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What can I do with candy wrappers?


Do you remember how in our childhood we with pleasure fiddled with colorful candy candy wrappers and "golden" ones? And what ornaments can be made from the wrappers themselves

Crafting? An exciting activity that will appeal not only to children, but to creative people, keen on hand-made music. It would seem that you can make interesting from the usual wrappers? The material is small, and the process of creating crafts must be very painstaking. In fact, there are many interesting ideas that allow you to look at the multi-colored tinsel with very different eyes.

Generate ideas

If you have a collection of colorful papers in your house, do not rush to throw them away.

What can be done from ordinary wrappers:

  • What can I do with candy wrappers?Baskets;
  • Bracelets;
  • Garlands;
  • Butterflies;
  • Umbrellas.

The process of creating crafts is not as complicated as it seems at first glance, so even a child can cope with such work.


How to make a basket out of the usual candy wrappers?

For this we need tools and materials that are in every house:

  • scissors;
  • glue;
  • Golden wrappers;
  • Cardboard paper.

The original basket can be collected in various ways, but for beginners, consider one simple build option.

The manufacturing process:

  1. What can I do with candy wrappers?Brilliant wraps should be cut into two equal parts;
  2. Each piece of paper must be folded in half;
  3. Then the lower part of the workpiece needs to be slightly twisted;
  4. Then again fold the workpieces in half;
  5. Both edges of the wrap are bent in the middle, as a result you will get this kind of construction;
  6. The rest of the workpieces follow the same principle and combine the elements obtained;
  7. The end of one piece is placed in the second pocket and stretch to the end;
  8. Similarly, collect other parts;
  9. Ultimately, you should have chains of 18 identical blanks;
  10. Then connect the ends of the three chains into circles using glue;
  11. After that, cut out the cardboard circle, which will correspond to the diameter of the chain;
  12. Glue the cardboard circle inside;
  13. The remaining two chains join in circles and glue to the workpiece;
  14. Attach the handle to the resulting basket;
  15. In the end, you will get such a nice colorful basket.

Interesting crafts can be further decoratedRhinestones or satin ribbons. In the design business, there are no restrictions, the main thing is that the received product looks unusual. Therefore, here you can safely give vent to your imagination.


To collect a beautiful bracelet, you need to take about 14 pieces of multi-colored candy wrappers. It is desirable that they all be the same size. If you do not have any, trim all the blanks with scissors.

The manufacturing process:

  • What can I do with candy wrappers?Cut all 14 pieces in half. In this case, the ratio of the sides should be about 1 to 2;
  • Fold the workpieces along the long side;
  • Then unfold the wrapper and fold the tails to the line that turned out;
  • Fold the workpiece, then you will form a narrow strip;
  • Next, make a bend along the short side, you will get out such stripes;
  • Take one piece and put it in the second at a right angle;
  • Parallel to the second element, string another one;
  • From the first billet you will see two ponytails;
  • Take one of the tails and bend it at right angles;
  • Then fold the foot to the base of the product;
  • The second tail is exactly the same;
  • String the next element and in the same way bend the tails;
  • The process is repeated until you have a module of the required length;
  • Tails from the last strip tuck into the first to assemble the module in the ring;
  • If necessary, fix the ends with glue so that the bracelet does not fall apart.

Before you make a multi-colored bracelet out of the wrappers, determine exactly the length of the module, otherwise the accessory will fly off the brush.


How to make a beautiful butterfly from candy wrappers? To make a beautiful craft, it is desirable to take either silver or golden candy wrappers.

In addition, a piece of conventional plasticine and a paper clip will be needed.

  • What can I do with candy wrappers?From a small plasticine ball form the body of a butterfly: roll the ball, and then form an oblong sausage;
  • To make eyes, use a plasticine of a different color;
  • Cut all the corners of the wrappers with scissors;
  • Then form the accordion wrappers;
  • Make two bands from the narrow strips of wrappers;
  • Attach them to the butterfly's body;
  • As a result, there will be a pretty butterfly, which you can decorate a Christmas tree.

To make such a butterfly it will take literally 10 minutes of time. You can also attract children to the process, which will help you with this.


How can candlesticks make a garland forChristmas tree? At once it is necessary to say that the process is long enough, but entertaining. In any case, a homemade beautiful garland will look much more attractive than a purchased one.

In order to make such decoration, you will need:

  • Scissors;
  • Sweets wrappers;
  • Stationery stapler.

The manufacturing process:

  • What can I do with candy wrappers?Fold the candy wrap in half twice, you will have a square workpiece;
  • Then fold it up again, but already along the diagonal, to form a triangle;
  • In the center of the workpiece, make a small slit and unfold the wrapper;
  • Should have a petal with 4 identical holes;
  • By the same principle, make the rest of the petals and join them together with a stapler.

Cut a lot, but this methodSimple enough, so that even a child can make a New Year's garland. It is important to use multi-colored wrappers, then the decoration will turn out bright and attractive. Unlike previous artifacts, you can apply wrappers of different sizes.


The percentage of people using regular books,Sharply declined with the advent of electronic books and tablets, but did not disappear. Therefore, avid readers may like an interesting option bookmark-asterisk from conventional candy wrappers. How to make a cute bookmark from candy wrappers?

To do this you will need:

  • 5 wrappers from sweets of the same color;
  • Scissors;
  • Stationery stapler.

The manufacturing process:

  • What can I do with candy wrappers?Each fold wrapped in a narrow strip: you can fold along or across, as convenient;
  • Form 5 identical strips;
  • Using a clerical stapler, fasten the workpieces together along the edge;
  • The required angle can be selected by eye;
  • If necessary, use the five-pointed star pattern shown in the figure;
  • If you see that the workpiece is large, put extra clips at the intersections of the strips.

If you approach the process creatively, from ordinary candy wraps you can make not only Christmas decorations, but also pendants, original gift wrappers and even whole dresses.

The main thing is to have enough wrappers to realize the idea and a little bit of fantasy. Enjoy your needlework!

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