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Sew a swimsuit - it's just


How to sew a swimsuit with your own hands? How to sew a large swimsuit with a cape? How to sew a swimsuit with cups? Can I sew an indoor swimsuit

To show off on the beach in a stylish and originalEvery girl would like a swimsuit, but usually the choice of models is limited to what was brought to the market and to the nearest stores. Money for design things can not find every girl, and look attractive and sexy like everyone.

Sew a swimsuit - it's justThe easiest way out is to sew a swimsuit yourself, especially since special skills are not required for this.

How to sew an open swimsuit without a pattern?

For this work we will need:

  • Elastic and quick-drying fabric (lycra, knitwear) and lining material;
  • thread;
  • elastic;
  • Foam cups (it is possible from an old bra);
  • clasp;
  • Sewing accessories (chalk, scissors, pins);
  • Decor items (sequins, beads, ribbons).

To make the kit suitable size, forPatterns of swimming trunks it is best to use your own comfortable knitted underwear. Any panties are torn at the side seams and in expanded form spread on the material from which they are going to sew the thing from the wrong side. Finely outline the contours.

On the material for the lining crawl crotch(A small piece of tissue stitched in the groin area). Scissors cut out on the contours. So you can guess not only with the size, but also with the shape of the future product.

How to sew a swimsuit, namely its lower part? To begin with, note and stitch the gusset. After that, suture the side seams. Around the circle of the holes for the feet, an elastic band is applied and attached using a zigzag seam.

In the upper part of the swimming trunks the gate is formed, inIn the future, an elastic band or belt will be inserted. It is not necessary to sew panties on the sides. They can be connected by means of metal or plastic rings or ties, then the upper part of the elastic band will not be needed. Melts are ready!

You can open the bodice in 2 ways.

First: Cut 4 strips with a width of at least 15 cm + 0.7 cm per line. They are stitched in pairs from each other on the underside of one side. After that, take a ring of metal or plastic and pass into it the parts of the bodice, the seam will be on the bend. Since the upper part will be with cups, they are placed between 2 strips and stitched along the edges.

Sew a swimsuit - it's just

For the second method, you need a centimeter. The chest girth is measured. This length is laid on the fabric. Cut 2 strips with a width of 30 cm + 0.7 cm on the seam, fold in half and stitch along the wrong side. Turn it over your face and insert foam cups inside. In the center, the material is attached and stitched, connecting the two parts of the bodice.

In the bottom of the bra it is desirable to insert an elastic band, so it will sit tight on the body. Now it remains to attach the strings and flush the sides. As a fastener, you can use special hooks and locks.

If they are not present, then the side parts are made a littleLonger and perform the function of fastening-tying. Here's how to sew a bando swimsuit, in principle, nothing complicated. Time it takes no more than an hour, but it will be original!

If desired, the melting and the bodice are decorated with bows, beads or sequins. You can attach a pretty brooch and weave braids from the fabric, decorating them with cups.

How to sew a cape and a swimsuit in a pattern?

How to sew a swimsuit with triangular cups? This is also easy, but you will need a pattern. For its construction, an old newspaper is suitable. First you need to measure the height of the chest (the distance from the highest point to the lowest - VG) and the fullness of the cup (the size from left to right - IF).

Draw an isosceles triangle with a trimmedTop. Its height is SH, the size of the base is an IF, and the width of the top is 5-6 cm. Two pieces are cut out for the patterns, adding 1 cm to the obtained sizes to the doorways and holes for the tapes.

How to sew a swimsuit with your own hands, having these twoDetails of the bodice? The fabric is tucked on the sides and stitched. The top and bottom parts are made of jigs with holes for tapes. Of the matter cut out a pair of strips width of 1 cm and a length equal to the girth of the chest + 30-40 cm.

Ribbons are stitched from the wrong side and are turned out. It remains to collect the bodice. For this, the ribbons are pulled with a pin into the lower and upper holes of the cups.

Melts are sewn identical to the method described above. Instead of turning it is possible to use magazine tapes intertwined in the form of braids, laces and multi-colored ropes. You can also decorate at your discretion.

Same You can sew And a large size swimsuit. Just need to use your size and compact the cup lining material or foam. To complement the beach ensemble, you can sew a skirt or a light cloak of transparent fabric.

How do they sew a cloak for a swimsuit? The simplest option is to take a transparent cloth of the right size and topple all the cuts. It turns out pareo, which you can tie in different ways: a skirt, dress, sundress. You can sew a tunic.

Sew a swimsuit - it's just

For this purpose, a fabric with a width of at least 70 cm, Folds in half. In the center, a hole for the head is cut out and impaired. The sides are slightly stitched, leaving openings for hands, or simply tied with a girdle. In general, anyone who has enough imagination and skill to do that will do it.

Buy or sew?

In addition to the open model, you can select the kitclosed. True, for his tailoring will need a little more skill and skill. It will be necessary to understand the construction of patterns and the removal of more measurements.

But such products can be not only beach,But also sports for a hike in the pool, or dance, for example, for ballroom dancing. How to sew an indoor swimsuit is easy to find in magazines by sewing. AT "Bourde"There are ready-made patterns, you will only need to guess with the size.

The main advantage of making swimsuitsOwn hands - it's originality. Having come to the beach or to the gym, the girl will know for sure that no one has such a kit. This will help not get lost in the mass and draw attention to your person, and also boast of your golden hands!

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