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Beach wedding dresses


The article tells about the beach dresses for the wedding ceremony, and about the styles and fabrics for such outfits. And what accessories can you add to the attire of the bride

One of the most touching, unique andSignificant events in the life of every woman, of course, is a wedding. The marriage union, concluded according to established traditions, will become a guarantee of strong relations between future spouses.

Beach wedding dressesWherever the wedding ceremony is held, whatever it may be - lush or modest, this event will remain in the memory of its participants for a long time.

The main object of the event,The lion's share of the attention of those present, the bride has always been and remains. Her image sets the tone for triumph, forming the opinions of the invited about the material prosperity, respectability or the level of aesthetic culture of the young.

On this day every girl dreams of being irresistible, to re-enchant her chosen one and give others joy.

General view of the bride must be carefullyThought up to the smallest details, such as, for example, a manicure or a wedding bouquet. However, the main element is the dress. The modern fashion industry is distinguished by the absence of a dominant trend, which allows one to make a choice based on one's own preferences.

Why the beach?

Recently, more and more popularityAcquires a wedding ceremony in exotic hot countries or on islands. In such conditions, from a cumbersome outfit, which binds movements and overheats the body, you have to give up. Along with the advantages, this leads to some inconveniences - beach wedding dresses are quickly spoiled and badly mask the shortcomings of the figure.

The beach is a specific, very hot place, whereAt times the wind rages, lifting the waves and sweeping the sand in all directions. Therefore, when choosing a dress, you must follow the basic rule: no tight corsets, heavy fabrics and lush multi-layered skirts. Senseless and deliberate complication or pretentious style, burdens every step in the forthcoming long festivity.

Choose a style

For beach wedding dresses thin flowing fabrics suit:

  • Chiffon;
  • Organza;
  • Different types of silk;
  • Gas;
  • Guipure.

Lacy finishes will look greatHem or sleeves, as well as small inserts of satin, haze and brocade. The length, color and design of the outfit can vary depending on the taste and features of the bride's physique.

Beach wedding dressesFull girls are recommended to dress mediumLength of loose cut, massive hips help to hide the hem in the form of a trapezoid, as well as flared. Wide shoulders well conceal the openwork sleeves - one-piece or with a cut, while they can be as long or three-quarters.

Not enough graceful waist will help to mask dresses-bells or short tunics. The model with an overstated waist will visually extend the legs.

High slender girls will be fineLook in a long dress with open arms or strapless. A wide belt will emphasize flexibility and grace, and the flying hem will give the look a unique femininity. Beautiful legs do not necessarily hide - a mini dress will turn a young bride into a charming princess.

Beach dresses in 2014 are characterized by a riot of colors and complete freedom of models - all this applies to wedding dresses. Lacy hoodies, beach "mini»With floral appliques, asymmetrical dresses- there is everything to satisfy even the most pretentious requests. And for the most daring and eccentric individuals, extraordinary models have been created, effectively revealing quite large areas of the body.

Special demand is for long weddingBeach dresses of pastel tones on one harness, made in a strict style. Not the last place is taken and bright one-color outfits with a gentle pattern, embroidered with gold or silver thread. Sometimes they are complemented by a shawl, but this can create unnecessary problems for a bride when he is close to water.

Complement the image

Beach Wedding Dresses ExcellentCombined with simple "live" hairstyles or curls. The sea breeze, waving the curls, will make the girl's beauty more natural, and the behavior - uninhibited. Do not completely disband the hair falling on the face of the strand should be pricked with hairpins made of natural flowers or shells.

If the dress is in the strict classical style - the hair is best picked up in a loose, slightly tattered "Bundle". For laying light sprays, dry lacquer and wax will suit, as the increased humidity on the seashore will weight the hair, which can worsen their appearance. For dresses in the Roman style decorations in the form of cloth or braided ribbons, fixing loose hair, will do.

Beach wedding dressesDo not forget about all sorts of accessories,Complementing wedding dresses for the solemn ceremony. Mesh gloves, bracelets on the leg, the thinnest chains or catchy beads will complete the female image, enhancing his fascination. You can shine a bride in sandal on a low thin or thick sole, with or without lacing.

Before dwelling on any option,It will be superfluous to consult in a wedding salon or at the private designer. Only professionals can give an objective assessment of the appearance of the girl and help her make the best choice. Find similar professionals among designers at the moment will not be difficult, especially in large cities.

The main thing that the outfit in general lookedHarmoniously, highlighting the dignity of the figure, thus diverting attention from less attractive zones. As for the color combination, length, style and other features of the dress, it is necessary to be guided only by their desires.

Marriage is an important and unforgettable mystery, so do not be afraid to experiment and connect the most intimate fantasies ...

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