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How to make a rosary with your hands?


Rosary in our time - not only (and not so much) the object of worship, but also a stylish attribute. Rosary can be bought in any souvenir shop, but why not make an exclusive yourself?

Not so long ago, the beads were considered exclusivelyA religious attribute, but today's fashion trends have made them one of the most original and unusual accessories that are in demand not only in women but also in men. Such decorations can easily be made by own hands, without having specific skills and abilities.

Traditional convertible orthodox rosary canDiffer in the number of beads, the type of materials used and the finish. This allows them to be used as an ornament that can fit under different styles of clothing. Since the design is simple enough, it can be assembled almost from improvised means.

Types of materials

How to make original rosary with your own hands? To independently make jewelry, it is necessary to determine the type of material from which the accessory will consist.

The following materials can be used for manufacturing:

  • How to make a rosary with your hands?Plexiglas;
  • tree;
  • bread;
  • bone;
  • ebonite;
  • a rock;
  • Polymer clay.

In addition, you can weave rosary with knots, which will make the decoration unusual and original. Such accessories can hardly be bought in a souvenir shop, but to collect independently - easily.

Plexiglass product

The whole process of making jewelry rightfullyIs considered a real art, because the author of the creation can use a huge number of techniques that will allow you to create your own small masterpiece. How to make rosary of plexiglas?

This will require the following materials:

  • How to make a rosary with your hands?Plexiglas;
  • Hacksaw for metal;
  • A nylon thread;
  • needle;
  • Dyes (fukortsin, iodine, zelenka, blue).

In this case, weave a pigtailNot necessarily if you do not know how. It will be enough to string the beads onto a nylon thread. However, the very process of manufacturing the product is quite laborious, as it will have to deal with small details.

The manufacturing process:

  • Using a hacksaw, drill from the plexiglass sheet the required number of beads of the same size;
  • The size of all links should not exceed 1? 2 cm;
  • Extreme beads are desirable to make a little larger than the others, if the rosary need to be made flip-flops;
  • The total number of all links can be easily determined by the size of the palm;
  • Then in the center of each bead you need to drill through holes carefully;
  • Using an ordinary needle, string all the links onto the nylon thread;
  • To obtain a creative multi-colored accessory, all links can be painted in different colors, using ordinary iodine, blue and other coloring materials.

The product of bread

How to make a rosary of bread? To some it may seem very strange, but such designs can easily be made even from ordinary bread.

This will require a set of products:

  • How to make a rosary with your hands?granulated sugar;
  • Crumb of bread from third-grade flour;
  • Strong thread.

There are two methods of creating products from bread, from which you can choose for yourself the best.

To make a rosary in the first way, you need to follow this sequence:

  1. Add sugar to the crumb of bread. This is done so that the links do not crack over time;
  2. Then the bread is warmed up by hands. Approximately in an hour it will turn into a pliable mass, so it will be easier to work with it;
  3. Divide the plastic mass into several parts and form small balls of the same size;
  4. Before the links solidify, string them on the thread.

In fact, the whole process will take you no more than an hour and a half, but the product will be short-lived.

In this sense, the second way to create an accessory is much preferable:

  1. How to make a rosary with your hands?First of all, sugar should be added to the bread;
  2. Then pour it with steep boiling water;
  3. The resulting mixture is left for about 30 minutes;
  4. After that the bread is wiped either through a very fine sieve or through gauze;
  5. When the mixture is a little dry, the bread will turn into a supple and plastic mass;
  6. Further, as in the first method, balls are formed that are threaded onto a strong thread.

Orthodox beads

How can you make Orthodox beads yourHands? In order to assemble a product designed to account for the read prayers and bows during the service, you will need not only a thread and beads, but a cross with Christ's crucifixion. This is how the traditional Orthodox attribute looks. As a material for the creation of beads, it is optimal to use pine, because it is the best to be processed.

To make an accessory you need a fairly serious set of tools and materials, namely:

  • Thick fishing line;
  • mini drill;
  • Paper for polishing;
  • Wood blanks;
  • Alkyd varnish;
  • Stain.

The process of making wooden beads:

  1. How to make a rosary with your hands?First of all, the wooden block is marked for sawing the elements of the same size;
  2. Then it is sawn into miniature cubes;
  3. Using a mini drill, in each element make a through hole exactly in the center;
  4. After that, each bead is cut using a file and sandpaper;
  5. To give the product a beautiful color, it is desirable to cover the cubes with stain, and it is marked with varnish;
  6. Then the dried balls and the cross are strung on the line;
  7. To make the rosary turned out, it is desirable to leave a small distance between the balls.


How to make a beautiful beaded rosary from soutache? To produce such a product, approximately 6 m of material will be required. This is enough to weave rosaries for 50 knots. The weaving is quite complicated, so you need to be patient in order to create an ornament. The whole process of interlacing the soutache threads is demonstrated in a video, thanks to which the layman will be able to collect rosaries of 33-50 knots.

At the same time, the number of nodules in the beads is not chosen randomly:

  • The product of 30 knots with 3 beads symbolizes the years of Christ's life on earth;
  • At 50 knots - remind of Pentecost;
  • 70 knots are woven in honor of 70 apostles;
  • At 100 knots - the classic and most common version of the rosary used by monks.

To make a beautiful accessory, you can use almost any improvised materials: the more unusual they will be - the more original the decoration will turn out.

However, it is worthwhile to understand that the rosary is first and foremost a religious attribute, so it is not advisable to throw them away, drop them or keep them in the mud.

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