy thread, because you have the remains of a scarf, which can be disbanded.

The following actions will be:

  • How to make the most out of the hat knitted items and paper?For the manufacture of one string, 18 strings about 1 meter long will be needed. Thread must be folded in half;
  • Armed with a crochet, stretch them through the attachment to the cap. Make a loop and tighten them in a knot;
  • Now left to weave from the thread pigtail. Do not rush, work carefully, so that the pigtail is perfectly even;
  • At the end, you need to tie a knot and use scissors to straighten the thread.

How to make a cap of paper

If you went out with a baby for a walk in the hotSummer day, and forgot to put on a hat, you do not need to come back for it, because you can easily make it out of paper. And even to the child and for a long time it will be much more interesting to wear a headdress in which manufacturing it took direct part.

The simplest model can be done like this:

  • A plain sheet of rectangular paper folded in half vertically. Now repeat the same steps, but horizontally;
  • How to make the most out of the hat knitted items and paper?Further, it is necessary to bend the upper corners to the center, and bend the lower edge upwards so that it touches the lower edges of the triangle;
  • Now this strip needs to be bent up again.

If you decide to start attracting a child toThe process of cooking and do not know how to interest him, put on his apron and chef's cap, which you can easily do yourself, relying on the technique of manufacture described above.

To do this, the headdress needs onlyReverse side to yourself. After this, bend the side elements to the middle, and lower the lower corners of the hood bend. The lower element in the form of a trapezium bend upward and inward.

To transform such a cap into a pilot's jacket is even easier. To do this, the top of the cook-top hood of a triangular shape must also be folded in as gently as possible. Bright and beautiful caps to you and your children!

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