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Crafts from unnecessary things: how to breathe new life into objects?


Crafts from unnecessary things can be made from many different materials - plastic bottles, utensils, old books, chips, etc. The main thing -. To have the desire to translate the fantasy into reality

Do not be scanty fantasy folk craftsmen whoLiterally from nothing can create whole masterpieces of art! You will be surprised, but most of what the Russian masters are working with can be found in their own garbage cans.

From old things, plastic bottles, disposableUtensils and much more, you can make a decoration for the house, a toy for a child or a thing that is useful in a garden - for example, a broom and even furniture. Some handicrafts from unnecessary things are offered to your attention today.

Crafts from plastic bottles and dishes

Crafts from unnecessary things: how to breathe new life into objects?Perhaps, plastic bottles occupy the first place of honor among other things, suitable for use as the main material.

What only do not make of ordinary plastic bottles - furniture, boats, lamps, toys for children, all sorts of decorations for the house - vases, candlesticks and much more.

If you have accumulated a decent supplyThis consumable material - do not rush to throw it away. You can make an excellent broom that will serve as faith and truth for a long period of time.

manufacturing stages:

  • Cut off bottles with a volume of 2.5 liters of bottoms and a neck, and the main part is dissolved on the tapes. That is, cut slices with a strip about 7 mm thick;
  • You should get 7 beams, the thickness of whichShould be such that each of the bundles is densely inserted into the cut neck. It is advisable to lengthen the hole a bit and it's quite simple: we need to glue two necks together;
  • Now it is good to impregnate with glue the topPart of each beam and insert it into the construction of two necks. To the old wooden mop screw the plugs with screws and you can go sweep the yard.

Many craftsmen are looking for inspiration for theirCreativity, visiting flea markets, because here you can find everything your heart desires. People who are in captivity of unnecessary things can not find them worthy of use and rush to get rid of them, selling or selling things for free. Visit such a market, and you will find there a lot of interesting things.

Crafts from unnecessary things: how to breathe new life into objects?However, to become the owner of a beautifulLamp or pendant on a chain, you do not have to search for stuff for a long time - just wrap it in the first supermarket that is on your way and buy several sets of disposable spoons.

Make them a lamp simply: you need to separate it from the main part of the handle, and the remaining "Petals " Glue a large 5-liter bottle, make a hole in it for a light bulb and attach it to the ceiling.

And to make a pendant in the form of a rose, it is necessaryDifferent in size spoons hold a little over the flame of the candle, so that they melt and get a shape that is characteristic of the petals, and then glue them together and attach the resulting pendant to the chain.

The second life of unnecessary things

What woman does not dream about the originalBracelet, earrings or brooches, the second of which would have been no one else? You have the opportunity to make such accessories yourself, using conventional microcircuits for this.

manufacturing stages:

  • First, make a sketch of the product on paper. What would you like to see your earrings;
  • From a color film cut out on a sketch of a curve, and now select on color printed circuit boards. Stick the templates to the selected chips and tighten them tightly;
  • Armed with an engraver, equipped with a nozzle with an edging diamond circle, cut out the details and process all irregularities;
  • Design holes for holes and prepareConnecting rings of appropriate size and color. The finished product looks a little rude, but it's the same folk style. Under the appropriate vintage set of clothes will fit perfectly.

If you are looking for someone to give away old, unnecessary things,Do not rush, perhaps in the circle of your loved ones there is a person who gives them a second life, essentially different from the first. Or maybe you will try to do something unusual and useful, for example, a purse from the ceased to perform its function of a mobile folding phone.

The main thing is that his corps should be sound. It is enough to remove all the stuffing and use one half for storing small items, and the second for paper bills. To keep the latter securely in their compartment, it is necessary to provide a holder from the pharmacy gum.

Crafts from unnecessary things: how to breathe new life into objects?At lyubitelnits to knit simply unlimitedOpportunities for creativity. If you have already given all your friends and friends lace napkins, give them something new, for example, the original decoration for the interior - a ball of napkins.

Pour them an inflatable ball of medium size, and as soon as they dry, gently remove it. Some go even further and prepare lamps for lamps.

Such crafts look very original and give the interior a unique charm.

Now you hardly care about the question: How can I get rid of unnecessary things? You know that they can carry their service further, but in a different capacity. Create, dare, create new masterpieces and look for ways to please yourself and your loved ones.

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