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Master daisy beads with your hands


Not so long ago about beads, many knew only that it should not be thrown in front of pigs, and today beadwork is a popular kind of needlework. Try to make a bead of chamomile

In beadwork, chamomile from beads is the mostPopular flower. Collecting your own decoration is quite simple. To do this, you will need affordable materials and tools that are available in every home.

Preparatory work

Make a flower can not only beginner needlewomen, but even children.

For weaving you will need such inventory:

  • Master daisy beads with your handsConventional scissors;
  • Beads of white, green and yellow colors;
  • wire;
  • thread;
  • Pliers or pliers;
  • Floristic ribbons.

Flower details

Before you make a beautiful daisy from beads,Should understand what parts of the flower will have to be made. The present plant consists of 7 petals and a yellow core. The flower has a fairly high stem, as a rule, several leaves are located on it.

To create chamomile petals you need whiteBeads and wire. This stage of the work is quite simple. In this case, you can use several options for making petals. But for beginners the simplified scheme of weaving will be more suitable, which will be further considered.

The configuration of the petals is as follows:

  • Master daisy beads with your handsIn the form of a hollow loop;
  • A single row of white beads;
  • Several beaded rows.

The first option is the most elementary, it is suitable for assembling small flowers.

In this case, fine beads are ideal. Since products made by the first method, weigh a little, they can be used for dressing or creating beautiful jewelry.

To weave continuous petals, it is better to use large beads, because they are much easier to put on a fishing line or wire. But remember, the larger the beads, the denser the wire.

A simple method

The considered scheme of weaving simple chamomile from beads is suitable for beginners, who had never before had to deal with beading.

To collect the decoration, you need:

  • Unwind a piece of wire (length about 50 cm);
  • String on it beads of white color (their number must be unpaired). The number of beads depends on the size of the product you want to make;
  • Form a loop using the dialed beads;
  • Close to the petal, from one edge, there must remain a piece of wire 5 cm long;
  • Yes the long part of string the same number of beads, forming the following petals;
  • After you make the number of petals you need, close them in a circle. You will get a blank for a flower with a hollow middle.

Making the core:

  • Master daisy beads with your handsCut 20 cm of wire;
  • At one end of the wire, fix the bead with a loop, then the rest will not slide;
  • To form a core, string 25 yellow beads;
  • The workpiece must be formed in the form of a spiral;
  • Fix it to the center of the previous part and secure it with a wire;
  • As a result, you will get a beautiful blank with the core.

We make a stem

To form a stem, you can use different materials:

  • Master daisy beads with your handsWooden skewers;
  • Plastic knitting needles;
  • Bamboo sticks.

If nothing like your home was not found, take a piece of wire, bend it several times and screw it to the head of a camomile.

For the stem it will be necessary to form leaves fromGreen beads. To create them you need to weave five loops. They are done exactly the same as petals. After the sheet is ready, reattach the working end of the wire to the stem.

As you can see, embroidery with chamomile beads is quite simple and fascinating.

To make the product look finished, wrap itFloristic ribbons. If you did not find this material, use regular threads of green color. You can fix them with usual glue. In the end, you will get a pretty product.

Technique of Ndebele

Master daisy beads with your handsEmbroidery in Ndebele technique has become quite popular lately. Simply put, this weaving Herringbone.

For the first time this variant of weaving appeared in the South African tribe, which was called ndebele.

Using this method, the beads are stacked in pairs by corners, as a result, a canvas visually resembling a Christmas tree is obtained.

Let's see how to weave the original daisy from beads for beginners in this technique.

Using the Ndebele technique, you will succeedLarge petals, consisting of three rows of beads. You can use products as jewelry for clothes, pendants, accessories for mobile phones, brooches, etc.

To make a decoration, you will need:

  • Master daisy beads with your handsTimber, the thickness should be no more than 0.16 mm;
  • Beads of yellow and white flowers;
  • Pearl bead;
  • Metal ring;
  • Scissors;
  • Special needle for beadwork.

This chamomile in Ndebele technique from beads is done about 2 hours, provided that you do not mess anything up. To properly collect the decoration, perform the following actions:

Making the core:

  • Master daisy beads with your handsCut a long piece of fishing line along the length and thread it into the needle;
  • The line must be folded in half. Then she will keep a chamomile shape well;
  • Type 4 beads, while tying the tips of the thread;
  • Then pull the thread through a pair of beads;
  • Next, string another couple of beads and thread the line through two beads;
  • You will get a simple construction;
  • Continue weaving in the same way.
  • For greater clarity, you can use this scheme;
  • Embroider until you have a flagella;
  • As you weave, do not forget to apply the tourniquet to the pearl bead;
  • When the length of the bundle is sufficient, connect its ends according to the scheme indicated above;
  • Tie the tips of the thread. If you have about 10 cm of thread left, fix the large bead inside the harness with it. The core is ready! .

We make petals:

  • Master daisy beads with your handsUsing the already familiar Ndebele technique, it is necessary to tie the bottom row of the harness with beads of white color. The photo shows the result you should get;
  • Begin to weave in a circle. In this case, add a pair of beads over each petal. In the end, this is the construction;
  • Weave in the same way until each of the petals has five pairs of beads;
  • At the end of each petal, type it on a pair of beads. At the same time, the thread must be removed from the top of the third pair of beads. You will get a daisy, each of whose petals will consist of 7 pairs of beads.

To create such an ornament, you can applyVery fine wire. If you want to use chamomile as a pendant, attach a ring to it. For this, insert both ends of the wire into a ringlet, and weave each other. Cut off excess parts with wire cutters. Ultimately, you will get this original product:.

How to make a napkin

Master daisy beads with your handsA napkin made of beads in the form of chamomile is done veryjust. In fact, the technique is exactly the same as in the weaving of a conventional flower. The only difference is that the napkin consists of several heads of daisies.

There is one important point: In the process of assembling the petals, on the ends are threaded larger beads of black color. With their help in the future, all the chamomile are held together. As a result, you will get such an interesting napkin. Beading? An exciting occupation that allows you to create non-trivial decorations of a wide variety of shapes and colors.

Having mastered this technique, you can weave beautiful products without resorting to some schemes and templates. Using the available materials, you can create not only individual accessories, but whole pictures.

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