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How to take in slacks?


How to take in pants at the waist and sides? How can you take in the width of the pants? What is needed in order to take in pants choby

Good trousers, like any other clothing, shouldEmphasize the dignity and hide the flaws of the figure. Unfortunately, ready-made things do not always sit perfectly on us, we have to finish something ourselves.

If you are interested in how to sew too wide trousers, then recommendations and tips you will find in this article.

Sew pants correctly

How to take in slacks?Before you get down to business, you need to really appreciateTheir capabilities. If everything is done according to the rules, then in principle, there is nothing complicated in the sewing. You just need to know how to sew on a sewing machine or at least have a good needle.

In addition, suturing pants yourselfIt is recommended not more than 2 sizes. If you do not have confidence in your abilities, it's better to take the product to the atelier immediately, because fixing is always harder than doing first.

Strongly wide trousers are recommended to be sewn immediately from two sides: from the sides and on the step joint. This will help avoid the appearance of distortions and "Superfluous»Folds. Usually this technique is used to reduce the width of the hips.

To change the size of the belt, you can use several options:

  • Remove superfluous in lateral folds;
  • Remove superfluous in the middle seam or undercut;
  • Make new recesses or creases;
  • Crop excess.

In the latter version, the belt will have to be stripped off. Another way is to sew a button or zipper. Everything will depend on the model of trousers and your skill.

Sequence of work when changing the width of the pants

how To sew trousers? It is more convenient to do this work together. More truly, the assistant will be necessary only at the first stage. The whole process can be divided into 4 steps.

The first of them is the most responsible: Identification of sites requiring a suture. For this, pants are turned inside out and put on the one who will wear them in the future. Next, determine which places require a sewing. Using a needle and a light thread, make a note, removing excess millimeters on the sides.

The second step is the ripping of joints in placesFuture embroidery. It must be done very carefully. On some tissues, holes from the harness can remain. It is most convenient to use a special raspryvatelem, if it is not, then a sharp blade or manicure scissors will do. The sutures are spread out a little further than the marked segment.

In some cases it makes sense to dissolveLeg full length. If you need to sew trousers not only on the sides, then you have to break all the seams. After that, if you need to remove more than 1 cm, then it is better to put labels with chalk or dry soap and cut, leaving 0.5 cm for the seam and the stitch.

How to take in slacks?The third step is to collect your panties. To do this, sweep them along the marked lines. Try not to pull together anywhere. Stitches should be infrequent, but not infrequent. Do not make them too big, so it will be inconvenient to try on.

After marking put on trousers and look again, whether everything is gone, there are no excess folds. Try to sit down to make sure that the pants do not pull and you are comfortable.

At the last stage, pants are squeezed along the lineBasting and processing on the overlock. After that, excess threads are stretched, the ends are tied, so that the seams do not part. It remains to pat and you can safely say that you know how to suture trousers in width.

Now let's see how to zawuzi waist.

Ways to reduce the waist (belt)

How can I sew trousers at the waist? It all depends on the type of belt. The easiest way to cope with a belt on an elastic band, and there is no need to muddle it - they tightened it and that's it. If it is wide, stitched a few lines and stretched, you need to open the seam from the sides. Between the lines, pull in additional rubber bands, using a pin.

If the belt is sewn on top, and the pants are wide at the waist,You can try to pull them off the sides, making there additional stitches. This method is suitable, if you need to clean up a bit and the excess just happens on the side. In other cases it is desirable to separate the belt.

After separating the belt from the trousers, reduce the volumeWaist can be at the expense of increasing the existing recesses, laying new and recruiting the top. Everything will depend on the style. If the model follows the figure, it is advisable to slightly increase the size of the recesses. To do this, first sweep over the old ones, how much to remove, and then stitch.

How to take in slacks?Wide trousers suturing as follows. The belt is torn off, the excess is removed from the sides. The top of the pants pass a tentative seam and slightly prisborivaete to the desired size. Try to keep the folds evenly. Sweep both parts together and try on. If everything is normal, put out on the typewriter.

In the fitted model, after fitting the brokenBelt, you can reduce the volume by laying a couple more recesses. They should be located symmetrically and be absolutely identical. This will require accuracy in measurements and accuracy when sweeping. Try on, if everything is fine, then make the final seam and iron.

Herself or atelier

Try first just to remove a little from the sides,Not breaking the seams. If you want to completely cut your pants, always start from the top, smoothly repeating the available lines. And do not be afraid to experiment, swipe and try on, if everything is fine, scribble.

As you can see, there is nothing terrible. You just need to have a desire and not to hurry. If you at once understand how to properly tie trousers on the sides, then you can safely take on more serious repair of clothes.

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