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refrigerator Decoupage


Even such a utilitarian device as a refrigerator can be made uniquely beautiful and unique. It is necessary only to issue it in the style of decoupage

Now we are surrounded by the same type of products,Manufactured in an industrial way: typical furniture, household appliances, chandeliers, utensils. But sometimes you want to give individuality to everyday objects, with which we come into contact every day. It's good, when it is possible to order a handmade product for the master, which will only be guaranteed in a single copy. But this way requires financial investments, sometimes very large.

refrigerator DecoupageThe easiest way is to decorate readyItems to your liking. Decoration can also be an opportunity to update an old thing that is still functionally usable, but has lost its presentable appearance.

And its device is such that traces of time do not pull on the noble patina and shabby in the style of the shebbi-chic, except that emphasize the shabby things.

Using decorating techniques allows you to make a unique design product that will become the dominant of the entire interior. There are many design options that you can do with your own hands.

One such way of Interior items In the technique of decoupage.

Where to use

refrigerator DecoupageFor registration, the cut out pictures are suitableAny objects. Most often decoupage is used to decorate small decorative objects: watches, caskets, candlesticks and lamps, decorative plates, cutting boards, etc. Applications can be used for larger works - for decorating furniture, household appliances, and even as a method of finishing the walls.

Dekupazh often used fridge, because this household item is subjected to a significant load - it is daily "Paw" Hands for several dozen times. From such a load, the paint on the surface is abraded. In addition, the refrigerator is a convenient field for work: it is large and flat, and has a minimum of parts that can interfere with operation.

In addition to household and interior items, in suchTechnology can decorate clothes and shoes, and with a special desire, even a car. The technique of making a picture in all cases will be approximately the same, only in materials.

For items experiencing increased stress, you will have to use special materials.

In different styles

Of course, it would be too loud to talk about different styles in decoupage, from the point of view of art criticism.

But, at the same time, it is possible to trace a certain orientation of styles:

  • Charm of Philistinism. In amateurish performance, most oftenObjects are decorated in the philistine or burgher style. The most common motifs are pastoral scenes with cowherds, angels, floral motifs. These items fit well in interiors in the style of Provence or Biedermeier. His varieties can be considered a chic-chic, Victorian style;
  • Ethno-style. To understand what ethno-style is,You need to remember the history of the origin of technology. She was born as a fake for objects made in national traditions. To create an object in the technique of decoupage, made in ethno-style, you can use stylization for any national tradition in arts and crafts;
  • Deco patch. This type of decoupage is similar toPatchwork - patchwork. The object is covered with pieces of paper without a story composition, like a patchwork quilt. Sometimes decappathia is used as a background for a story composition performed in the technique of conventional decoupage.

refrigerator DecoupageIn order to update the old refrigeratorWay decoupage, suitable as any style, and any technique. Probably, only the three-dimensional version will not be too suitable due to inconvenience during operation. The choice of style will depend on the overall style of the interior design of the kitchen and kitchen furniture. If the furniture tends to the country style, then a good choice will be a decoupage of the refrigerator in the style of the shebbie-chic, provence, or Victorian.

Lovely Provence provinciality or shabby chicShebrews will turn a cumbersome white box into a stylish interior object. In the modern kitchen can easily fit decoupage of the refrigerator in the style of a sample or deco patch.

From words to deeds

After understanding the theory and picking up the style, it's time to move on to practical studies.

If you decide that the refrigerator is too familiar or worn look, then you should start decoupage your refrigerator yourself:

  • Image Selection. Choosing a style, think over the composition, and whatMotives will be needed to implement the idea. You can use suitable ready decoupage materials, sold in stores for creativity and make decoupage of the refrigerator with napkins. When choosing, it should be borne in mind that the object for decoration selected an object that is quite large. Therefore, when choosing motives, it is worth considering their proportionality. You can choose an image, print in the required format;
  • refrigerator DecoupagePreparation of the basis. Before you start, you must carefullyPrepare the surface in order to make the decoupage of the refrigerator qualitatively. If the paint is not peeled, then it is sufficient to wash the doors and other surfaces with detergent solutions, for degreasing. If the paint is peeling off in places, then it is necessary to clean these places, taking off, that which easily leaves, and the rest is processed with the help of a skin to smooth the irregularities. If the damage is large, then after this step, it may be necessary to prime the whole surface;
  • Cut motives. Having thought over the scheme of the composition, we cut out the motives. For this purpose it is convenient to use small scissors with bent tips, for example, manicure. Cut only large parts, all fine elements are better then dorisovat, using acrylic paints. When all the elements of the picture are cut out, arrange them on the table, taking into account how they will be arranged in the finished form. So you can see the sketch of your idea, and if necessary, make changes and additions;
  • We glue the parts. We start work from the center. If you decide to use napkins, then separate the top layer with the pattern. You need to do this carefully. We cover the area with glue for gluing the picture, transfer the prepared drawing and carefully smooth it over the adhesive surface, squeezing air bubbles and trying not to damage the pattern. Do this with a flat art brush moistened with glue. Also glue the rest of the composition;
  • Additional decor and varnishing. When everything is dry, proceed to the decorativeProcessing. First, you need to shade the outlines of the cut motifs to smooth the transition from the picture to the background. First, we work with a fine sandpaper (No. 600), then we tint the background, depending on the idea.

refrigerator DecoupageThe second stage will be the addition of the picture composition to the missing small details. When finished drawing, cover the entire surface with two or three layers of varnish.

We treat the whole surface with the help of the skin No. 800. We wash the dust.

At this stage, you can make additional decorative effects, for example, apply craquel composition, or cover parts of the image with potal.

After that, we cover the product with two more layers of varnish. Update your old refrigerator.

Start with a simple

The decoration of the refrigerator by oneself is a difficult task: the amount of work is big and requires carefulness. If this is your first experience, then perhaps it is worth starting with more simple things before "... aim at William, you see, our Shakespeare".

Begin to master decoupage from the manufacture of magnets to the refrigerator. The whole process of work is the same as described above, so decorating small magnets is an excellent practice.

We hope, our advice will help you create a unique object of your kitchen interior. Creative ideas and successful creativity!

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