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Crafts from vegetables: why they are needed


Decided to spend time having fun with their children? An excellent option for a general pastime can be the production of crafts from vegetables with their own hands

Whichever time of the year you are in the yard, you can always do some interesting things with your baby. What do you need in this case?

Benefit "Vegetable»Needlework

First of all, make sure that your knife is sharp. After all, quite often you will need to cut out small items from vegetables and without an acute knife make it quite problematic.

Attention! If your child is still quite small, then do not give him a knife in his hands.

Crafts from vegetables: why they are neededYou can cut out all the necessary details yourself, butYour baby will put them together. But in order that the child does not take offense, be sure to explain to him that there are such things that you can use only adults.

Generally, from the creation process crafts can be done Quite an exciting game. For example, you can create a whole family of fairy-tale creatures and play several scenes from their life. By the way, if you see that your baby has something to worry about, then you can accurately find out the reason, because the child will necessarily include the disturbing situation in one of the plots.

It is also worth noting that such aPastime is very useful for your child, because in the process of creativity develops fantasy, the kid learns to calculate several moves forward in order to tell you a short story about the characters he created.

Let's make a list of those advantages that can help in the development of children when creating fakes with their own hands:

  • Development of speech due to the development of fine motor skills;
  • Increased concentration of attention;
  • Development of assiduity. If your baby is too active, then this way you can interest him, and he will stay in one place longer than five minutes. Attention! Do not expect that the child will become calmer after the first such lesson of perseverance. Everything takes time, so have patience;
  • Also in the game you can explainChild, that all the business started must necessarily be completed. For example, show that a man from a potato can not stand evenly, because he was unfinished foot. As a result, he falls and it hurts. Therefore, it is necessary to attach the missing leg and with the little man everything will be in order.

Here and so, using the game can be nice andIt is useful to spend leisure time. And at the moment your little one may not understand the importance of this or that action, but this knowledge will be firmly laid back in his memory and at the right moment he will remember them.

And now let's study what kind of crafts from vegetables you can make by yourself.

Crocodile from cucumber

We all looked in childhood cartoon aboutCrocodile Genu, and I hope your children saw him too. Why do not you recreate this amazing character. For this we need two cucumbers, olives and carrots. For a body, a curved cucumber is ideal. Be sure to cut the bottom a little, so that our figure is more stable.

In a thick straight cucumber cut off about a third- this will be a cap. The remaining part is cut along into two parts. From one we'll make a tail, and the second will be part of the head. Teeth are cut with a knife.

From the part that we cut off from the trunk for stability, we'll make two legs. If you have the time and desire, you can cut a few notches on the tail for a greater similarity to the original.

All parts can be fastened with toothpicks orMatches. Eyes with you we will make of olives. To prevent them from getting too bulky, you can cut off most of the olives and eat them. But the remaining tip is enough for the eyes. So it turned out we have quite a cute crocodile Gene.

By the way, if you want, you can carve a scarf from a carrot. To do this, you need to cut a thin wide strip of carrots, make a small fringe on the tips and put it on the neck of our crocodile!

Hedgehog from a pear and a grapes

Crafts from vegetables: why they are neededTo create this masterpiece, take a littleCurved pear and clean the thinner part of the fruit - this will be the mug of the hedgehog. Now take a small amount of grapes and prikolem it to our hand-made in such a way that on the back of the hedgehog there were grapes with toothpicks. So the thorns are ready!

Eye can be made from blueberry or blackAshberry. To do this, you need to dig a small groove in the place where there should be eyes and put in these holes for one berry. To complete the picture, you can string a few fruits on a needle. But do not overdo it, because real hedgehogs do not carry too much weight on themselves.

Carrot man

Another hack in the form of vegetables can beA man from a carrot. To make it, you need to take three carrots, potatoes, a knife and matches. We cut the potato into two parts, these are the future legs of our little man.

Now take a narrower and longer carrot andCut it across in two. So we got our hands. Now take one of the thickest carrots and attach to it with matches two halves of potatoes and carrots.

After the lower part of the trunk is ready,You can start making a head. If you are lucky, and there was a small carrot with an outgrowth that can go behind your nose, then you just need to attach it to the body with a match.

If such luck is not observed, you canCut off a small piece from the neck of our little man and attach it like a nose. In any case, even if you leave our carrot product without a nose, nothing terrible will happen.

Piglet from vegetables

And now let's learn how to make a pig fromZucchini and cucumber. The body of the pig is already ready, in its quality we will use the zucchini. In order to make the ears, take a cucumber and cut a small circle from about the middle. We cut it into two parts and attach it to the head of our pig.

Approximately from the same part of the cucumber we cut anotherCircle. We will use it as a patch. Piglet also fixed with a match. And the final touch is the eyes, for their manufacture can be used and currants, or elder, or blueberries.

Man from potatoes

If you have only potatoes and carrots in your house,Then you can still do creativity. To make the next version of the little man you do not need any other ingredients. We take potatoes and cut out on one side a broad smile. From small pieces of carrots make eyes. So our torso is ready!

Two thick pieces of carrot can be used inQuality of legs, and if you can cut a carrot like a mittens, then the question with your hands will also be solved. Now take a few long wooden skewers and with their help pin the legs and handles to the trunk.

Now it is worth something to come up with a haircutOur little man, he can not be bald. In general, if you have a few more skewers. You can carefully tuck them into the trunk and our artwork will have an original haircut. And now a potato man is sitting in front of us. Do not forget to give him a name!

Mouse from cucumber

Would you know what cute mice you canMade from a common cucumber. To do this you will need a small cucumber and two berries of sea-buckthorn. If necessary, you can replace the sea buckthorn with any other small berry.

Crafts from vegetables: why they are neededSo, in order to make our mouse, youIt is necessary to cut a small slice from the thicker side of the cucumber. Cut from this piece of two semicircles and insert them into the opposite part of the cucumber, you will get a lovely ears. Attach them in two ways: with a thin toothpick or by cutting a small hole in the head of the mouse and inserting ears into it.

From the remains of the peel, we can make a small tail, which is exactly the same as the ears fastened on the cucumber. And the final touch - take the berries of sea-buckthorn and make of them eyes. So our mouse is ready!

As you can see, today we have considered quite a fewWays to create hand-made articles in the form of vegetables. And if your kid with you learns to quickly and efficiently do these things, then in time you can even decorate with their help festive tables. So study, spend more time with your children and be happy!

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