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Crafts from corks from champagne with his own hands: beautiful and useful things


Crafts from cork from champagne with their own hands can turn out not only beautiful, but also useful. You can make a rug in the bathroom or a lamp

Many people are engaged in collecting the mostDifferent subjects. But addictions with time can pass, and a pile of abandoned material will remain. Throw it will be a pity, but what to do with it, it is unclear. Today, it's fashionable to decorate the interior and make a variety of useful little things for the house from materials that seem to be absolutely not suitable for this.

In particular, plugs from champagne and wine can be used.

What can you make yourself from champagne cork

Crafts from corks from champagne with his own hands: beautiful and useful thingsToday in the specialized shops of the officeAll kinds of little things are sold for children's games and fun, in particular, printing. It is not difficult to make such a seal from the corks of wine bottles.

Simply cut at one end of the product the pattern, letter or any other image you need and, dunking it into ink, you can get a personal seal and use it in games, making prints on paper "Documents".

In the interior there are oftenChampagne. They lay out the panels, decorate the photo frames, make the stands hotter, etc. It often happens that the handles on the doors of cabinets fail - they break or lose their appearance.

These devices will be used again, which will be able to fulfill the role of holders. They can be easily screwed with screws using a screwdriver. By the same principle, you can make a hanger with your own hands.

As the basis you can take a piece of boardThe necessary length and width, and the hooks will be the caps for the bottles. Fixing them at a sufficient distance from each other, you can fix a ready-made clothes hanger on the wall.

Products made from cork from champagne,Are not afraid of fire and high temperatures, that's why they can make an excellent stand for hotter, and even a candlestick. Put a floating candle in a regular transparent glass, and now place the pile in a much larger volume of transparent glassware, filling the space between them with cooked material left over from the bottles. Now you have an original lamp, suitable for creating a cozy romantic atmosphere.

Crafts from champagne cork, made by own hands

If you have accumulated a large number of suchHand material, then it can be used to produce a bath mat that will not absorb moisture and will become an excellent foot massager.

Here are the stages of manufacturing:

  • Crafts from corks from champagne with his own hands: beautiful and useful thingsEach individual element is cut in half andSand the cut with sandpaper. It is necessary to buy a piece of water-repellent base of the desired size in advance. If you have an old rubber mat - it's even better;
  • With the help of liquid nails start spreading onBillets in a row. In principle, you can do it alternately or specially first fill the seats along the perimeter. In any case, you can cut the edges of those who did not enter entirely;
  • A carpet of cork from wine or champagne will look even brighter and more bizarre if you lay out any pattern or pattern from the blanks.

On the same principle, panels and paintings are made. When making pictures of cork from champagne, you can go even further and play a whole story, using other improvised materials - buttons, pieces of cloth and paper, sequins, sequins, shells, pebbles and other that will make it possible to realize what was conceived. Do not be afraid to experiment, because you do not pretend to be a great master. Only you and your family will admire the picture.

Holders for business cards and names of guests

Incredibly beautiful and non-trivial are obtainedCrafts made of stubs from champagne, which are designed to fix any cards, notes, and business cards and leaves with names for guests to the celebration. If you are preparing for a wedding or an anniversary, it is always costly. A holder made of such material, made independently, will save at least this trifle.

Here are the stages of manufacturing:

  • Crafts from corks from champagne with his own hands: beautiful and useful thingsTake the wire, twist it from one end in a circle. Take the cork and the other end
    Pierce it;
  • Stretch the centimeters by 7-10 and string beads, artificial leaves and flowers on it, in general, everything that you think is suitable for a decor;
  • Now take the device in one hand, and the other begin to twist around it the end with beads;
  • that's all. Now we make beautiful cards with names and insert them into the rounded top of the holder. You can simply tie a few ribbons together with a beautiful ribbon together, and to make a piece of paper from above, make a small incision.

You can decorate with this material anyProducts - everything that comes to your mind - caskets, the surface of chests of drawers, and even walls. Recently, especially popular are round balls, which serve as a decoration for the interior. They are made of thread, and you can make them from stubs, buying several foam balls. Sprinkle them with crumbs, adorned with seeds and anything else, and to keep them, use glue.

Then, put a stopper on it. It turns out that sort of round "Hedgehog" - an excellent element of decor. With children in early spring, you can start the boat made of three glued together stubs, and on top equipped with a sail on the toothpick. Fantasy is simply no limit.

Try, involve your loved ones and children in this process and enjoy the time spent together. Good luck!

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