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How to make a doll-amulet


The art of making a doll-amulet will help protect your house from negative energy. Carrying out motanku, you should carefully follow the rules, carefully preserved for centuries

Slavic amulets played an important role in theEveryday life. It was believed that they protect the house, attract good luck, help in everyday life. When creating amulets, there was a remarkable fantasy, especially when it came to dolls.

What is a doll-amulet?

How to make a doll-amuletSpecial ritual dolls did on significant occasions. For example, at the birth of a child, a wedding ceremony, the celebration of the day of Ivan-Kupala.

Small original toys were attributed supernatural abilities. They have for centuries served as faithful companions of their ancestors, protecting their health and well-being.

Depending on the purpose of the amulet, he was put in an honorable place or burned. To create ritual dolls used a variety of materials: clay, straw, ash, cloth.

Dolls stored in the house, allowed to divert the evil eyeOr to facilitate childbirth. Oberegi created with special diligence, trying to enlist the support of good spirits or to ward off evil ones. With the passage of time, traditions were developed, according to which modern amulets also perform.

For example, specially for the newlyweds made a pair of dolls, which were called "Indissolubly". They used an indivisible piece of cloth and a common red thread, which should not have been interrupted.

Properly executed work was considered a guarantee that the whole life of a married couple will not part. When a child was born, to "Indians"Tied a separate loop, which was to firmly connect the fate of parents and the baby.

Till now there were secretsCreating self-made toy toys. It is better to start with a simple one, having performed motanka, which was revered as the guardian of family happiness. However, you should first familiarize yourself with the general rules that allow you to fill the defender with force and not make mistakes that lead to her uselessness.

How to make a doll-amulet with your own hands: the nuances of creative work

Earlier in Russia, each woman personally performed amulets.

Perhaps, someone will benefit from ancient art today:

  • Bereginya must have a white, unadorned face. Then through the toy it will be impossible to bring damage to its owner. Also white color is the embodiment of purity of thoughts and spirituality of the owner. The only thing that is allowed when creating a toy is the cross-shaped winding of the face with threads of different colors. It is a sacral sign that increases the effectiveness of motanka;
  • It is forbidden to use anyinstruments. Threads used in the winding should be bitten or cut off by hand. If it is necessary to cut out some detail, this is done before assembling the defender. But the efficiency of the amulet will increase substantially, even if the fabric for its design will be torn, and not cut;
  • Making household amulets is a prerogativeWomen, therefore men and even small boys should not enter the room where the mystery of making a motorcycle is made. But, you can create in a close female circle, sharing intimate thoughts and trusting your girlfriends with uncomplicated secrets;
  • Of great importance is not the appearance of the birgini, butImage, which is embedded in it when creating. Collecting motanku, it is necessary to say to oneself: a head filled with good, hands hard-working, etc. If the toy is done taking into account the female anatomy, for example, the breast, it is worth thinking about motherhood. Often, such products are given to close people, therefore, the image must take into account the wishes of the owner;
  • To give a birghina follows with the most sincereKind wishes. From this moment the motank acquires its sole owner. Often pupae were made for sale. In this case, the price is not assigned by the craftsman, but by the buyer. This is not just a commodity and it is impossible to evaluate it according to usual criteria;
  • For motanki it is necessary to find a suitable place. You just need to concentrate and introduce yourself in the place of the defender. Then they put the toy on their palm and ask the question, which place is more to her liking? Where will pull the owner - there and it is necessary to attach a doll. If a person experiences difficulty and can not pinpoint where to place the doll, then she fully trusts her owner's choice;
  • How to make a doll-amuletIt is worth considering that motanka collects on itselfAll the negative that is accumulating in the house. Therefore, old dolls that began to crumble must be destroyed, betrayed by fire, or discarded, after dismantling them. Disassemble the shores using only hands and, possibly, teeth;
  • When the pupa starts to burn, it is necessary to stretch out your hands over the fire and absorb its purifying heat.

If these rules do not seem complicated, you can start making an amulet.

A sequential instruction on how to make motanku - a doll-amulet

To perform rags, you will need:

  • Natural fabric: calico, coarse calico or other natural fabric of bright light color palette;
  • Cotton wool;
  • A piece of white natural cloth;
  • Strong natural thread for knitting;
  • Thin threads of "mulina" of 4 different colors.

You can use decorative elements for motanka: beads, beads, braid.

The color of the fabric and threads should be selected especially carefully, since it is of great importance:

  • Green and red shades attract welfare and ensure the health of family members;
  • Orange, pink and red colors - the key to happiness in a married life;
  • Blue-blue palette - is preferable for a creative person;
  • Golden and green colors attract financial success.

And now it's time to get acquainted with the instruction how to make Slavic dolls-amulets:

  • In a piece of white cloth, no larger than the palm of your hand, you put a ball, loosely rolled up from cotton wool. The cotton should be placed strictly in the center of the fabric. This is the head of the amulet;
  • The fabric under the cotton wool is tightly wound with a thread. If you want to fully observe the ancient traditions, instead of cotton wool you need to take finely ripped rags or a bundle of threads;
  • To enhance the sacral qualities of the doll, it is recommended to wrap the cross-head with 4 threads of threads. The number of turns must necessarily be odd;
  • Brightly colored piece of cloth, the sizeApproximately 1x1.5 palms, will become a birgini sarafan. It is wrapped around the head of the amulet, creating a peculiar tubule. The tube must necessarily capture the fabric hanging from an improvised head. The material is wrapped inside out;
  • Having groped for the neck of the toy, they retreat from it 2-2.5 m and are tightly bound with a thread. Thus, the sarafan is securely attached to the neck;
  • Now the tube is turned outward with the front side. If the sarafan fabric comes close to the head, you need to gently move the "skirt"From the elegant fabric, freeing the neck;
  • A long patch of white cloth is useful for carrying pens. There is enough length in 2 palms and width in half of the palm;
  • The sides of the scrap are folded inward and rolled into the form of a thin tube. Then you need to fold the tube in half;
  • The folded tube is tied from two sides with a thread, deviating from the edges no more than 1 cm. The head of the amulet is pushed into the central part of the decorated handles;
  • Close to the neck of the handle are tied with threads so that the head does not accidentally pop out.

In principle, on this work on the creation of dolls can be considered complete. But in order to enlist the support of kind spirits, the toy should be dressed up:

  • A piece of material, different from the one used to make a sarafan, will be needed for the apron. The size of it should not exceed the size of the palm;
  • How to make a doll-amuletThe material is applied face to the breast of the doll. Its lower part should be 1 cm below the expected waist level. The material is tightly tied with a thread and lowered;
  • A shred of the same size is added byDiagonals and throw around the head like a bandanna. After this, make folds at the temples and cross the tails of a handkerchief under the chin. Tie the tails from behind on the neck;
  • Belt for the waist is made of tightly crocheted orInterlaced threads. In addition, you can thread threads through beads or beads, which will make the belt more elegant. Instead of a cotton band, you can use a beautiful ribbon.

Special tricks in the process, how to doA doll-amulet, no. The main thing is to put in it a piece of your soul with sincere wishes of well-being for the person to whom the traditional Slavic motanka is intended as a gift!

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