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Knit original baktus


Baktus - original accessory that will diversify and decorate almost any image. It can be purchased ready-made or to bind itself, which is not as difficult as it seems

Baktus - Scarf triangular shape that fitsdifferent outfits. Many compare it with the usual scarf. It is important to note that such an accessory is suitable for both women and men. Optional buy it in the store, because there are many different options to make it your own hands.

Importantly, the process of its creation and is easy enough to deal with it, anyone can.

How to tie spokes baktus?

Knit original baktusYou can choose for themselves absolutely any color oreven a couple of different options, which will receive the original version. On average, a single product will need 200 g of yarn. You can use cotton, wool and acrylic.

Threads for this accessory can take quitedifferent, but note that the thickness of the yarn will depend on the thickness of the spokes. Start standing with 4 loops. Knit facial loops and, before reaching the 5 th row, do the supplement. After 2 minutes provyazyvaniya hook the thread loop, which is in between the previous row and the loop under №2 3.

This perekin'te thread through needle and knit anotherone loop. As a result, would hinge 5. Using this scheme baktusa knitting needles, continue to work until the desired length. Do not forget every 4th row to add the loop.

If you want to scarf was thinner, theIt is to add loops in 6 rows. Make sure that the surplus hinges were only on one side. As for the center product, it can be sharp or rounded. If you chose the first option, after adding the number of loops through 4 do ubavku.

Knit original baktusIn the second embodiment, the center of curvature,knit 10 rows of central without additives. To reduce costs in every fourth row provyazyvat along 2nd and 3rd loop. Bates scheme discussed for gain. When the remaining 4 they should close the loop. That's all handkerchief ready.

You can link baktus spoke with serrated edge, butin this case, namely for the treatment of the edge, you should use the hook. Scarf made under the scheme discussed above, you can tie a beautiful teeth. To do this, on the face of type 7 stitches and 1 connecting bar into the second loop on the hook. Then one column to the next without nakida air loop.

In the following loop with 1 polustolbik nakida, thenanother column with nakida. The next step - 1 stoblik with 2 nakida. Another aerial loop - a column with three nakida. To make baktus with serrated edge, add remaining 1 connecting bar up to the next column in a scarf with three nakida.

Linking baktus Breakwater?

This option scarf looks very elegant. Knit it is not difficult, the main thing to understand the scheme. It is recommended to use the spokes to 3 mm.

Breakwater need to knit from the corner. Enter the first 3 loops and knit 6 rows of conventional viscous face. In the latter bound together add 1 air loop, but only on the inside.

Then tie the same number of rows, butseamy side. In the end, again, add air loop. A similar scheme knit scarf desired length, but not less than 40 cm. Provyazyvaya baktus needles, do not forget about adding loops. To make the scarf roundness, it is necessary in every 2nd row on the inside to add a loop, and at the beginning of each six-row from the outside to close one by one.

Knit original baktusNote that the second part should be at least 30 cm. When the desired length is made, compete for the top edge. In general, the length should not be less than 70 cm.

To increase the curvature, adhering scheme at the beginning of each six-row 4 should be closed loops, but should add to 1 in each row. In the end, turn out small corners.

It remains only dovyazat to the desired length andclose all the loops. An unusual accessory is ready. This is an original product can be attributed to himself or to present someone as a gift, because we believe that it is sure to please everyone.

How to crochet openwork baktus?

This accessory can be knit or crocheted. Whichever option is chosen, the product is easy to knit and very fast. In general, the triangular kerchief can be big or small.

There are many different options that we considertracery baktus size 166h7 see. You should start with a magic ring. Then make 3 air loop (VP), which are used for lifting. After that you want to associate with the column 2 nakida (CH). Turn over all, and in the second row make 3 EP for lifting and CH 1 in the same base loop.

The next step is 2 SN. Turn the product over and in the third row, wire 3 VP and 4 CH. In this case, the last two must be performed in one loop. We pass to the 4th row, which must be started with 3 VP. Make 1 CH in the same loop of the base. After that, bind 4 CH.

Knit original baktusContinue to knit cactus crochet in the fifth row. To do this, dial 3 VP and knit, alternating VP-CH. From the 6 th to the 9 th row you need to repeat the same thing that was done from the 1st to the 4th. Do not forget to do CH to make an increase. For knitting the openwork of the 10th row, alternate the VP with the CH.

When the desired width is reached, you canStart loosing loops to end up with a triangle. After everything is ready, it remains to decorate the region. To get original, you can use threads of a different color.

Make out the edge, using columns without a crochet andVP. First make 2 columns without the crochet and after 3 cms. It remains to make 9 columns without a crochet and 3 VP. With this original edge, decorate the whole product. As a result, you will have a beautiful scarf.

As you can see, knitting bactus is simple enough and if you understand the schemes, then the product can be made for the day. Experimenting with threads and patterns you can get a beautiful and original accessory.

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