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Crafts made of sparkles


Decorative articles made of sparkles decorate the room and will make it much more interesting design. A simple hobby, it turns out, can be addictive!

Making your own hands crafts made of sparklescan be a great hobby for women or girls are tempted to create and decorate the apartment lovely trinkets. Typically, the material used for clothing decoration. But you can find it quite unusual use of, for example, by performing bright colorful flowers.

Crafts made of sparkles: a master class on production of colors

To get the original decorative element and colorful, it is recommended to use the following materials:

  • Crafts made of sparklesround sequins pink and green tint;
  • beads to perform buds and stamens;
  • pliers;
  • wire.

Articles made of beads and sparkles is complex and not readily available even novice seamstresses:

  • To perform a simple flower of sparkles,necessary to cut the wire about 40 cm. On the wire strung beads and sequins in turn, starting with the beads. It takes a single lobe 15 of sparkles and beads 16 pieces;
  • To string a specified number of decorativematerial, wire and carefully twist, without cutting, perform the following pitch, adhering to the same scheme. The best option - a flower with 5 petals;
  • After finishing the petals, they must be connected as closely as possible, twisting pliers middle part of the volume crafts made of sparkles;
  • Each petal gently straighten and begin to create the core;
  • To do this, take a piece of wire, 35 cm long. Wearing her 3 beads, twisted wire 2-3 cm. Then, repeat the same process 4-5 times. Thus form the stamens. Optionally, they should be the same, it is possible to vary the length of the wire part;
  • Stamens combined into a bundle and placed in the middle part of the workpiece with petals. The first flower is ready. After completing a few crafts, you can get colorful bouquet;
  • Now we have to work on creation of branches andbuds. For an undisclosed bud will need harvesting of 3 petals that need a little twist at the top. The stamens in this case are not necessary;
  • The branches are made from wire baselength 20 cm, performing dotted with sequins and beads of green color. Materials to shift the center of the base and folded it in half. One of the ends of the folded wire is pulled through the hole in sequins;
  • Then strung on wire 7 pieces of beads and sequins 6, twisting the edge of the base of the wire over the entire length;
  • Having made a few sprigs, connect them with the previously prepared colors.

With the help of sequins you can create incredibly beautiful trees, such as snow-covered birch.

How to perform with his own hands made of sparkles snow-covered birch

For this crafts with sparkles need:

  • Crafts made of sparklesaluminum wire with a cross section of 4 sq. mm;
  • copper wire specially designed for bead weaving;
  • aluminum wire with a cross section of 2.5 square. mm for the branches of the tree;
  • plastic pearl beads;
  • silver sequins in the shape of snowflakes, and round;
  • silver beads;
  • alabaster;
  • Stand made of glass;
  • wire cutters;
  • white floral tape.

Below is a concise master class on making the bulk of the tree sparkles:

  • For tree branches must be cut into pieces of aluminum wire length 55 cm You will need about 60 branches.;
  • At each "twig" dotted strung sequins and beads on the length of about 20 cm. The first is to go paillette-snowflake. Further, they alternate with round and large pearl beads;
  • Ready threads are brought together and bonded using floral tape. In the middle of the beam is desired to insert a thicker aluminum wire to make rigid tree trunk;
  • Now continue to work with sparkles is performingtwigs, the length of which does not exceed 15-25 cm. Can each branch then fasten to a long branch or to connect with the main beam or to form a 4-5 sprigs of small groups. In any case, the use of small pieces will provide a magnificent crown of snow-covered tree;
  • Place sprigs of attachment to the main blank andall places where there is bare aluminum, be sure to close the white floral tape. The resulting need to slightly adjust the crown, giving the branches the volume and pointing in different directions;
  • The finished tree is attached to the glass stand or "planted"In the pot. Such crafts as sparkles from the trees, look best in good light.

By the way, not necessarily to use the scheme of bulk handicrafts made of sparkles. Not bad look pictures created with their own hands and the corresponding design of the room.

Master class for creating paintings

The materials that you will need for a picture:

  • gouache or watercolors;
  • Plexiglas or glass;
  • plasticine;
  • Decorative sequins.

Naturally, each needlewoman can come up with their own story, on the basis of which to make a remarkable picture.

Incidentally, the images are still bulky and look very original:

  • Crafts made of sparklesOn paper, the drawing is performed. It is placed under the glass and the contours of the individual parts is filled with clay. The layer thickness must not exceed 2 mm;
  • In accordance with the color of the highlighted section of clay, using sequins necessary tone. They are simply stuck into clay often enough;
  • Thus gradually sequins fill the whole picture. Naturally, all elements must be sufficiently large. For example, well-produced image of cartoon characters;
  • The free part of the glass paint over paint. With sequins can be used, and other decorative materials, such as crystals or dried flowers.

The art of decorating sequins requires attention and concentration. However, anyone to quickly gain the necessary skills and learn how to create a truly original articles.

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