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Crafts from the masses for modeling: incredible gifts with their own hands


Crafts from the masses for molding obtained simply incredible, as if alive. In the manufacture of such materials needed as wire, paste and other compositions for modeling tools and

Everyone in his childhood had a box with plasticine, which was used for modeling various crafts - animal and people figures, flowers, trees and even whole compositions.

Crafts from the masses for modeling: incredible gifts with their own handsToday this material has undergone significantModification, and besides it, other raw materials appeared on sale, designed to perform the same function - to develop small motor skills in children. And some are so addicted to this occupation that they make it a source of earnings, selling products made in 3D technology and designed to decorate the interior of the house.

Crafts from the mass for modeling are performed with the help of special tools, and real masters are able to reproduce such masterpieces to the light that it is difficult to tear off the view.

Dough and mass for modeling

Such material is sold, as a rule, in children'sShops and clerical departments and is supplied in a set consisting of 10-12 such bars of different colors, placed in a plastic bag. There are also special molds in the kit, which allow you to get different figures. The dough for modeling is nice to the touch.

Just taken out of polyethylene, it canA little stick to your hands, but then this property disappears. It is easy to roll out a rolling pin, mix one color with another and get a lot of different configurations.

Crafts from the masses for modeling: incredible gifts with their own handsMass for modeling can be compared with chewingElastic band - so good it stretches. In addition, it is soft, light, velvety, and if you roll up the ball and throw it on the floor, it will jump like an analog of rubber.

Pieces of mass of different colors are also easyMix with each other. This property will be appreciated by those who need to get the effect of the marble pattern. After 6-8 hours the figure will become stronger than granite and it can be used without fear for all sorts of games and fun.

What can be molded from the masses for modeling? Yes, anything.

Here is a detailed instruction on how to make a squirrel:

  • From the mass of orange to fashion a muzzle andears. Small circles of beige material used to get cheeks and eyes. It also helps to lighten the inside of the ears. Our eyes turned out to be incomplete: we still need to make two small balls of black color - they will be pupils. A stack to designate the mouth;
  • Use scissors to make brushes on the ears. Torso and paws are fashioned from the same orange plasticine, and a piece of beige is used to obtain a speck on the abdomen. Connect the parts together;
  • To mold a cone-shaped tail, and its fluffyHelp to make the same scissors. Everything, the squirrel is ready. From the mass of brown and beige flowers you can make mushrooms, and the material of green and red will go for making berries.

Crafts from the masses for modeling: incredible gifts with their own handsDough for modeling is sold in round plasticContainers and, drying up, it becomes incredibly easy, does not crumble and does not fall apart, does not spoil the surrounding objects and is distinguished by its durability. Its plus is that if desired, ready-made figures can easily be covered with stained-glass paints, so that they shine and shimmer in the light, and you can also use the decor of another material, for example, ball-clay.

If you are going to sculpt simple figuresAnimals, birds and plants, we must remember that this material very quickly solidifies in the air and it is necessary to have time to do everything in a few minutes, otherwise nothing will be able to fix it later.

If the unused mass in the container has dried, do not despair. You can try sprinkling it with water and closing the lid. There is a chance that after a while it will restore its properties.

Ceramic mass

Crafts from the masses for modeling: incredible gifts with their own handsCeramic mass or keraplast allowsPerform not only small figures, but also whole panels, voluminous sculptures, houses, etc. Keraplast can be white and terracotta and sold in sealed packages for weight. The contents of the package should be developed immediately, but before starting the modeling of the ceramic mass, it must be properly prepared: add a little water and knead well.

If you overdo with the liquid, the mass will beginCrawl and do something from it will be impossible. The softening stage is given very great importance, since even during the work it is possible to encounter the fact that the article will begin to crack.

Performing voluminous work from the ceramic mass, it is desirable to use a wire frame. This will increase the strength of the finished structure and allow the execution of very thin and brittle elements.

If you plan to shape a child's figure, thenIt is recommended to use a small bottle, attached to which the head, handles and legs, you can get a little girl, and complete the image of a beautiful dress. If you plan to cover the hand-made articles with gouache, then it is desirable to add PVA glue to it. And acrylic or varnish does not need to be diluted.

How to make a house-lamp

Crafts from the masses for modeling: incredible gifts with their own handsIdeas for making such a souvenir can be gleaned from old magazines, postcards and photos showing country houses and cottages in England, in their own cozy and somewhere even fabulous.

At the same time, you can apply not onlyKeraplast, but also other materials - glass, film, mounting foam, stones and much more. At the initial stage it is recommended to make a preliminary sketch on a sheet of paper and use it when cutting out the walls and roof rolled out from the mass.

Here are the stages of manufacturing:

  • Round a glass kitchen board wash inDishwasher, so that all the paint got off it. It will play the role of a frozen lake. After placing the board in a bag, pour it with mounting foam so that it mimics the slope of the mountain that will serve as the base for the house, and the center should be left unfilled, after all this will be a lake afterwards;
  • In a day, when the foam hardens, you canTo get down to work. Dimensions of the house can be any within reasonable limits. But if you want to create the illusion of an apartment house, the dimensions should allow you to place inside a flashlight or a backlight element left from the old tree;
  • Crafts from the masses for modeling: incredible gifts with their own handsRoll out on the chalkboard for modeling a ready mix andCut out the walls of the house, as well as the roof. When collecting, you can use PVA glue. From the same ceramic mixture, you can build a bridge across the lake, sledges, steps, shop, woodpile wood, in general, everything that your fantasy tells;
  • The role of glasses can play a transparent film: It must be glued on the inside. All the details painted with artistic aniline paints. And to increase their durability after drying, cover everything with a suitable varnish;
  • Now it's time to install a backlight in the house. To do this, use a sharp knife to make a hole in the foam and install the light bulb inside with the batteries. The roof is decorated with sheet polystyrene - it mimics the snow sparkling in the sun. Dry algae can become a good material for the performance of trees, and a small Christmas tree can be weaved from the beads and set next to the house. Everything, including the light in it, you can admire the effect produced!

Here is a selection of master classes in the manufacture of figures and other products from special masses for modeling. Fantasize, try, and, perhaps, it will become a matter of your life. Good luck!

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