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Decoupage Shabby: Principles style


I would like to upgrade the interior of your own so jealous of others? Chebbi style - a modern chic. The appearance of things easy to change with your own hands

decoupage Direction Shabby Chic appeared when the fashion was the go - better to say back - retro style. Then in "light of"Began to appear glamorous ladies in vintageAlong with vintage accessories, the fashion came in the things which artificially given a patina of antiquity. In the house of the rich people were the objects of interior, trendy look which was betrayed by a surface of the aged.

Decoupage Shabby: Principles styleIt is believed that the creation of this style in a vintage invented Rachel Ashwell, but many designers believe that it is just the name of the patented "Shabby chic decoupage"And this brand has opened a network of boutiques.

In this style a lot of Scandinavian and French motifs in common with purely British rigor and conciseness in paints.

Decoupage in retro style - Shabby chic - it's not technique! This is the name of style! Technology - is giving things an aged appearance.

Making style Shabby

Glamour magazine is now vying advertise things style "Shabby"Less glamorous conduct lessons"Master Class".

When you register in a specific retro-style, follow these rules:

  • Since Shabby translated from English asshabby, it means that things are a certain way sostarivayut: creating small scrapes plaque and antiques via uneven color; in some places will have to make small cracks, which violate the integrity of the surface and polishing;
  • Shabby colors - delicate, pastel, pleasing to the eye. Be sure to require the presence of white color, which is most similar to the color of boiling milk ;.
  • must necessarily be a place floral motif in the interior: the high demand for the rose. It is also permissible drawings from strips of tender flowers, angels welcome.

Create Shabby effect helps special technique, just repainted in white boxes or drawing flower pictures, glamor is not achieved.

By receiving surface aging - or Crazingparaffin method - resort not in all cases. The thing does not seem shabby - it should be on the look solid enough, restored to life. It is necessary to respect the style - no more.

Each artist prefers its own techniques to change the appearance of things, so it's best to explain the essence of the art Shabby chic in decoupage using examples.

Master class for beginners

Decoupage Shabby: Principles styleStart decoupage lessons to be with the most simple: to change the view of the special workpiece. In the future it will perform, for example, the role of the mirror frame.

It is necessary to prepare in advance:

  • shpatelel thin.
  • a piece of white cloth;
  • clear acrylic lacquer;
  • a pencil;
  • special decoupage glue;
  • scissors;
  • white paint - the quality does not matter;
  • Shabby chic pictures for decoupage, supported on three-layer napkins or handkerchiefs;
  • cotton pads;
  • alcohol liquid;
  • preform the desired shape;

The preform is absolutely necessary to degrease the alcohol liquid. It was then painted with white paint generously on both sides so that the base does not shine through. Wait drying. Make a pattern on a napkin with a pattern - for this workpiece edge encircled pencil - necessarily make tolerances on the joints.

Carefully paste, removing bubbles with a clean piece of cloth - if the surface is smooth with your fingers, even clean hands can leave greasy marks. The edges are treated with a spatula until all dried up - removing traces of the seams - they must be perfectly smooth.

This same tool can be created on the edges of artificial abrasions. Then, all covered with clear lacquer in several layers and then drying frame can already be hung on the wall.

And around which it will be located around the mirror or a picture, the decision is made independently.

New Life casket

Decoupage box style Shabby chic is performed in much the same, but it requires more steps, materials and tools.

It should be added to the list of materials paint dark - black or dark dark brown, soil, sandpaper, a piece of wax:

  • All of the boxes - inside and out - is required degreased and sanded;
  • On the box is applied to the primer paint to lay flatter. Wait, when is dry;
  • Then, all stained with dark paint, and again wait for the dry;
  • Places, which are seen to be in the future "chips and cracks"- Corners, legs, the most prominent part - rub paraffin. When decoupage furniture Shabby Chic sostarivayut places around the handles, the lower part of the cabinet door, the edges of tables and chairs, headboards;
  • Then the casket covered in white. Not necessarily that it was pure white. If you drop a drop of ocher - get noble ivory, burnt umber - it is possible to achieve a warm shade of pink dawns. To continue working, you need the paint dry thoroughly;
  • Next, rub the sandpaper the place where I want to be clear scrapes. It can be used for this purpose rasp;
  • Decoupage Shabby: Principles styleNext box is made to your liking. On the cover can be pasted pictures with decoupage napkins, lace, different tapes. Along the edges of the layer of paint applied to the picture "fit", And the impression that it is painted on a tree;
  • Inside the box also need to paint with a spatula and process. "Converted"Thing, which was used, be sure to have the characteristic of wear;
  • Then decorated with lacquered surface, and it runs dry stiff brush. On the varnish should remain characteristic of wear;
  • Inside the box you can paste over lace or leave a painted surface.

When decoupage furniture used similar techniques.

If you want to perform a decoupage style suitcaseShabby chic handbag or upgrade is required to act according to the same algorithm. The only caveat - when working with leather or imitation leather is better to buy a special adhesive.

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