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We create from products: pasta from macaroni


The material for needlework can be anything, even a product such as pasta. Crafts made from pasta, made with children, will become a fun decoration of your interior

Parents who are struggling hardTo grow up a creative and clever baby, from the earliest childhood instill in him a sense of beauty. Usually joint activities are not only fascinating, useful and entertaining, but as a result of them interesting and unusual handicrafts usually appear. And the material for creativity can serve almost everything, from autumn leaves and fruits, and ending with food.

We create from products: pasta from macaroniIn the course are paint, glue, plasticine, offending leaflets, colored cardboard and ... macaroni. It is about how Pasta from macaroni, We'll talk today.

Pasta creations

The fascination for making figurines and compositions fromPasta has recently become an integral part of the creative life of most families with children. And it is not surprising, because it is very accessible in all respects material that actively develops the imagination and motor skills of the baby, makes it more intelligent and assiduous. Regular production of figurines and compositions from pasta promotes the development of speech, and finished products are pleased with their unusual and airy beauty.

Parents should know that pasta articlesTheir own hands must be done only together, without leaving the child alone with the adhesive and products. Only a child of preschool age can make his first masterpiece solely on his own, without swallowing a single element and not smearing everything around.

What kind of macaroni and shapes are better suited for creativity?

It is from what plan of pasta from macaroniFor children you are planning to implement, and the choice of the source material will depend. The task is facilitated by the fact that the food industry produces macaroni of various sizes, shapes and even shades, this makes the flight of fantasy almost limitless.

Note that the older your baby is, the moreSpecies of macaroni can be provided to him at full disposal. He will learn how to combine shapes and colors, sizes and other parameters, creating a single and organic composition.

In your power to buy pasta in the following forms:

  • Seashells;
  • horns;
  • Casters;
  • Bows;
  • Spikelet;
  • Flowers;
  • Curls;
  • Tubes and many others.

Also there is an opportunity to purchase colored productsOr paint them on their own. Babies are better to give large pasta with well-visible holes, which will facilitate the process of stringing out individual elements and creating beads.

Choose macaroni of different length and shape toThe child at the same time learned to understand the difference between elongated and short, round and oblong. At the same time do not forget that it is possible at one time to make crafts from pasta and cereals, complementing these two materials and creating fantastic products.

What and how to make a pasta handmade?

We create from products: pasta from macaroniBefore you paint pasta for childrenCrafts, make sure of their integrity and strength. It is much better to paint already finished product, individual elements of which will be sealed with PVA glue. In this case, the safest coloring material will be gouache or special finger paints. Both substances fit perfectly on dry pasta, leaving neither "Bald spots", Not a trace.

The child will greatly enjoy the opportunity to paint the creation of his hands. Well, parents will give the masterpiece a complete look, if they cover it with a colorless varnish.

How to give the products maximum strength and durability?

So that you and your child could admire the jointAs long as possible, pasta should be pasted on a firm and firm foundation, which can be a box from under the shoes or an unnecessary glass. So, for example, from the box you can get a wonderful casket or treasure chest, the inner walls of which will be covered with gold foil or colored paper.

Outer surfaces are pasted pastaDifferent sizes and shapes, and in the order that fantasy tells you. A casket in a marine style is unlikely to do without pasta in the form of shells, which can be covered with gold or pearlescent paint.

The boy is better to offer first make In-house bulk application of pasta. For this, a layer of colored plasticine is laid out on a sheet of dense cardboard, and a pattern of macaroons is attached to this base. The latter can also be of different sizes and shapes.

Before as From dry macaroni to make an odd job. Decide on its theme. It could be a space rocket, a typewriter or a tree. The older baby can be offered to design a full-fledged pasta machine from flour tubes and wheels.

What other variants of crafts can be?

In fact, their number has no boundaries,As well as human imagination. Children really like to collect beads from different-sized pasta, some elements of which should be painted in advance in different colors. This is done with the use of natural dyes and alcohol, which are mixed in the bags.

We create from products: pasta from macaroniThen the necessary amount of pasta is poured into the packages, all this is shaken well for uniform dyeing, after which it is pulled out and thoroughly dried.

Together with a small future lady you can buildFull set of jewelry, consisting of necklaces, earrings and a bracelet. Make sure that each product has the same color solution. To preserve the original color of the crafts, cover them with a colorless varnish. When the macaroons are thoroughly dry, collect them in the appropriate designs and let them try on their daughter.

More complex girlish creatures are hairpins and dolls, while boys are uniquely excited about the possibility of constructing another machine, a train or an alien creature.

Very soon the New Year, which means that fromMacaroons can be made snowflakes and fir-trees, using for this purpose products in the form of flowers, wheels and tubes. They can be painted in traditional white, red, green, gold and silver colors, complemented with ribbons made of silk ribbons, lace, beads and other elements.

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